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A love for studying abroad:
TIP student Petya Kovacheva’s views on Trent and Oxford

Fourth-year student Petya Kovacheva loves to study abroad. Born and raised in Bulgaria, she has spent her undergraduate years at Trent and, for her third year of studies, took advantage of Trent’s Year Abroad program and travelled to Oxford Brookes University in England.

"The experience was fantastic from beginning to end," says the political studies/cultural studies major. "It’s second-to-none as an experience and I made a lot of wonderful friends in England."

Petya feels her year in England was the happiest period in her life. "There was such a sense of freedom and an incredible mixture of social and academic life. Imagine the happiest period of your life, multiply it by ten, extend it for a whole year and you may get a slight idea of my year in England," she explains.

Petya followed up her year of studies in Oxford with a summer internship at the Bulgarian embassy in London. This experience provided a unique opportunity to juxtapose her political studies with some realities of the Bulgarian political climate. "My country has been going through a lot of transformations and sometimes the things I’m learning here don’t work in the eastern European context," Petya says reflectively.

Now back at Trent for her fourth year of studies, Petya is enjoying the seminar format of her courses. She is interested in pursuing graduate studies following her graduation from Trent, and is considering law school or studies in international relations.

Photo: Trent student Petya Kovacheva spent last year studying abroad at Oxford Brookes University in England. She is pictured here (second from right) with a group of friends in Oxford. While there, she also enjoyed visiting Stonehenge and sites in London.

Posted November 6, 2002

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