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Mercury and fish: Feasting with top researchers

The nation’s top mercury researchers will gather together for a unique fish banquet this evening, Monday, November 4.

The Collaborative Mercury Research Network (COMERN), a national scientific organization of more than 50 Canadian mercury science researchers, is holding its annual general meeting at Elmhirst’s Resort in the Kawarthas on November 4 and 5. As part of the schedule of events for November 4, a special meal is being planned featuring local fish specialties. At 7 p.m. researchers and members of the media will eat together and discuss the issue of mercury and its impact on the environment. Particularly, issues around the consumption of freshwater fish will be explored.

The aim of COMERN is to identify the causes of increasing mercury contamination in Canadian ecosystems and its impact on the health of communities nationwide. Human exposure to mercury in the Canadian population is primarily through fish consumption, yet fish is promoted by nutritionists as an integral part of a healthy diet. These conflicting messages are confusing and make it difficult for Canadians to decide whether or not to buy fish at the supermarket.

COMERN researchers intend to delve deeper into the assessment of balancing healthy benefits and risks associated with fish consumption.

Trent researchers attending the banquet are Dr. Holger Hintelmann, Dr. Peter Dillon and Dr. Doug Evans, professors of chemistry and environmental & resource studies.

Posted November 4, 2002

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