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Dr. Bernard Hodgson Selected to Speak at Conference on Business Ethics in Berlin, Germany

Professor Bernard HodgsonOn May 11, Trent Philosophy professor Bernard Hodgson took the stage at an international conference held at the Free University of Berlin in Germany to deliver a keynote address entitled "Paradoxes of Moral Valuation in the Economics of the Market Order". 

Dr. Hodgson's invited keynote address was part of the opening session of the three-day conference, which was organized to examine and discuss the "Ethical Aspects of Management in Theory and Practice." The conference brought together business leaders and members of academia from 20 countries. Dr. Hodgson was the only representative from Trent University in attendance.

In his address, Dr. Hodgson spoke against a standard theoretical conception of the market economy as a "mechanical system" that automatically realizes moral values. In particular, he argued that the understanding of practical deliberation in such a perspective was incorrigibly incoherent, especially with respect to a defensible principle for the morally just distribution of material goods. In fact, as Dr. Hodgson reports, "the most highly charged debate at the conference turned on the question as to whether the self-interested incentives driving market capitalism could, in principle, be reconciled with an adequate criterion of fairness in the distribution of resources and commodities within a globalized economy".

Professor Hodgson has been teaching at Trent since 1974. Prior to his career at the University, where he is now Acting Chair of the Department of Philosophy, he earned his B.A. degree in Philosophy and Economics at the University of Toronto and his Ph.D. in Philosophy from the University of Western Ontario. He has been a Visiting Fellow at St. Edmund's College and the Department of History and Philosophy of Science, University of Cambridge. His primary area of research is in the philosophy of the human sciences, especially in arguing that one can include moral ideals within such sciences and yet have them remain rational forms of inquiry. Such a viewpoint is defended in his book, Economics as Moral Science (2001). Professor Hodgson is also the editor of the anthology, The Invisible Hand and the Common Good (2004) and is the editor for philosophical foundations of the Journal of Business Ethics

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