Peterborough Examiner Editor and Trent Alumnus Presented with Trent Alumni Association Spirit of Trent Award

October 8, 2019

Mike Davies recognized for dedication to local sports and for overcoming barriers that come with the loss of vision

Alumnus Mike Davies was honoured with the Trent Alumni Association Spirit of Trent Award during a special ceremony during Homecoming weekend.

Alumnus Mike Davies was honoured with the Trent Alumni Association Spirit of Trent Award during a special ceremony during Homecoming weekend.

The Spirit of Trent Award is presented to an alum who has made a difference, through contribution to the University, the alumni association or the community. It recognizes those who continue to demonstrate the values and lessons learned at Trent – those whose contribution might not otherwise be acknowledged, and who are serving in some capacity to make the world a better place.

“We want to reward those who continue to shine the spirit of Trent in their corner of the world to let them know we are proud of them,” said Lee Hays, director of Alumni Affairs at Trent.

Speaking of the award, Mr. Davies said: “It’s a nice honour to be recognized by a place where I spent five years – a significant part of my life. You wonder, when you go off and begin your professional career, if you’ll be remembered. This award and this recognition mean that I’ve remained involved. That I’m still here, covering varsity sports and events like the World Under 19 Women’s Lacrosse Championships earlier this year. It makes me feel like I’ve never really left.”

With his connection to both Peterborough and Trent sports, it was fitting that Mr. Davies’ award was presented in the Justin Chiu Stadium.

Mr. Davies has covered sports for Peterborough Examiner for 27 years, becoming sports editor nine years ago. He has been widely recognized for his journalistic contribution to sports across Ontario, being nominated for several prominent awards, including: the Canadian Press Certificate of Merit Ontario Newswire Award, the Ontario Lacrosse Association Media Recognition Award, the Peterborough Pete’s Media Recognition Award (for covering 1000 consecutive Peterborough Pete Ontario hockey league games), the Ontario Newspaper Robert Jay Hanley Award for Sports Writing and the Gymnastics Ontario Media Award for sports writing. It was recently announced that the Riverview Park and Zoo is naming a park bench in his honour for his contribution to youth sports.

Mr. Davies has accomplished all of this while courageously battling the loss of his vision to a rare condition called retinitis pigmentosa.

In nominating Mr. Davies for the award, founding Trent president Professor THB Symons wrote: “[Mr. Davies’] courage, steadfastness, and determination in the face of this profound challenge of blindness is truly remarkable and has resulted in a remarkable record of achievement. It is a wonderful thing to encounter a newspaper sports editor who writes so clearly and well of athletic events and their important place in the life of our community – without being able to actually see them! I admire greatly Michael’s indomitable spirit. It is inspiration for us all and a high example of the spirit of Trent at its best.”