Trent University Durham Continues to Develop Transfer Pathways

March 14, 2019 column highlights various ways to journey to university

Hailey Wright stands next to silent study cubicles with the Front Atrium in the background

A student’s path to university education is not always a linear one. In fact, if you walk down the hallways of a university or college in Ontario today, you will encounter many students who have not come into their select program directly from high school and either started their post-secondary education journey later, or opted to transfer.

Students transfer between post-secondary institutions (and programs) for a number of reasons: They want to be closer, or further, away from home; they decide to switch programs; and, increasingly, they want to have the experience, and the benefit, of both a college diploma and university degree.

There are many benefits to considering transfer pathways when planning for post-secondary education. Multiple credentials on a resume can help to make a student seeking employment more appealing to future employers. The experience of the hands-on, learning common at college, accompanied with the theoretical foundations earned at university, help students to graduate with a diverse and career-applicable skill set.

Trent University is continually developing new transfer opportunities for graduates of Ontario college programs — making it easier for students to make the transition. Currently we have over 70 pathways with community colleges leading into degrees at Trent. Over half of Trent University Durham students have not come directly from high school, while one third of the students at the Peterborough campus are transfer students.

Students are able to apply for admission consideration for advanced standing in many of our innovative degree programs at three different times of the year: September, January and May. Some of Trent’s most popular transfer pathways include options to: Enter into year two of the bachelor of social work or child and youth studies degree; enter into year three of Trent’s School of Business offerings; or access direct entry into a suite of bachelor of arts or bachelor of science programs when graduating from a one-year general arts and science certificate.

Trent University Durham GTA is committed to increasing student mobility in the province and continually introducing new and innovative options to facilitate a seamless transfer experience for students. It’s one of the reasons we like to say we are one of Canada’s/Ontario’s most transfer-credit friendly institutions!

To learn more about all of Trent’s transfer pathways you can visit or you can register to check out the campus and meet program faculty at our upcoming Transfer Student event scheduled for Thursday, March 28 at our Durham campus, 55 Thornton Rd., Oshawa.

Hailey Wright is the manager of community relations and articulations at Trent University Durham GTA