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Trent in Africa: Trent International Meets Government Contacts, Partner Institutions, and Prospective Students in Rwanda

January 12, 2019

Rwanda second destination as Trent University extends internationalization efforts in Africa

Trent official meet with the Canadian High Commission in Rwanda
Trent official meet with the Canadian High Commission in Rwanda

In the second of three countries on a tour which aims to extend Trent’s connections to Africa, Trent International and the University’s president and vice-chancellor have attended a series of meetings in Rwanda.

The Rwanda meetings, which all took place in Kigali, were organized with the help of the Claude Gakwandi of the Centre for Education Network (CEN). 

“Our experience in Rwanda was very positive,” said Dr. Groarke, president and vice-chancellor of Trent University. “We were especially impressed with the Rwandan determination to be a leader in sustainable and environmental development. This is a conscious focus for the City, its leaders, students and citizens.”

The Trent in Africa delegation met with Julie Crowley, head of office, counsellor and consul at the Rwandan Office of the High Commission of Canada, and with Marcelline Mukakarangwa, the Rwadan trade commissioner, to learn more about education priorities and partnership opportunities in Rwanda and East Africa. 

At a meeting with the University of Rwanda, the primary university in Rwanda, the Trent team met with the University’s vice chancellor, deputy vice chancellor and with other academic leaders to explore student exchanges, and synergies between academic programs and research areas. Trent and the University of Rwanda have agreed to explore possible collaboration on environmental research. 

Trent officials meet with University of Rwanda administration

Trent officials meet with University of Rwanda cancellor and vice-chancellor

Students meet with Dr. Leo Groarke at the University of Rwanda

Students meet with Dr. Leo Groarke at the University of Rwanda

More than 50 students interested to learn about Trent and Canada attended a Trent information session at the CEN, where President Groarke led a question-and-answer session with members of the Trent International team. Interest in Trent’s expanding array of programs is high as Rwandan students look for opportunities to learn from an international experience, excel academically, and gain career experience.

Students at CEN in Rwanda

Students at the Centre for Education Network

“The students in Kigali were eager to learn more about Trent and about life in Canada – and were especially impressed to meet a university president,” said Glennice Burns, associate vice-president, International. “Meeting with the prospective students and applicants, and with Trent alumni who live here continues to be a highlight as we travel through Africa. The students we met came with a plethora of questions – and showed a great deal of enthusiasm for the Trent experience, which we were able to share with a 3D virtual reality presentation.” 

The visit to Kigali wrapped up with a meeting at the Rwanda Development Agency, which encouraged Trent to do more in Rwanda. Among other things, they were interested in Trent’s plans for the Cleantech Commons, a partnership between Trent University and the City of Peterborough which aims to attract green and cleantech businesses, something that mirrors what they are trying to do in Rwanda. 

“Our experiences continue to affirm that Africa presents meaningful opportunities for Trent, our students and our professors as we build our reputation internationally,” said Marilyn Burns, Trent’s associate vice-president, Communications, Recruitment & Admissions.

From Rwanda, the team heads to Kenya with a series of meetings and events in the City of Nairobi. 


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