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Award-Winning Wildlife Photographer: Trent Student Iain Leitch

November 7, 2018

Gzowski College student Iain Leitch wins awards and receives national coverage for his wildlife photography

Iain Leitch

In September 2016, two exciting things happened for Iain Leitch – he started his Environmental & Resource Studies degree at Trent University, and he won the Youth Category for the Canadian Geographic Wildlife Photography of the Year contest. As part of his prize package, Mr. Leitch’s award-winning photograph was displayed in Ottawa at the Museum of Nature from January to May 2018. 

Mr. Leitch, by this point a second-year student and a proud member of Gzowski College, travelled to Ottawa to see his photograph on display. The winning shot of a snail moving along a rusty pipe was also published in Canadian Geographic. Fast-forward to fall 2018, Mr. Leitch is now in third-year and has continued to take photographs, many on Trent University’s beautiful campus and in surrounding parks and nature areas.

“The beauty of the campus and the nearby natural areas were important to me as I chose to attend Trent University. The campus, the natural beauty of the drumlin, and the river are inspiring as a photographer,” he says.

Mr. Leitch’s images continue to gain national attention. This month, his photograph of a ruby-throated hummingbird is appearing in a special collector’s edition of Canadian Geographic, “Best Wildlife Photography 2019.” 

See more of Mr. Leitch’s photographs, including some taken on the Trent campus and around Peterborough.