Student Leaders Recognized with Alumni Association Student Awards

July 30, 2018

David Glassco and Robert W. F. Stephenson Prizes bestowed during special luncheon

Three award award winners holding up their awards whilst standing alongside two other alumni.
Mary Carswell-Gates, Brandon Remmelgas, and Jeffery Temple are seen with their awards.

Trent University alumni, students, staff, and community members came together in July to celebrate four recipients of the 2018 Trent University Alumni Association Student Awards. Honoured during a special luncheon held at the home of former Trent University Alumni Affairs director Tony Storey ’71, the students received the David Glassco and Robert W. F. Stephenson Prizes.

“Having the awards in Tony’s backyard was a really heart-warming moment,” said Trent University Alumni Association Council chair Jess Grover ’02. “With so many members of family present – the alumni family, the award winners’ families, and the families of those who inspired the awards – it truly was a celebration of a lifetime of dedication to Trent. The Alumni Association couldn’t be more pleased with this year’s student award recipients.”

The David Glassco Prize, awarded to students who have demonstrated outstanding generosity of spirit in a range of activities outside the classroom, was given to actor, theatre volunteer, and disability/amputee advocate, Lucas DeLuca and current TCSA chair, Brandon Remmelgas.

The Robert W.F. Stephenson Prize, which recognizes outstanding student leaders, was given to Mary Carswell-Gates, a passionate volunteer in student politics and dedicated student employee and Jeffery Temple, an advocate for Scholars at Risk.

The afternoon was made particularly poignant by the attendance of members of both the Glassco and Stephenson families, representing the departed namesakes of the prizes.

For more information on the Trent University Alumni Association Student Leadership Awards, please visit our Alumni website