#FacesofTrentU: Finding a Home at Trent

July 24, 2018

Bayan Sajer, Environmental & Life Sciences Ph.D. Program

Bayan Sajer waring scarf and sweater on the balcony of the Student Centre on a sunny day.
Bayan Sajer, Environmental & Life Sciences Ph.D. Program

"I remember one day I was sitting in the park in front of the biochemistry building when a group of students stopped and told me they had a project to sing and film O Canada with people they didn't know. I told them that I didn't know the words and that I wasn't a Canadian. They told me to follow their lead and we sang together. I think that's when Trent started to feel like home to me."

Bayan Sajer, an international student from Saudi Arabia is pursuing her Environmental & Life Sciences Ph.D. with a specialization in Molecular Biology. Ms. Sajer says that her favourite aspect about Trent is the variety of cultures and diversity of students because it makes the university feel welcoming and inclusive.

Trent University prides itself on providing an outstanding personal and interactive learning environment. This story is part of the #FacesofTrentU series, which highlights our many student success stories and the numerous dynamic programs offered at Trent.