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New Art Piece Unveiled in Champlain College

July 25, 2017

Former Ashley Fellow Stephanie Rayner donates original art piece to Champlain College

As a part of the commemoration of their 50th anniversary, Champlain College is celebrating the recent unveiling of a new art piece in the College by former Ashley fellow Stephanie Rayner.

Ms. Rayner, a celebrated artist, printmaker, lecturer, art educator and storyteller, stayed in Champlain during the lead up to the College’s semi-centennial as a part of her fellowship in 2016 and was the first visual artist to be named an Ashley fellow. She notes that the donated piece, Hymns without Words, was created after her time on campus and took inspiration from Trent’s natural setting and the collaborative teaching environment.

“I had such a wonderful time with the staff and professors, and the students were exceptional,” stated Ms. Rayner. “I have given talks all over the world, but the Trent students stand out because they have been nurtured and cared for and, because of this, they are open, alive with ideas and willing to share. It was a delight to have access to that kind of student. It felt like coming home.”

Champlain College head Melanie Sedge adds that the installation of the piece marks an exciting time in the College’s history and is honoured by the donation from Ms. Rayner.

 “While she was here, she was celebrating the completion of her life’s work The Boat of Eternal Return. It was an exciting time and the students gravitated toward her,” recalls Ms. Sedge.

To acknowledge the significance of her visit and the impact she had on students, Ms. Sedge says that the Champlain College Cabinet has agreed to cover the cost of framing the original artwork, which is now displayed at the second floor entryway to the college in celebration of our 50th anniversary.