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Graduating from Trent Excalibur Lacrosse with a Gold Medal

July 7, 2017

Meet a Trent Student: Jacqueline Robinson

student smiles at camera while standing under tree wearing black.

Trent student-athlete Jacqueline Robinson wanted to “go out on top” for her final season with the Trent Excalibur women’s lacrosse team. And she did just that, as part of the team who marked this milestone season with an undefeated record and a gold medal at the OUA Championship.

“When that final whistle blew, I think I felt every emotion humanly possible, the greatest of which being pure joy,” Ms. Robinson recalls. She credits the team’s success to the hard work of her three coaches – Tori Wasson, Ashley Curtis and Sara Gardner, as well as teammates Leah Ogilvie and Denise Miller who “were there from the beginning and had a big part in building the team.”

Although her Trent Athletic career has come to an end, Ms. Robinson can still be found on campus next year, as he focuses on her research, while also staying in touch with her passion for the sport through integrating it into her academic work. As a Master’s of Science in Psychology student, Ms. Robinson will be studying the concussion experience of high-school aged student athletes as they return to school after their injury. Commenting on this unique area of research, she says: “From my own experience with concussions, I know that going back to school while still experiencing concussion symptoms can be difficult, and I’m hoping that my research will provide insight into how we can better support concussed youth.”

Speaking of her Trent experience and why she chose to pursue her graduate degree at the University, she says: “You really feel like your ideas and experiences matter at Trent University. Having been at other large universities, I know how it feels to come to campus and to blend into the masses of other students and faculty just going about their days. That’s not the case at Trent. Trent University takes an interest in who you are as an individual and fosters that. I think that’s really special.”

Trent University prides itself on providing an outstanding personal and interactive learning environment. This story is part of the Meet a Trent Student series, which highlights our many student success stories and the numerous dynamic programs offered at Trent.