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New Medical Professional Stream Prepares Grads for Careers in Medicine

January 4, 2017

Unique program bolsters students' chances of admission into medical and professional schools

Woman in doctor's scrubs with stethoscope and clipboard

Trent University students considering a career in medicine upon graduation will benefit from the launch of the Medical Professional Stream, a unique new program designed to bolster students’ chances of admission into a school of medicine, dentistry, veterinary, or pharmacy.

The new program, which will offer students guidance in course selection, volunteer activities, and skills development opportunities and prepare them for professional program examinations, applications, and interviews, will welcome its first cohort of undergraduate students in September 2017.

"The requirements to get into medical schools have changed – they are looking for applicants with well-rounded personalities and broad backgrounds," said Dr. Holger Hintelmann, dean of Science at Trent. "Applicants need to have an undergraduate degree and need to pass the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT), but other aspects are now equally as important. We've developed a program to better meet the expectations of the medical schools and to increase our students’ chances of being successful."

Students enrolled in the Medical Professional Stream will be able to pursue an arts or science degree in a major of their choice, but will receive guidance in courses to take outside of their main area of study to provide them with a broader academic background. Additionally, students will be offered coaching sessions, simulated interviews, review sessions for the MCAT exam, and opportunities to attend seminars with local members of the medical community.

"We've integrated our program into the broader degree structure at Trent which offers the student more flexibility and diversity," said Dr. David Ellis, associate professor of Chemistry who is the program coordinator. "Taking courses in social science or humanities alongside science is very attainable at Trent. And as a small school, Trent is more capable of providing students with opportunities to be involved in extracurricular activities, something the medical schools are looking for."

"We're looking out for our students," Professor Hintelmann said, noting that only a small percentage of applicants get accepted into a medical school. "We want to help them achieve their career goals, but also to ensure that they graduate from Trent with a bona-fide degree that gives them excellent options outside of medical school."

To learn more about the Medical Professional Stream, other pathways to medicine offered at Trent University, and to view a video highlighting the Trent advantage for students considering medical school, visit