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Internships Pave a Path to Career Success

January 5, 2017

Learning by doing

Landscape headshot of Shaelin Owens standing outside of Champlain College
Shaelin Owens

This story is featured in the Fall 2016 edition of Showcase: The Experiential Learning IssueView the complete publication.

In choosing Trent, Shealin Owens ’13, a recent graduate of Trent University's Bachelor of Business Administration program, with a specialization in Human Resources Management, chose a different type of learning experience – one where she was actively engaged in her learning experience, learning by doing, not just being taught.

During her time at Trent, Ms. Owens became involved in numerous extracurricular activities, and gained valuable hands-on experience with a variety of organizations and teams on campus and in the community.

"I jumped in feet first after coming to Trent. I was learning and connecting with some fantastic people and mentors; it was inspiring," says Ms. Owens. 

It was through her work as the director of external relations with the Trent Business Students Association (TBSA) that she connected with Michael Skinner, president and current CEO of the Greater Peterborough Innovation Cluster. 

Learning by doing

With the help of Mr. Skinner, Ms. Owens put her learning into action as the liaison between Kawartha Entertainment Group Inc. and the Trent Central Student Association, working as an intern for Mr. Skinner for the next two years. Ms. Owens organized events, developed key relationships in the community, and ensured clients were happy.

“One of the most important things I took away from the experience is confidence in my capabilities. I was empowered and trusted to make decisions and guide different aspects of the business, and for that I am truly grateful,” adds Ms. Owens.

Getting involved, backed by her internship, and a strong education at Trent prepared Ms. Owens to venture into the work world after graduation with boundless energy.

From the classroom to the community

Ms. Owens’ story is not unique to Trent. She is just one of many Trent students who have had the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with a leader in the business community in Peterborough, like Mr. Skinner.

Mr. Skinner is well known in the community for his years of business development and operational experience. He is an entrepreneur, investor, management consultant,
and proud host to numerous internship opportunities with Trent students for over 12 years. Mr. Skinner also volunteers with Trent Business Council and has been instrumental in providing unique learning opportunities for Trent business students.

“Students have always played an important role in our business growth and success. They are a valuable resource with their fingers on the pulse of the next great thing,” explains Mr. Skinner. “It is a mutually beneficial experience and put simply, students get what they put in. If a student works hard, and applies themself, the possibilities are infinite.”