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Trent University Durham Students Unlock the University Experience

October 28, 2015

Good Vibes, Great Opportunities, Grand Memories: The First Year Experience Certificate at Trent

Trent University Durham Students Unlock the University Experience

Speaking of the new First Year Certificate program at Trent University Durham, Amanda Maciocia, one of the thirty students who participated, said: “From day one, the vibe of the program was that it was inclusive.”

A program unique to the Durham campus, the First Year Experience Certificate is offered at no cost to students and includes a series of workshops that cover topics such as life skills, social development, career exploration, goal setting, reflection and evaluation and more.

Run by student life staff on campus, students are given opportunity to interact with faculty, staff and upper year students, during one-hour sessions over the course of four weeks. The program offers first year students the chance to not only connect with fellow classmates and become involved, but also to discover university life early in their academic career.

“Orientation at the beginning of the year works really great to introduce university life, both academic and social,” said Chris Nelan, student life coordinator at the Durham Campus. “But the goal with the First Year Experience Certificate program is to continue this and take it one step further – introducing students to techniques, discussion and activities that will help them make the most out of their time here and really help them find success in all areas of the university experience and beyond as they pursue a career.”

“The program has made me want to be more involved and more engaged, not just through extra-curricular activities, but in my academics as well. It has given me the confidence to be an active participant in my classes,” adds Ms. Maciocia.