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Design your degree

Students have the option of a four-year Honours program or a three-year General program. Mathematics can be pursued on its own as a single-major subject leading to a B.Sc., or it may be studied in conjunction with another subject in a joint-major program leading to a B.Sc. or a B.A.

In the first year of studies, Trent students are offered core courses in calculus and linear algebra, as well as an introduction to probability. Upper-year courses cover a variety of areas such as linear and abstract algebra, analysis, computer-oriented mathematics, differential equations, discrete mathematics, the history of mathematics, mathematical logic, measure and integration, topology, mathematical and applied statistics, time series analysis and stochastic processes.

Trent University offers a variety of exciting undergraduate degrees in Mathematics and related disciplines, including:

  • single-major Honours B.Sc. in Mathematics
  • joint-major Honours B.Sc. in Mathematics
  • single-major General B.Sc. in Mathematics
  • joint-major General B.Sc. in Mathematics
  • minor in Mathematics
  • specialization in Mathematical Finance
  • specialization in Statistics
  • single-major Honours B.Sc. in Mathematical Computer Science (now discontinued)
  • A 2+2 articulation program with Tianjin University of Commence of China brings their international students to Trent for an unique educational experience.

For students who are interested in more than one subject, the following joint degree programs are provided:

  • Mathematical Economics B.Sc. degree
  • Mathematical Physics B.Sc. degree

Program Requirements

At the graduate level, faculty members supervise M.Sc. students through the Applied Modelling and Quantitative Methods (AMOD)program. In addition, a M.Sc. degree in Financial Analytics via a course-based stream in the AMOD program is available. Ph.D degrees are offered through the Trent-Queen’s collaboration graduate program.