Omni: New Services

Here's a sneak peek at the improved searching and services Omni brings to our library.

Loan Periods

Loan periods are standardized among all Omni institutions and apply to students (graduate and undergraduate), faculty, and staff equally.

Books in the regular stacks can be signed out for 120 days, and renewed as many times as you need them.

Search Everything!

Okay, nothing searches everything, but it feels like it searches everything! With a single search, you'll find:

  • books in the library, whether physical or online
  • chapters within ebooks
  • articles within journals
  • maps
  • government publications
  • media (e.g. videos)

Each item is clearly identified as an article, book, video, etc. Take a look at these screen captures:

Screen capture showing book, article, and video material types.

All our full text resources are discoverable through Omni. Over time the options will increase, as we add collections.

Search with Natural Language

Omni works very well with simple language searches.  Although boolean operators, truncation, and "phrase searching" CAN be used in an advanced search, they probably won't be necessary to get you started. 

  • Save those skills for targeted database searches, though.  Omni doesn't have the control of a good search in a subject-specific database. All our databases are still available.

You can start searching Omni with a few words and go from there.

Filter Your ResultsScreenshot of the filter options described.

When you're searching everything, you get a lot of results.  No problem!  Use the filters on left side of the screen to limit what you see.  Examples of filters are:

  • Available Online - removes anything physical
  • Available in the Library - shows only physical items
  • Articles - shows only articles from scholarly journals, magazines, and trade journals
  • Peer-Reviewed Journals - shows only articles from scholarly journals with a peer-review process

The list expands to include lots of other filter options.

Oh, The Things You Can Do With Records!

Once you find at item in Omni, you are shown "records". A record is a database term that describes an item in the database - every database has them.  Omni gives you options on what you can do with these records.

Here's a screenshot of a BRIEF record, which is what you're first presented with.

Screenshot of brief record with options section highlighted.

From here you can:

  • click "Available Online" to open the full record and move straight to the full text links
  • see who cited the article
  • see what sources this article cited
  • get citation formatting in your choice of styles
  • email it to yourself
  • save it as a "Favourite"
  • see that it's from a peer-reviewed journal
  • click the title to see the full record, with all available information
    the full record includes all the items below PLUS:
    • suggested related readings
    • cataloguing information, such as subjects, authors, ISSN/ISBN, publisher

Saved Searches

You can save searches you've performed.  They'll be there next time you login.

  • You can even set up an "Alert" that runs the search weekly and sends you any new items that have arrived.
  • If you like to use RSS feeds, you can set that on your search, too.

Screen shot of Saved Searches:

Screen shot labeled with "my favourites", "saved searches" and arrows to Alerts and RSS feeds

Searching Beyond Trent

Choose to search ONLY within the Trent Library for material you want immediate access to. However, select Trent + Omni Libraries and you can see what's available at any of the Omni libraries.  When you see something you want, click "Request it via interlibrary loan."

Screen shot:

Screen shot of link to request a book.

We'll get it for you, and it let you know when it's here.