Omni Implementation

Adoption of a new platform to manage all library services and resources is a significant move. It’s why libraries generally only make the transition every 20-25 years. The participating Omni libraries have been working behind the scenes for over a year to implement and configure this new system. Most of the changes won't be visible to the public, but they affect our everyday staff work with efficiencies and workflow improvements that will allow us to offer new services.  Over the coming year, you'll see more of these role out.

As with any transition of this scale, we anticipate there will be a few bumps and we will be ready to manage and resolve issues as they are identified. Please contact to report any concerns.

Temporary Service Impacts

As we move into the final days of implementation, the following services are affected:

  • November 1: Current Catalogue (TOPCAT) Freeze
    • From November until our new Omni system is stable, no new items can be added to our catalogue. 
      • This affects our ability to purchase resources or make changes to existing resources.
      • A full month is required to format and transfer accurate data from our current system to the new Omni system, as well as to integrate it with the other 13 libraries.
    • All requests for Reserves, new purchases, or any items in the library will be kept until we can add them to the new Omni system.  We expect this to be shortly after the December 12 go-live date.
    • We expect to have all Reserves in place for January courses.
    • ILL services should continue as normal.
  • December 9 (end of day): Current Circulation System Freeze
    • This time allows us to transfer all our information around loans, due dates, messages, and fines.
    • At this point we will continue to loan material and accept returns, but it will not record in the system.  Instead, we'll keep track using a temporary off-line system that will upload to the new system by December 12.
    • There may be limitations on what services we can offer during this time. Keep an eye on our news page: Library Services December 5-12.

Going Forward

On the monring of December 12, TOPCAT (our library cat-alogue) sets off down the Otonabee River on his retirement travels.  He'll meet up with the "cats" of the other 13 Omni libraries to explore new adventures.  He has served us well for almost 30 and deserves a rest.

We'll continue to work on Omni, adding options and content as we go.  As it grows and develops, you'll see many changes in the upcoming year.