Omni FAQ

Omni Searching

See our Omni Search Guide.

What is Omni?

Omni is an academic search tool that will connect the libraries of 14 Ontario universities. By searching in Omni, you will experience fast and easy access to a vast collection of diverse, high-quality academic research resources.

With Omni, a single search can find any type of material owned by the Trent Library, including books, ebooks, journal articles, media, maps, and more. You can search within the Trent Library, broaden that to include physical items at other Ontario university libraries, and broaden further to include online material available through interlibrary loan.

Can I still get access to journal articles from off-campus? 

Yes, of course. Always login to Omni for access to all Trent Library material, whether you're on campus or off. It uses single sign-on, so it's the same username/password you use for MyTRENT. When you login, it knows who you are and provides all the services you're entitled to. (It also remembers things for you.)

Any articles you've already saved using permalinks will still work, because they're not affected by Omni. As long as they have the proxy server built in, they can be used from off-campus.

What content is included/searchable in Omni?

You have options.

  • To find only content available to you right now (online or physical), select the default search: Trent Library.
  • To broaden your search to include physical items available at other Ontario university libraries, select Trent + Omni Libraries.
    • Items from other libraries can be requested through interlibary loan (RACER). Click "Request" to get the pre-filled request form. (You'll need a RACER account for this, but it's easy to get.  See: RACER: First Time Users.)
  • To broaden still further, and include online items not availalble through the Trent Library, click the box for "Add results beyond Trent's collection".

Will the Catalogue still be available?

No, after almost 30 years of service, TOPCAT has retired. He was ready.  In fact he's been waiting to pass off the wand to someone younger and stronger. It took us a while to find the right one.

Will there be guides or videos to help faculty and students learn the new system?

See our Omni Guide. Check back later for those videos.

Does Omni integrate with citation management tools (e.g., Mendeley, Zotero and EndNote)?

Oh, yeah.

Not only that, Omni can pin your searches or your results to "Favourites", so they're there the next time you login.  You can email them or print them. You can set an RSS feed for your searches, or set an "alert" that re-runs the search again and sends you any new items.

Omni even shows you how to cite what you find - in your preferred style. 

Borrowing Policies

See our webpages for specific policies:

How many books can I take out?

Students, faculty and staff can borrow up to 500 library items.  Yup, 500.

How long can I keep my library items? 

The standard loan period is 120 days, but it depends on the material and your library privileges. Reserves, media, current periodicals, curriculum collection items, government publications, and maps have shorter loans. See our webpage: Borrowing: Students, Faculty, & Staff.

If one of your items is requested by another person, your loan period will be shortened and overdue fines will apply.

How do I renew books?

You can renew library items online by logging into your account in Omni

You can also renew your items at the service desk in the library.

How many times can I renew a book?

There is no limit on the number of times you can renew an item, as long as it isn't requested by someone else. But if you don't keep renewing it we'll consider it "lost" and charge you to replace it.

Will there be a fine on long overdue items that have been declared lost and then returned?

If an item is declared lost and then is subsequently returned, the non-refundable administration charge of $25 remains and the default $125 default replacement charge is removed from your account.

If there are fines associated with a recalled item being returned late, these fines will remain on your account.

Will Alumni still be given access to specific e-resources?

Alumni will still receive access to specific e-resources.  See our page on Trent Alumni Library Services.

Will I still be able to recall materials? 

Yes, if someone else has borrowed an item you want, click "Request" in Omni and we'll recall it.  You'll get a notice when it's ready for pick-up. Omni lets you know if there are others in line ahead of you.


Why is a new system being introduced in the middle of the exam period? 

There are several reasons.

  1. With all the time it's going to save you, we couldn't withhold this any longer!
  2. We've been working on this for almost two years, along with 13 other big and busy libraries. This was the best time we could find for everyone.
  3. After Omni is live, we have a lot of work to do to prepare for the new term in January. We need to be ready for you when classes start up again.

Who do I contact for further information?

The best thing to do is email  Your message will be sent to the most suitable person, based on the content. There are a lot of us involved in this project!