Gift Agreement form

Gift Form (for Donations of Papers)

I hereby convey to Trent University Archives as an unrestricted gift the materials described below and transfer to the University ownership and legal title, copyright, and literary rights.

Trent University Archives:

(a) will maintain materials donated of lasting historical value according to archival procedures;

(b) will make available to the public all materials donated for research purposes. Permission to reproduce these materials will rest with the Archives. If access is to be restricted, it must be agreed to at the time of donation and for a specified length of time;

(c) will include the name of this donor on our website

(d)  may retain, loan, display or dispose of these materials in such manner as is in the best interests of the University.

Brief description of the donation
List any material that requires restrictions (if any) plus the date the restrictions will end: 





Do you wish material not retained returned to you at your expense?  Yes/No

If no, we will dispose of the material in such manner as is in the best interests of the University.

Name of Donor (print):


Signature of Donor:




E-Mail Address:


I request an appraisal of the material retained in the Archives be undertaken.

Yes __________   No ________

I request an in-house evaluation of my donation and an official receipt issued for income tax deduction purposes. I understand that if a tax receipt is issued for the donation, it will be for the fair market value of the materials retained as established by the University Archivist to a maximum of $1000.00. Such a tax receipt will be issued by the University.

Yes__________   No__________


I request that an external appraisal of my donation be done and an official receipt issued for income tax deduction purposes.  I understand that this means an arm’s length appraisal as is required by the Canada Revenue Agency and payment for this appraisal service by a professional appraiser external to and approved by the University will be at my cost.  The resulting tax receipt will be issued by the University. 

Yes__________   No__________


Signature of Donor:


Name of Donor (print)





Name assigned to the fonds:




Please tell us any history associated with this collection  e.g. the creator(s), the chain of ownership, how you came to own it, events, people and places depicted etc.