Printing in the Library

Note: The information on this page is subject to change during our temporary relocation, April 2017 - May 2018.
 The IT Department maintains computing labs and printers.


Information about computers during the Library renovations is on the Bata Transformation Site.


Printing on campus is serviced by Trent's Information Technology department.  See IT's webpage on Student Services - Printing for printing options and costs, including the installation of printers on your laptop and printing from wifi devices.

Printing from Library computers is the same as printing in the computing labs. Login to a computer, send your print job, and then go to a PayPrint station to release it. Until you release them, print jobs are held in a central queue and can be released from any PayPrint station on campus (unless you select the colour queue - see below).

There is a cost, and you must have funds loaded on your TrentU Card to cover them.

  • 10 cents per page for black & white laser print jobs (LAB_BW queue)
  • $.50 per page for colour printing (LAB_COLOUR queue)

You are only charged for print jobs you release, and jobs not released are deleted after several hours.

Releasing a Print Job

Send a print job from a computer on the network, using your software options for printing.  Choose one of the Lab printer queues: LAB_BW or LAB_COLOUR.

Go to a PayPrint station to release your print job.

  • Tap your TrentU Card to login.
  • Alternatively, you can enter your myTrent username/password.  

Any print jobs you've sent are displayed and you can choose which ones to release. You must have enough funds on your TrentU Card to cover the entire print job.

Adding Money to Your Account

See up to date information on adding funds to your card on the TrentU Card office webpage.

Colour Printing

By default, print jobs are sent to the black & white printer queue (LAB_BW).  If you wish to print in colour, change the printer queue to the colour option (LAB_COLOUR) when you send it. Use the 2nd (Main) Floor PayPrint station to release it. 

The cost for colour is $.50 per page, so choose carefully.  You can break up your print job when you send it, so that only select pages are sent to the colour printer queue.  However, once a job is sent, you can't break it up.