Add a Little MaDGIC to Your Research

When:  Monday, 1 November 2021 through Friday, 12 November 2021 
Where: Bata Library Entrance Foyer Exhibit Case 

Trent Library's Maps, Data & Government Information Centre (MaDGIC) invites you to view our exhibit “Add a Little MaDGIC to Your Research”. In this exhibit we navigate the research data lifecycle: planning, data discovery, analysis, visualization, and preservation; and outline the support we can offer at each stage.

MaDGIC provides a range of services relating to spatial (space and place) and statistical data. This includes the creation of Data Management Plans (DMP) – an integral part of research proposals and grant applications. We explore Trent Library's Data and Visualization Lab, which provides faculty and students with state-of-the art tools, including advanced computers, spatial and statistical software, and 3D and VR analysis and display technologies. 

Our aim is to assist you as you design the data workflow of your research project. 

Whether you’re stuck at the beginning or need assistance along the way, this exhibit will demonstrate how MaDGIC is here to help.

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