Library update on Kanopy

Requesting Films and Videos in Kanopy


Beginning May 1, 2021, the Library is moving to library-mediated purchases for Kanopy. Moving to a mediated model allows us to control costs and focus on acquiring streaming media to support curriculum.

For users, this means that when searching Kanopy, if Trent Libray & Archives does not subscribe to a film, a pop-up form appears and users will be required to complete the form to request the film. Forms will be forwarded automatically to Library personnel for review and approval/rejection.  We require up to 10 days for fulfilment. Faculty should order films in advance as films not under Trent’s license will not be automatically available.

Priority is given to requests from instructors for Kanopy content that supports course instruction.  Starting this May, to request a video, search in Kanopy and find the required title.  If it is already licensed it can be streamed immediately.  If it is not licensed, a pop-up request form like this appears:

To complete the form, instructors should select “Academic” and under “Your message” include the course number (e.g., ENG2125H) and the date required (e.g., October 18, 2021). The Kanopy request form is sent to the Library for review.  Approved titles are available within ten working days.   The subscription period for Kanopy videos is normally one year from the date of activation and when the subscription expires, the video must be ordered again.    Currently, we have access to almost 200 Kanopy titles with a range of expiry dates. 

In addition to Kanopy, streaming video services on subscription include Criterion on Demand, (CBC), Films on Demand, NFB, Theatre and Theatre in Video.  Video libraries for science, social science and nursing education are available through JoVE, JoVE Science Education, Sage Research Methods and ProQuest Nursing and Allied Health.  New streaming video collections are assessed and acquired on a regular basis.

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