For information on Library Services available during COVID-19, please see our news update.

Returning Library Material


There is no need to return books until the library building re-opens. The building is closed and staff are working from home.

All due dates will be adjusted to cover the time the library building is closed, and no fines will be charged during this period. You'll receive emails when changes are made that affect your loans. You can also check your account at any time by signing in to Omni and clicking on your name.

If you are leaving campus and need to return items now, use the book drop located outside the front doors of Bata Library or the Durham Campus. Someone will come to campus occasionally to empty the drop box.

  • Be sure to leave items IN the drop box, and not outside of it.
  • If you leave items near the library, but not in the drop box, they will remain your responsibility and you will be charged for lost or damaged material.  See the Borrowing webpage.

Note that books returned in the drop box will remain on your account until staff process them. If they have not been removed from your account two weeks after placing them in the drop box, contact us to inquire.

Contact if you have concerns. We are monitoring this email during the Virtual Hours posted on our homepage.

Bookstore Books

If you have mistakenly placed your bookstore rental books in the library drop box, rest assured we will pass them along to the bookstore when we all re-open. While they can't stop the automated messages you receive concerning overdue returns, they won't be charging fees during this time.

However, bookstore books don't have barcodes to identify who they belong to, so if you didn't include your contact information with the book, they won't be able to trace it back to you. In this case, you should contact the bookstore to identify yourself and indicate which books you returned to the library by mistake. When they receive the books, they'll do their best to connect them with the correct student.