Microform and Microfiche at Bata Library

Bata Library’s collection of microfilm and microfiche, along with the readers for each, is located on the second (main) floor of the Bata library.

Using Microform Materials

Materials are accessible for browsing. When you are finished with the items, we ask that you leave them in the designated area, so they can be reshelved by Library staff after use. The designated area is marked as such, and is located on top of the microform cabinets that are left of the Library Service Desk, outside room 209 (facing the windows).

At Bata Library there are two microform reading machines, also located on the second (main) floor of the Library. One is capable of making digital scans and is located, with instruction signs for use, among the IT computers. The other is used for browsing only. This reader is located beside the Public Ideation area (across from the fire exit). Staff at the Library Service Desk are available to offer support.

If you need assistance or have other questions, please contact us at library@trentu.ca.