Media Collection: Finding Trent Media

Library Catalogue

Use the Library Catalogue to find individual media titles (videos, DVDs, films) owned by the Trent Library.

  • Physical items in any format and those purchased for online streaming are included in the Library Catalogue.
  • Tips for searching the Library Catalogue can be found in the Tutorial: Library Catalogue.

Once you've found the title you need, you can book it for a class viewing (faculty, grad students, and staff only).


    Some of our online databases/resources also include short videos, but these are not listed in the Library Catalogue.  See suggestions for places to search for these:

    Other Institutions

    If you don't find what you need in the Trent Library, try searching Other Institutions.

    Browse the Library Catalogue by Title

    If you know the title of the media, browse by title.

    • Select "Browse".
    • Enter the first few words of the title.
    • Click "title".

    This finds all items in the catalogue with this title, regardless of material type.

    LIbrary Catalogue Keyword Search

    If you know the item is a DVD in the Library, use a keyword search and include "DVD" as a search term.

    • Example: DVD and women

    Library catalogue Advanced Search

    In an Advanced Search, you can limit your search to one of the following types:

    • E-Media
    • Media DVD
    • Media VHS

    Your results will consist of only items from our media collection that match your search terms, including films, videos, DVDs, etc.

    Library catalogue Records for Media

    Each media collection record provides the:

    • title,
    • producers, 
    • brief description,
    • call number and location.

      Some records provide more detailed information.

      If it's online (streaming media), the location is "internet". 

      • A link in the record connects you to it.
      • In some cases, you may also find a link to the transcript.