A wide range of spatial data is available for Ontario including data published by various levels of government and by industry, non-profit organizations and members of the public.

Key Sources for Ontario Data

Scholars GeoPortal: Scholars GeoPortal Is a geospatial data discovery tool for a range of data published by a variety of government agencies, commercial publishers and others. Scholars GeoPortal contains geospatial data that is licensed to Ontario universities. Ontario University students, faculty, and researchers can search, discover, map, share and download geospatial data. This includes land-based data such as water, roads, boundaries, points of interest (such as health care facilities, schools),soils, imagery, census geography and much more. Further Information

Land Information Ontario manages key provincial datasets published by Ontario provincial ministries, municipalities, conservation authorities and other partners. Examples include administrative boundaries, road networks, trail networks, water (streams, lakes, rivers), watershed boundaries, water flow, water drainage, dam inventory, hydrology, hydrography, hydro network, water wells, utility sites, land cover, land use, geology, vegetation, soils, digital elevations, orthophotography, satellite data,  and more. The LIO Metadata Management Tool provides detailed descriptions of data sets available.

A number of these data sets are available through the Ontario Open Data Portal. Others are priced, and can only be accessed through a membership in the Ontario Geospatial Data Exchange (OGDE).

Trent University Library's Maps, Data & Government Information Centre is the designated OGDE contact for Trent University, and can provide OGDE and other provincial government data sets to you without charge. Registered members of Trent University should contact us directly for access to or questions about OGDE products.

For Assistance

If you can't find what you need, or if you require assistance with GIS methodologies, accessing or processing  data, contact MaDGIC. We will be pleased to assist with your research and teaching requirements.