Book a Library Study Room

Update March 2022: The Room Bookings software has received an update and you may find you need to clear your cache to reset any saved passwords.  

See the Library Study Rooms Guidelines.

Link to Room Bookings through myTrent.

The Library Study Rooms are available for use by registered Trent undergraduate and graduate students for study or projects relating to a Trent course. Bata Library has twelve study rooms and one presentation practice room; the Durham Library & Learning Centre has two study rooms. Study rooms are booked online via myTrent and instructions are below.

Study Rooms at Bata Library

Available for Booking 

  • BL 301- capacity 8 
  • BL 302- capacity 8 
  • BL 304- capacity 8
  • BL 305- capacity 8
  • BL 321- capacity 5
  • BL 322- capacity 5
  • BL 323- capacity 5
  • BL 324- capacity 5
  • BL 325- capacity 1
  • BL 326- capacity 1
  • BL 327- capacity 1
  • BL 328- capacity 1
  • BL 207 - Presentation Practice Room - capacity 12

Individual Study Booths at Bata Library

Available for Booking as of June 14

  • BL 306.3- capacity 1
  • BL 306.4- capacity 1
  • BL 412.1- capacity 1
  • BL 412.2- capacity 1
  • BL 412.3- capacity 1

Group Study Rooms at Durham Library & Learning Centre

Currently Unavailable for Booking

  • Room 102.3 (capacity 10)

Problems with booking? See Failure Message in the left menu.
Questions or comments? Contact or ask at the Library Service Desk.

Booking Instructions

Book a Group Study Room in the Bata Library or Durham Library & Learning Centre using the University's "Room Booking" system. Find a link in myTrent, under "Services", or at the top of this page.

  • Click "Log In" at the top right of the screen.
  • Use your myTrent username/password to login. (do not include the (at) in your username)
  • The Library rooms are listed in the Self Service section; look for it on the left side of the page.

This screen capture shows part of the opening Room Booking page:

Screenshot of the Room Booking homepage

Under Self Service, choose one of these options :

You'll see a message if your request is not successful.  Contact with questions.

My Self Service / My Bookings / Cancel

To see your reservations, check My Self Service or My Bookings. All your current bookings are displayed.

Cancel a booking from here.

  • Beside each reservation there's a "Cancel" button.  Click to cancel.

This image shows a screen capture:

screenshot of My Self Service in Room Bookings

Find a Room

  • Use this option when you know WHEN you want a room, but you're not fussy on which room.
  • Select "Library Group Study Rooms", and your prefered library.
  • Specify the "Duration" for the booking: between 00:30 and 02:00 hours.  
  • Select an acceptable time period for the booking to occur.  (E.g. between 4pm and 8pm.)
  • Select a date on the calendar provided.
  • A list of timeslots with available rooms within your range is provided.
    • Click a timeslot for a list of rooms available.
    • For each room:
      • Click "Detail"  to learn more about the room. 
      • View the room's availability by month, week, or day by clicking a "Calendar" link.
  • Click a row (room) to make your selection.

This image shows a screen capture:

screenshot of Find a Room

A pop-up window appears: click "Proceed".

screenshot of Proceed popup

Book a Specific Room

  • Choose this option if you want a particular room, but the time is flexible.
  • Select "Library Group Study Rooms", and your preferred library.
  • All the Library Group Study Rooms are displayed.
    • Click "Detail" for a room to learn more about the room. 
    • View the room's availability by month, week, or day by clicking a "Calendar" link.

screenshot of booking a specific room

  • Select a room by clicking on the row.
  • As above, specify the "Duration" for the booking: between 00:30 and 02:00 hours.  
    • If you select anything higher than 02:00, you'll receive a failure message.
  • Click "Verify Calendar" to select a date.
  • A list of available times that meet your criteria is displayed.  Click "Book" beside your preferred slot.

screenshot of book button


After you "Book", a confirmation screen displays.

  • Select the number of people in your group.
  • Check the date and time.
  • Provide a name for your group (at least 4 characters required).  This is helpful when several group members want to book the room consecutively.
  • Click "Confirm".

screenshot of confirmation

The room is booked and a confirmation message is sent to your email.

Failure to Book

If the booking cannot be made for your requested room and time, the general message presented is: "Room is unavailable based on the selected parameters or institution rules."

Here's a screen capture:

Screen capture of the message when the booking fails.

Probable Reasons for a Booking Failure:

  • You're requesting a booking longer than the maximum: 2 hours per person.
    • Each member of your group can book two hours per day (Bata) or 2 hours per day (Durham).
  • You've already booked your limit: "
    • Each student is entitled to a maximum of two hours per day.
  • You've requested a time when the Library (or the room) is not open. 
    • Scroll your mouse over the message to see, "Room is unavailable due to institution rules."
  • The room is already booked for that time. 
    • Scroll your mouse over the message to see, "Room is occupied."
    • Scroll up to check the schedule beside the room number.

See the Guidelines for information about restrictions.