RACER Help: Requests

Creating a Request

Once logged in to RACER, there are two options you may use:

RACER provides you with the ability to search one or more catalogues to find the item you need. The benefits are: less typing, accurate information, and your material will arrive much quicker!

Alternatively, you can use a blank form which you can fill in yourself. Although a good option, the disadvantages are: more typing, possible errors and your material will take longer to arrive!  You can link to the Blank Form from the left-hand navigation menu when logged in to RACER.  

Tracking Your Request

RACER Request Status

You may track your requests by clicking on My Requests within RACER.  Please note the default display list may NOT be a complete list of your current requests. To see a comprehensive list, tick the Show Everything option. 

Check the My Requests section to see the status of current requests.


The following will help to explain the current status of your request:

New: We are assessing your request.

Pending: Efforts are underway to obtain your request. 

Cancelled: This is a temporary status and your request is still active at this time.

Shipped: The lending library has indicated they will supply your item. 

Received: Your item is available. Consult the email notification you received for specific pickup instructions.

Recall: The lending library has recalled their material. Recalled material should be returned as soon as possible.

Returned: The item has been returned to the lending library.

Completed: This request is no longer active.