RACER: Submitting a Request

Once logged in to RACER there are two options you may use:

Option A (RACER's default) provides you with the ability to search one or more catalogues to find the item you need. The benefits are: less typing, accurate information and your material will arrive much quicker!

Option B provides you with a blank form which you can fill in yourself. Although a good option, the disadvantages are: more typing, possible errors and your material will take longer to arrive!

Only identified items or certain material types may be requested through RACER.

Option A - Search and request

  1. RACER provides you with an advanced or standard keyword search in any field. The advanced search provides you with the additional option of searching in specific fields (e.g. Author, ISBN and Subject Heading).
  2. The default Profile (libraries that you are searching) includes all of the Ontario University Libraries. Prior to starting your search you may wish to select a different Profile by using the drop down list. You may choose Profiles based on your subject area, a geographical area, or you can create a personal profile via Search Profile listed under My Account. It is always a good idea to include Trent in your search!
  3. Enter your search terms and click Search to locate your material.
    Search Tips:
    - Do not use abbreviations
    - Use "quotes" to search for an exact phrase
    - Use three or four key terms
    - Select a different Profile (group of libraries)
  4. Once your search results appear you can click on Details to verify that this record is the item that you want (if the record is incorrect see #7 below). You only need to request the item once, since RACER will find all the locations that own the title for you.
  5. Click Get it! for your desired item. Details will automatically transfer to a request form.
  6. Complete the required fields, choose your Pickup location and click Request. You may only request one item or article per form. Please allow enough delivery time!
  7. To return to your search results click Search results. To start a new search, click Advanced Search, Standard Search, or try Option B.
  8. Don't forget to Sign Out.

Option B - Use a blank form

  1. If you have been unsuccessful using Option A you may wish to use the Blank Request Form listed under My Account or contact us for assistance with your search strategy.
  2. Within the blank form, select a Format such as Article, Book, or Other.
  3. Choose between a Loan or Scan/Copy of this material
  4. Fill in the required fields for the item you need. Do not use abbreviations. Choose your Pickup location and click Request. You may only request one item or article per form.  Please allow enough delivery time!
  5. To submit another request, try using Option A or another Blank Request Form.
  6. Don't forget to Sign Out.