RACER: Login Help

Please review the login information below.  For additional information or assistance with Interlibrary Loans please contact the Library Service Desk.


Your Login is your seven (7) digit Student or Datatel number (for staff & faculty), as listed on your TrentU Card.


Your Password is case-sensitive and chosen at registration time. If you are unable to recall your password and need to reset it, please contact us and we will assist you. Please do NOT re-register.

Login Errors and What They Mean

Authentication Declined: Invalid Username and/or Password

  • Your login or password is incorrect. Try again or contact us. Do NOT re-register.
  • Your registration hasn't taken effect yet. Wait a few minutes and try again.
  • You haven't registered yet. See First Time Users for instructions.

Your account has expired

  • Your ILL privileges have expired. Please contact us and we will assess your account. Do NOT re-register.