Interlibrary Loans: Overdue Fines

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) items are obtained by Trent University Library from any lending library worldwide, according to various agreements and established procedures. The lending agreement is between libraries, and not between the lending library and the user.

Therefore, when a Trent user fails to return an item on time, Trent University Library is held responsible. Serious violations can result in Trent University Library paying fines or losing borrowing privileges with other institutions, which has an impact upon service to other Trent users and damages the University's reputation.

This Interlibrary Loan Fine policy takes steps to ensure that items are returned or renewed within acceptable time periods.


Interlibrary Loan fines are assessed a daily fine of $5.00 per item, to a maximum fine of $75.00 and apply to all material types.  Fines incurred are the responsibility of the registered card owner. 

ILL overdue fines are paid at the Library Service Desk during service hours, similar to other library fines. Existing regulations regarding the payment of library fines and loss of privileges apply to ILL fines.

Items returned without their ILL book band may result in fines or a Lost Item charge, if problems result.

Fines continue to accrue until the maximum is reached, the item is returned or renewed, or the item is reported lost to Library Service Desk staff.  Items returned when the library is closed will be back-dated to the last day the library was open.

ILL fines will display on your Library Account within the library catalogue once the item has been discharged by the library.


Overdue notices are sent on the due date, four (4) days overdue, 15 days overdue, and 30 days overdue.

Grace Period

ILL Loans excluding Media:  A grace period of one (1) day allows a user to return an item within that time without penalty. However if it is not returned by midnight of the first day overdue, the daily fine rate is charged starting from the first day it was overdue, as per existing procedures.

Media Loans: The Ontario Interfilm Agreement Guidelines do not permit a grace period.

Lost Item and Replacement Charge

The exact charges or replacement conditions of missing/lost items are determined by, and paid to, the lending library. The Trent Library staff negotiate with the lending library and handles these transactions.

At 30 days overdue the library system automatically creates a default charge of $200.00 on the Trent user’s library account. Once the user confirms that the item is lost or the lending library issues an invoice the lost/damaged charge process begins; after this it cannot be reversed and charges will not be refunded. Any outstanding fines owing at that time remain payable to Trent University Library. The $200.00 default charge is replaced by the actual charge once it has been established.

A $10.00 administration fee is also paid to Trent University Library. 

Approved by the Librarians’ Committee: June 24, 2014