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Curbside Pickup for Faculty & Graduate Students is available starting June 23rd.

Where are the Dictionaries?

The library keeps many different dictionaries, often in the Reference Collection. Some dictionaries are also kept on the regular stacks and can be signed out as regular books. All are shelved under their call number.

Newer dictionaries are more likely to be online, linked from TOPCAT or from a Subject Guide.

English Dictionaries

PE 1625 - PE 1700 in Reference.

and online: Oxford English Dictionary.

Language Dictionaries

French and French-English: PC 2640 in Reference and on the 3rd floor stacks.

Spanish and Spanish-English: PC 4640 in Reference and on the 3rd floor stacks.

German and German-English: PF 3640 in Reference and on the 3rd floor stacks.

Latin and Latin-English: PA 2365 in Reference.

Modern Greek: PA 445 and PA 1139 in Reference.

Indigenous North American: PM 800-2000 in Reference.

Other languages are in PG - PL sections.

Find specific language dictionaries by searching the library catalogue using dictionar$ as one of your keywords.

Specialized Subject Dictionaries

Find these in the library catalogue, using dictionar$ as one of your keywords.

  • Most newer dictionaries are e-books, so you won't find them on the shelves.
  • Check the Subject Guide for your subject.