Passwords and Accounts

You may have several accounts and passwords to remember at Trent. Some accounts are specific to the Library, managed by Library staff. Others are maintained centrally by Trent's IT Department. Why are there so many accounts? It's because each system does something specific, and some systems can't communicate with others. Whenever possible, we try to use your myTrent username/password combination.

Here's a description of Library-related accounts, information on how to find them, and how to get help if you need it.

You probably have some or all of the following accounts:

Library Accounts

Your Library (TOPCAT) account is only used within the Library catalogue, TOPCAT. It allows you to:

  • see what you have signed out,
  • renew items you have signed out,
  • request an item from a different branch,
  • place a "Hold", and
  • check your fines and "Holds".

Information on using this account is on the webpage: Using Your Library Account.

Your ID and PIN for this account are library-designated and found on your TrentU Card, which is also your library card.

  • Your ID is the long (13-digit) barcode number on the front of the card, starting with "111".
  • Your PIN is the:
    • last 4 digits of your student number, if you are a current student,
    • last 4 digits of your datatel number, if you are staff or faculty,
    • last 4 digits of your barcode number, if you are an external borrower.

If you are having problems with your Library Account, see Client Support in the Library or contact libraryhelp.

Access to Online Resources - the Proxy Server

The Library Proxy Server allows off-campus access to the restricted online resources subscribed to by the Library. When you click on a link to a restricted database on the Library's website from off-campus, you're prompted to login with your myTrent username/password. 

The Library is obligated by our purchase agreements to ensure that only current Trent students, faculty, and staff have access to these expensive resources. When you are on campus, the servers hosting these databases recognize your computer's IP address and allow access. But if you're using your own computer, even in a residence room, you won't be recognized or authorized.

Our Proxy Server adds a Trent IP address to your connection, providing proof that you're a valid Trent user.  The links on our website route you through this server, which requires your myTrent login.  In order for it to work, you must always use a link from the Trent Library website to access these resources.  Direct links (like those provided by Google) don't normally provide the necessary IP for authorized access.

To use the Proxy Server, you need to be authenticated as a valid Trent user. This authentication is done through your myTrent account. The username and password are always the same as your myTrent account. 

Once you login to the Proxy Server, you will NOT be asked for an additional username and password when connecting to one of these databases. If you are asked to login by the site to which you're connecting, something has gone wrong and you should check our proxy server help page. We do not have passwords for individual databases, except in the case of some trials (in which case it will be clearly specified).

Trent alumni do not retain these privileges after graduation .  However, some providers will grant access to alumni.  See the Alumni Services page.

If you have problems connecting to the proxy server, see our Proxy Help page.

Interlibrary Loans (RACER)

Our ILL system is RACER, used by all Ontario University Libraries.

This system requires that you register yourself and create your own password. For help with RACER, see our RACER Login Help webpage or come to the Service Desk in the Library.

myTrent, LearningSystem, Email, and Novell (Network) Accounts

These systems work together and are managed by the IT Department. Although technically they are separate accounts, the same username and password applies to all of them. You can access most official Trent services through the myTrent portal, where you'll also receive news updates.

"ClaimID" is a webpage where you can pick up your account information. Go to Enter your student number and last name, and you will be provided with your original username and password for many of your accounts. If you've changed it, this won't help you find your new one, and you need to contact the IT HelpDesk to have it reset.

Your Novell (network) account gives you computer privileges on campus. It allows you to log in to a campus computer and provides space on the server for you to save your work. It also supplies you with any software applications that you should have, such as Word, Excel, Statistical packages, and Internet browsers. When you are logged in to your Novell account, you are connected to the pay printers in the Computer Labs and you can retrieve your print jobs from any of the pay printers.

You also have an email account. All your official Trent email will be sent to this address. If you prefer to use a different email service, set a "forward" on your Trent account so that messages sent to it will be forwarded on to your prefered service. Alumni retain their email account after leaving Trent, but they do not retain their other accounts.

For more information on these Trent accounts, go to the IT Help Pages or contact the IT HelpDesk.