As of Monday, June 14, Bata Library & the Durham Campus Library & Learning Centre will re-open to provide access to study space, in-person information services, and pickup of physical library materials to Trent students, staff, and faculty. For full details, please see our page about Trent Library & Archives service during COVID-19.

Off-Campus Access: Bookmarklet

Could you use a quicker way of connecting to our licensed library resources from off-campus?  This bookmarklet might just be the answer.

Add this link to the bookmarks of your favourite browsers: Get It! Trent. Or drag this button:  Get It! Trent 

Then, whenever you come across an online document that denies you access, or asks you to pay for it, click the bookmark. 

  • You'll be routed through our proxy server, which asks you to login with your myTrent username/password. 
  • If the document IS available through our library, you'll have access.

This works for e-books, e-journals, databases - anything made available through Trent Library purchases and subscriptions.

Things to Note

  1. It only works for resources our library has paid for.  If the article is free, or if we don't subscribe to that journal, it can't link you through and you'll probably get an error.
  2. It uses javascript.  You must have javascript enabled in your browser.
  3. If you're searching Trent databases (linked from our website), the  Get It! Trent button is already embedded, and you shouldn't need this. In fact, you'll have more options for access if you use our databases.
  4. If you're searching Google Scholar, you can change the settings to enable the Get It! Trent button and save this extra step. See how.

How to Add A Bookmark

Bookmarks are browser-specific, so you need to do this in each browser you use.


  • Right-click the link: Get It! Trent.
  • Select "Bookmark This Link".
  • Select the Folder: "Bookmarks Toolbar".
  • Ensure your bookmarks toolbar is visible: go to the top View menu, under Toolbars, check off "Bookmarks Toolbar".


  • Click and drag this link to your "Bookmarks" bar: Get It! Trent.
  • Ensure your Bookmarks bar is showing: go to the Menu, under Bookmarks, click on "Show bookmarks bar".


  • Click and drag this link to your "Favorites" bar: Get It! Trent.
  • Ensure your Favorites bar is showing: go the the View menu, select "Show Favorites Bar".

Proxy Server

This link uses our proxy server (EZProxy) to authenticate you as a valid Trent user to information providers.  When you're on campus, authentication is automatic, so the proxy is only required when you're not on the Trent network.  See more details on the Off-Campus Access page.