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Mobile Access to Library Resources

Many of our library resources are available in a format suited to mobile devices, such as smart phones. Special mobile modes and apps are listed and described here.

See also the Scholars Portal guide for Mobile Ebooks.

Scholars Portal logo

Scholars Portal Journals

Navigate to Scholars Portal Journals. Click the Mobile link in the upper right corner of the screen. E-Journals Mobile has been tested on several mobile operating systems to ensure compatibility with as many devices as possible.

Annual Reviews

Annual Reviews

To access full-text articles from journals that have been licensed by Trent University Library, visit from your mobile device while on the airTrent wi-fi network.  Your mobile device will be automatically paired with Trent University's access rights. The pairing will then enable you to access content while offsite; it lasts six months, and will be refreshed each time you access the Annual Reviews website while within the airTrent network.

Optimized for mobile use on most iOS, Android and Blackberry devices. For more information on mobile access, see the Annual Reviews Mobile webpage.

BioOne logo


With the mobile interface, all BioOne content is available via iPhone, Android, and Blackberry smartphones. No app is required; you are automatically directed to BioOne's mobile site when you access from a compatible mobile device. (Tablet users are shown the full site for optimal viewing, but can select the mobile site if they prefer.)

Pair your device with Trent University's access privileges for access to all subscribed content from off-campus. (Not necessary if you access via the library website or using airTrent.)

  •     On a computer, obtain a code here.
  •     On your device, go to the website and tap the settings icon.
  •     Tap "Device Pairing".
  •     Enter the code.

Pairing lasts 90 days. See the .pdf for details. Check the website for updates and further details.


Complete ebrary books can be downloaded to your computer, then transferred to an ebook reader, or a mobile device - including iPad, iPhone, Kobo, Nook, and Sony Reader. (Not Kindle.)


  • You must have an ebrary bookshelf account. It's easy to create one using the "sign in" page - click "Create an account".
  • You must have Adobe Digital Editions (free software) installed on your computer.


  • Sign in to your Bookshelf account using a computer.
  • Choose a book, and click the "download" button.
  • Choose the part (or all) of the book you want to download.
  • When the document is downloaded it will open in Adobe Digital Editions.
  • Transfer the e-book to a mobile device.

Downloaded books are saved for 14 days, after which they are deleted from your device. For further details, see the ebrary help page.

EBSCOhost logo


Access all EBSCO databases in mobile mode using this link: EBSCO Mobile.

Or download an EBSCOhost App:

  • Link to an EBSCOhost page.
  • At the bottom of the page, click on "New App" to email yourself instructions, an access key, and a link to the app store.
  • This app is for iPhone and iPod Touch.


National Film Board Online Screening Room

Get the NFB Mobile app to stream video directly to your device. For iPad, iPhone, Android, Playbook, Boxee, and other widgets.



Use this address for the mobile version: 

The site is compatible with most up-to-date mobile devices.

OECD Factbook cover image

OECD Factbook

There's a free public app to access this information without a subscription.Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later.

Get the app.



To Access Your RefWorks Account Using RefMobile:

  • Navigate to
  • Enter your Group Code: RWTrentU, Login Name: You supplied this when you created your account, and Password: Also supplied by you when you created your account.
    • Select the Remember Login option if desired. Your login information will be remembered for 14 days from the date you check this box.
    • Click the Login button.

    (This application does not work with Internet Explorer.)

    Taylor & Francis online

    Taylor & Francis Online

    As a member of Trent University, you can access content on the on your mobile device for 180 days by pairing it to our library.

    Access content using Taylor & Francis Online Mobile via your airTrent account, to pair your device to the library automatically. To pair your device with Trent's subscription, view the video demo or follow these instructions:

    1. Visit the full site while authenticated on the Trent network, by logging in to Taylor & Francis Online.
    2. Click the Mobile link at the top of the screen.
    3. You will be directed to a page where you can sign in or register to receive a mobile pairing code. Save the code once you have received it – you will then be able to use it for five minutes.
    4. On your mobile device, go to, tap the Settings icon and select Device Pairing.
    5. Log in here then enter the pairing code and tap Verify Code.
    6. Go to My Account to check your pairing status.

    (If you do not pair your device to Taylor & Francis Online you can still access content that has been made free to view, but not the content paid for by Trent.)

    More information is available on the website.

    Web of Science / Web of KnowledgeWeb of Knowledge / Web of Science logo

    Login at using the account you create for yourself. To create your account go to Web of Science from a Trent-authenticated machine, click on "Sign In" at the top, then click "Register".

    You must use the account from a Trent-authenticated machine every 6 months in order to keep your account valid.

    The World BankWorld Bank logo

    World Bank DataFinder app provides 50 years of indicator data. This is a free public access app for iPhone - no subscription required.

    See more information.


    These are handy methods for performing searches in select databases while you're on-the-go. They don't replace an in-depth search of the most relevant database(s) for your topic.

    An important part of searching is to search in the right place, which isn't always the easiest place. Use Subject Guides to find the most useful databases for your topic.

    Also, keep in mind that Get It! Trent uses a browser and opens multiple new windows when it locates full-text articles.

    Storing References On-The-Go

    Need a place to put the documents you find?

    • RefWorks stores citations and attachments and makes them accessible over the web from any device.
    • Services like Dropbox also offer a place to store files, sync them to several devices, and share them with others.

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