Using Your Library Account

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About your Library Account

Your Library Account is accessed from a link on the library homepage, under Quick Links (above), or in the Library Catalogue.

In your Library Account you can perform the following:

  • renew checked out items,
  • review checked out items (and their due dates),
  • view outstanding fines,
  • place a hold on an item, because it's signed out to someone or at a different location.

When you use these features, all regular library policies will apply.  If you have trouble with any of them, please contact the Library Service Desk.


Login to your Librar Account with a User ID and a PIN. After each change, you'll be prompted to input this again. Although this can be frustrating, it's designed to protect your privacy.

Your login information is found on your TrentU Card.

User ID

  • a 13-digit barcode number on your TrentU Card
  • probably on the back of your card, but if you've been around a few years, it may still be on the front


  • Students: the last 4 digits of your student number
  • Staff & faculty: the last 4 digits of your datatel number
  • Community Borrowers:  the last 4 digits of your barcode number

    Ignore the Alternate ID (if you see it) because we don't use this feature.

    Renew Material Online

    1. Login to your Library Account.
    2. Select "Renew My Materials".
    3. Enter your library ID and PIN, where prompted. 
    4. A list of items currently checked out to you is displayed. Click in the box of each item you wish to renew.
    5. Click "Renew Selected Items".
    6. If items have been successfully renewed, the due date changes. Check that all items were successfully renewed.
    7. Make note of the new due date.

    Items Not Renewable

    If items are not renewed after going through the process, it may be for one of the following reasons:

    • The number of renewals is limited - see the Borrowing Regulations, under "Renewals".
    • Outstanding library fines may prohibit online renewal. 
    • If you have any overdue books, no items may be renewed online. 
    • Another patron may have placed a hold on the book. 
    • ILL items cannot be renewed online; see ILL renewal.

    Contact the Library Service Desk. for assistance.

      Renewed Items are Subject to Recall

      If someone requests an item that has been renewed, you will be informed by email that the item is recalled and must be returned. 

      •  A high recall fine rate is applied to items not returned.  (See Borrowing Regulations, under Recall Rates.)
      • You are responsible for checking your Trent email regularly.

      If you require any additional information about the online renewal feature, please contact the Library Service Desk.

       View Items Checked Out and Fines Owing

      To view the items you have checked out, and their due dates:

      1. Login to your  Library Account.
      2. Select "Review My Account".
      3. Input your ID and PIN, as prompted. 
      4. Click on "Display User Information".
      5. Each item you have signed out is displayed, along with its due date, and any fines currently owing. Below that is a list of items you have on HOLD. The only thing you can alter on this screen is your HOLDs; you can cancel them.