Exams Database Uploading

The exams database is a self-serve system for instructors to make exams from previous years available to students, as a study aid.  Participation in this service is optional. Since the Library no longer keeps print copies, the exams database will be updated only through instructor contributions.


File Types and Sizes

Examination papers can be uploaded in a variety of formats, including

  • PDF (Adobe Portable Document Format) - the preferred format,
  • RTF (Rich Text)
  • DOC (Microsoft Word).

Multiple pages should be contained in a single file. File size can be up to 350 megabytes, but smaller is better.

Browser Limitations

Uploading works best in recent versions of Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera. Safari and Chrome are not currently supported

Password and User Name

You'll need a password to upload exams. Use the form provided under "Log In" in the database to request one.

Uploading Procedures

Exam file uploading is carried out via a special module within the exams database.

1.  Link to the Exams Database

2.  Click on Log In (top menu bar).

Screen capture of Log In link.

3.  Enter the password provided by the Library in the area labelled Exams Upload Module, along with your Trent username.

Screen capture of User Name and Password.

If you don't have a Password, follow the link on the page to request one.  You don't need to be faculty; support staff can obtain a password.

4. Provide details.

  • Enter the information in the corresponding box.
  • Examples below show the format required.The uploader checks that information has been supplied in an acceptable format.
  1. Description: e.g. 'Final Exam', or 'Mid-Term' (required)
  2. Course Code: e.g. GEOG 103 (required)
  3. Course Name: e.g. 'Human and Physical Environments' (required)
  4. Course Section: e.g. B, A OSH. Include "OSH" if you want it to be recognized, and searchable, as such. (optional)
  5. Instructor: e.g. McCallum, C. (required)
  6. Date of Exam: e.g. May 12, 2011. (required)
  7. Uploaded By: e.g. Samantha Smith (optional)

Locate the file using the "Browse" feature. This field must contain the complete name and path of the PDF, DOC or RTF file to be uploaded. The file will be renamed automatically once it is uploaded to the exams server.

Screen shot of Metadata entry page.

When the data entry is complete, click "Upload File".

Availability of Uploaded Exams

Database indexing is an overnight process. Consequently, uploaded exams will be available for viewing on the day following the upload.

The Exams Database is available only via our proxy server. Off-campus users require a Trent user name and password to view exams. Access is denied to the 'world at large'.


If you need assistance with this process, click "Contact Us" in the banner at the top of the Exams databases page. Use this option to request the removal of any exam.