Previous Trent Exams

Students find it helpful to view previous exams when studying for a current exam. The Library has created a database of previous exams for this purpose. Faculty or staff add exams to the database on a voluntary basis. The Library does not keep print copies of previous exams. Course participation in this service is optional, and not University policy.

Database of Digitized Exams

Search the database to find online copies of previous examinations currently available.

Link to the Trent University Exams database.

The database is restricted to Trent users.
Login with your myTrent username and password.


Only exams which have been entered into the database by departmental faculty/staff are available. If your exam is not listed, ask your course instructor if a sample exam is available somewhere else, such as a departmental or course website.

Adding Exams to the Database

The exams are available the day after faculty/staff upload them. See the instructions for uploading files.