Graduate Writing Guides

A Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses and Dissertations: Chicago Style LB 2369 .T33 2007
Chicago Manual of Style (2010) E-book
A Practical Guide to the Qualitative Dissertation LB 2369 .B49 2007
Blending Qualitative & Quantitative Research Methods in Theses and Dissertations LB 2369 .T4575 2003
Complete Your Dissertation in Two Semesters or Less LB 2369 .O33 2007
Completing Your Qualitative Dissertation : a Roadmap from Beginning to End H 62 .B58555 2008
Destination Dissertation: a Traveler's Guide to a Done Dissertation LB 2369 .F59 2007
Proquest Dissertations and Theses Full Text ONLINE DATABASE
Excellent Dissertations! LB 2369 .L48 2005
Finishing Your Dissertation Once and for All. LB 2369 .M454 2009
Form and Style: Research Papers, Reports, Theses LB 2369 .C3 2007
Guide to the Successful Thesis & Dissertation: a Handbook for Students and Faculty LB 2369 .M377 2003
Guide to Writing Empirical Papers, Theses and Dissertations LB 2369 .G27 2002
Making the Implicit Explicit: Creating Performance Expectations for the Dissertation LB 2369 .L685 2007
Research Without Tears: from the first ideas to published input LB 2369 .C72 2008
Succeeding With Your Masters Dissertation, a Step by Step Handbook LB 2369 .B533 2008
Surviving Your Dissertation: a Comprehensive Guide to Content and Process LB 2369 .R83 2001
Surviving Your Thesis E-BOOK
The Emerging Researcher: Nurturing Passion, Developing Skills, Producing Output LB 2369 .D44 2007
The Student's Guide to Preparing Dissertations and Theses E-BOOK
The Thesis and the Book: a Guide for First-time Academic Authors Z 286 .S37 T53 2003
Thesis Canada Portal ONLINE JOURNAL
Writing Your Dissertation in Fifteen Minutes a Day LB 2369 .B57 1999
Writing Your Doctoral Dissertation: Invisible Rules for Success E-BOOK
Studying Your Own School : an Educator's Guide to Practitioner Action Research LB 1028.24 .A53 2007 CURRIC
A Writer's Resource: a Handbook for Writing and Research PE 1408 .M3366 2005
English for Academic Purposes: an Advanced Resource Book E-BOOK
How to Write E-BOOK
How to Write a Lot: a Practical Guide to Productive Academic Writing PE 1408 .S48787 2007
Making Sense: a Student's Guide to Research and Writing LB 2369 .N67 2009
How to Do Your Dissertation in Geography and Related Disciplines E-BOOK
How to Write Health Sciences Papers, Dissertations and Theses R 852 .T49 2000
Qualitative Research Proposals and Reports : a Guide RT 81.5 .M854 2008
The SMART Way: and Introduction to Writing for Nurses RT 24 .Z54 2009
From Concept to Completion: a Dissertation Writing Guide for History Students D 16 .F93 2008 (on order)
MHRA Style Guide: a Handbook for Authors, Editors, and Writers of Theses PN 147 .M65 2008
MLA Style Manual and Guide to Scholarly Publishing PN 147 .G444 2008
Doing Dissertations in Politics: a Student Guide E-BOOK
Thomson Neilson Guide to Research and Writing in Political Science JA 86 .C43 2006 RESERVE
The Psychologist's Companion: a Guide to Scientific Writing for Students and Researchers BF 76.8 .S73 2003
The Psychologist's Companion: a Guide to Scientific Writing for Students and Researchers E-BOOK
Writing with Style: APA Style Made Easy BF 76.8 .S98 2008 REF
Enjoy Writing Your Science Thesis or Dissertation T 11 .H582 1999
From Research to Manuscript: a Guide to Scientific Writing E-BOOK
How to Write a Successful Science Thesis LB 2369 .R86 2006
How to Write and Publish a Scientific Paper T 11 .D33 2006 REF
Writing Research: Transforming Data into Text LB 2369 .W755 2003
 Social Sciences
Successful Writing for Qualitative Researchers E-BOOK
Writing for Social Scientists: How to Start and Finish Your Thesis, Book or Article H 61.8 .B43 2007