Faculty Services: Media Collection

  • AV equipment is arranged through the IT Department, not the Library.  VHS players are not supported in classrooms.
  • Booking; see instructions on booking titles for class viewing, through the library catalogue.
  • Borrowing: see the webpage on borrowing media.

Finding Media

All media owned by the Library can be found by searching the library catalogue - by title or keyword search. 

  • Limit a search to the type: Media or E-Media, in the Advanced Search. 
  • The Library often purchases streaming access to media from online sources. These can be screened in class, and are available for students to watch outside of class.

See our webpage on Finding Trent Media.

Purchasing Media

Media includes videos, DVDs, and any other audio-visual materials.  Media that is regularly used in teaching should be purchased by the library, whenever possible, so that we have more control over its availability.

Media are purchased through departmental Library Coordinators, just as other library material. Things to consider when requesting media purchases:

  • Although "Public Performance Rights" are not always required for educational viewing now, documentaries have special status.  Also, the price for libraries is often much higher than a personal copy. 
  • If you plan to use a film or video for class viewing, think about how students will access it outside of class.  Streaming video (a more expensive option) might be necessary for online viewing or when courses are taught at both campuses. 

When you request a purchase, we'll investigate the options available to us.

The Library no longer purchases VHS format.  Equipment for showing VHS is classrooms is not supported by Trent's IT department.

Borrowing Media from Other Institutions

If a video you need is not available at Trent, but is owned by another library, we can request a loan for you.

Borrowing from other institutions is done through Interlibrary Loans.  Use our ILL Media Requesting form via RACER.

Media Sources

Media Resources & Links: a page of links to sources of media.
E-Resources - Video & Film: links to databases including video & film.