Faculty Services: Course Material

These are some options for providing course readings through the Library.

Blackboard / LearningSystem

In your Blackboard course you can provide a list of links to our licensed resources (e-reading list), or upload a digital resource that's copyright-cleared.


  • Linking is not copying or distributing, so copyright clearance is not usually required for linking to an article/chapter/book.  The proxy login ensures only Trent users can access the material. Be careful to link to legal sources, such as those licensed by the library.
  • Using links helps the Library evaluate the relevance of our resources, because our usage statistics reflect actual use.
  • Providing students with a direct link is a cost-effective and time-saving method of offering course material. 

See our guide for Creating an E-Reading List. This guide offers several alternatives for providing links to online readings available through the Library's resources to your students, rather than posting a copy of a reading.

Ask your Learning & Liaison Librarian to help you create legal links; send us your citations and we'll send you the links.  We can also maintain the entire list on a guide for you.

Digital Resource

Digital resources include works that are scanned to create an electronic copy and documents that are downloaded.

See Copyright Resources for Faculty: a webpage from the Trent University Copyright Office  to help Faculty navigate the copyright clearance process.

  • Copyright Digitization Form: Complete the form to post a digital copy of a work in Blackboard. Staff will check copyright for you and maintain a record of what's being used by the University.

Library Reserve

The Library Reserve collection keeps hard-copy complete works (books, DVDs, maps, etc.) on short-term loan. No photocopied material is kept on Reserve; to make photocopied material available, post a "digital resource" in your Blackboard course.  Consider using a link instead.

Information on Reserves:

Coursepacks / Reprotexts

These are not done through the library.  Contact the Bookstore if this is your preference.

You should ensure this is NOT material that's available online through the Library, to avoid having students pay for material twice.  Consider how much of the information could be provided with links to Library resources instead. Contact your Liaison Librarian for help finding permanent links.

Provide Full Citations

You can provide students with complete citations to material in the Library, and help them learn how to access the article easily. 

Tutorial: Navigating from a Citation to a Document. This guide explains how to read a citation, then find the document through the Library website.


Using Library Resources

License Information Database. This database tells you which resources purchased for the Library can be:

  • copied for inclusion in your Blackboard course
  • placed on Reserve
  • included in coursepacks
  • linked from a webpage.

This information appears when you search Journals A-Z, or you can search this database for information by publisher/database.

Get Help

Contact your Liaison Librarian for help with any of these processes.