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RG 32

Extent: 0 m

Access: Restricted.  


This position was renamed from the previous Vice-President (Academic) at the same time as the title "Provost" was detached from the Vice-President (Academic) and attached to the position of "Dean and Provost". Several additional changes to this title have taken place over the years.


(RG 32)

Materials in Boxes 1 & 2 received via Lesley Hulcoop, Office of Student Affairs, 2019

Box 1


  1. Trent Centre for Community Based Education (TCCBE) Staff, 2005-2007
  2. TCCBE Budgets, 2000-2010
  3. TCCBE Budgets, 2000-2011
  4. TCCBE Reports, 2001-2007
  5. TCCBE “Docs to Keep”: policies, proposed activities, by-laws, etc., ca. 2005-2007
  6. TCCBE: meeting minutes of the Board of Directors, Advisory Committee, Management Committee, 2002 -2007 (note: moved from binder to folder)

Box 2


  1. TCCBE miscellaneous: library privileges, AODA, budgets, correspondence, 2003-2010
  2. TCCBE miscellaneous: reports, correspondence, proposals, ca. 2000-2003