Archives: Posters, Broadsides, Outsized Materials

Drawer 1

1. Congratulations to Trent: Anniversary(s) and Opening, 1964 & 2014 (50th)

2. Sod turning spade: Champlain (1965)

3. Design for Trent Crest by Eric Aldwinkle, used on the first program and early stationary

4. Crest designs by Allan Fleming (Cooper and Beatty)

5. Champlain Crest (design for)

6. Design for the Bishop Webster bookplate

7. Certificates of congratulations to Dr. Don Tapscott on his installation as Chancellor of Trent University, June 2013; also, to Dr. Stephen Stohn on his installation as Chancellor, June 2019.

8. Ayat Al-Kursi: framed verse from the Holy Qura'an, presented to President Steven Franklin by the Trent Muslim Students' Association, 2009-2010. Transferred to Trent University Archives in July 2014.

9. Restoration cartoons (2) for stained glass windows, ca. 1988; these were made by Robert McCausland Ltd. for windows initally installed in a house built in 1887 on a property now part of Trent University’s Symons Campus. In 1989, the restored original stained glass windows were relocated to Blackburn Hall and in 2006, the house was demolished. For several decades previous to being taken down, the house was a Trent student pub called The Commoner. The Archives donor file includes information re provenance of the restoration cartoons. Donated by Valarie Wood in 2019.

Drawer 2

1. Early sketches of Champlain and Bata Library by Ron Thom: sepia – tone (4)

2. Photographs of the Trent model of Champlain (4)

3. Unused sketch for a University (Craig and Zeidler) (1962)

4. Floor plans: Champlain College.

5. Black and grey silhouette, numbered prints: Professor Terry Mellors. (8)
In 2015, a set of 5 additional Mellor drawings were donated by Sarah Greer and added to this collection.

6. Floor plans and architectural sketches, Enweying and Gzowski College. (Note: the name Enweying was later changed to Enwayaang)

7. Design plans for Walter Ward Garden (see also a roll of design plans for the Walter Ward Garden and the Marjorie Warren Estate Garden, located in Manuscript Room on top shelf with Trent architectural plans)

8. Sketch of PRC: Mark Turner

9. Sketch of Peter Robinson College: Professor. David Lazenby.

10. Sketch of Rubidge Hall: Pencil sketch (November, 1964. Artist’s name illegible)

11. Bell Tower, Champlain College: watercolour by Oscar Schlienger. (Note: additional related materials were added to this holding in 2020 by Jodi Aoki. Aoki received the materials from Schlienger in 1981 when he learned that she had attended Trent University. The materials include the following:

  • pencil sketches, watercolour and University greeting card of the Bell Tower
  • newspaper clippings and copies of University correspondence re the Bell Tower
  • photographs/snapshots of Trent University before/during construction (13), February 1968
  • photograph of a scenic painting by Schlienger, location unknown
  • pencil drawings (7 sheets) of various Toronto scenes: "Center Island, Toronto Yacht Club", "Toronto Wholesale Fruit Market", etc. On a few, the name "Harry MacDonic, 1942" has been written in ink.

12. Limited edition print: Sadleir House, Peter Robinson College. By Louis Taylor.

13. Sketch of Scott House, Traill College.

14. Print of Science Complex and Chemistry. By Robert Montgomery; also original pencil drawing of same (30 cm x 40 cm) by same artist, donated via Professor Ray March, 2015 (on reverse is a sticker with the following information: "RJ Thom, Architect, 47 Colborne Street, Toronto 1, Ontario")

Drawer 3

1. 1 photograph and 4 posters, student demonstration to keep THB Symons as President.

2. THB Symons Posters (6): subjects include: opening of Trent University; Retirement of Charles Fraser – first chair of Board of Governors; Laying cornerstone of Champlain College

3. Georges and Madame Vanier, (1964)

4. President Tom Nind (2)

5. Margaret Laurence

6. First Board of Governors (1963)

7. T.H.B. Symons

8. David Smith

9. Donald Theall

10. (5) Framed photographs of former Presidents: From THB Symons to Leonard Conolly

11. Julian Blackburn College principles (framed photographs); located on top of "Donor Cabinet" in Manuscript Room

Drawer 4

1. Rubidge Hall (5)

2. Traill College (3)

3. Peter Robinson College (3)

4. (4) Framed photographs (historical) of Stratton House (Sadleir House, Peter Robinson College)

5. (4) bxw photographs taken in August 1978 by Pam McCallum, sister-in-law of Professor Alan Brunger; mounted on cardboard. Received via Professor Brunger, 5 April 2018: Faryon Bridge, Bata Library podium, Bata Library and podium, sumac scene

Drawer 5

 1. aerial views of the Nassau site before Trent University. (2)

2.  aerial views of the site Nassau campus with Trent University. (3)

3. Champlain College (9) (1 framed); 4 calendars (3 with date pads attached: 1968, 1969)

4. Bata Library (4)

5. Otonabee College

6. “The Bubble”

7. The biology house boat

8. The Faryon Bridge

9. Half-tones: Trent’s early days

Drawer 6

Board of Governors composite photographs, 1988-2000 (3 of 5 are framed)

Honorary graduates, 1983-1996 (incomplete)

Certificates of awards received by Trent's Marketing and Communications Department, 1998-2014

Drawer 7

1. Miscellaneous Posters: Cooper and Beatty, PACAC, “Phoenix”, and others

2. Trent University Posters: Scenic shots of the campus and group shot of faculty members

3. Trent University Posters: Miscellaneous

4. Trent University Posters: 50th Anniversary, 2014-2015

Drawer 8

1. Trent University Posters: Departments and Programs

2. Trent University Posters: Lectures and Conferences

Drawer 9

1. Trent University Posters: Durham campus, ca. 2010-2013 plus undated (received as part of '2021-2 (RG2)')

2. Trent University: Theatre Trent, Mackenzie Gallery, art and drama

Drawer 10 & 11

Composite Photographs: Convocation (1967- ); Class (1964 - )

Drawer 12

Trent University - master layout formats for print degrees (received from Joanne Sokolowski, July 2014)

Concept drawing: Gzowski College

Concept drawings, coloured: Otonabee College (3)

Sample letterhead, paper, certificates, etc. related to Trent University


Outsized framed Trent material (located against wall in Manuscript Room)

Outsized rolled item: "Lady Eaton College: A History". This item is a timeline chart of LEC created by Shannon Featherston; received in the Archives in 2020 (located on top of Trent Cabinet in Reading Room; comprised of two sheets rolled together)