Archives: University Photograph Collection

A complete list of all photographs relating to Trent University, its faculty and students is appended below. Digitized images of selected photographs are listed here:

Nassau (Symons) Campus: the 100-acre site of the University donated by the Canadian General Electric Company before Trent University started its building program

Downtown Campus and Nassau (Symons) Campus: its buildings and scenery in the early days

New Buildings (since 1991): Environmental Sciences, Gzowski College, Chemical Sciences, Trent Day Care Centre (1993)

Ron Thom: his architectural vision and design of the first four buildings on the Nassau (Symons) campus: Champlain College, Science Complex, Bata Library and Lady Eaton College 

Slides of the University

Opening Day, October 17, 1964

Faryon Bridge

Faculty, Staff, Visitors, Events: List of Photographs (located in Archives Reading Room):
Individuals; Groups; Physical Site; Ceremonies, Special Events, Opening of Trent; Alumni; Labs/Field Studies; Convocations; Class Photos; Graduating Classes; Students; Various; Contact Prints; Disks/Microformat

Paul James Delaney fonds: this fonds includes several photographs and slides related to Trent's early days


Adams, Peter (one photo includes geographers from Peoples Republic of China and Colin Taylor; and one with Jill Adams; Robert Campbell, David Morrison)
Adamson, Stan
Aitken, Andrew
Aitken, Gary
Aitken, William & Jean (Bill is the oldest Trent graduate; he graduated October 25, 1986 at 74 years of age)
Akiwenzie, Liz
Alderson, Kai
Alfred, Roland
Andriewsky, Olga
Annett, Robert
Anson-Cartwright, Hugh (digital images only, on CD)
Aoki, Jodi
Arat-Koc, S.
Armour, Cynthia
Atwood, Margaret
Aubrey, Jocelyn
Avery, Heather
Awe, Cynthia

Bagnani, Gilbert (photos include Stewart Bagnani; Prof. and Mrs. Sadleir; the Bagnani residence, Vogrie, in Port Hope; Michael Treadwell)
Bain, Kathleen
Bandyopadhyay, Pradeep
Barett, Peter
Barker, John (photos include Professor Barker with outdoor class at Otonabee College)
Bartsch, Susan
Bata, Thomas (includes photo with Thomas H.B. Symons; also a photo of Thomas Bata and John Stubbs at Bata reception 1990)

Beach, Lee
Beaver, Art
Behan, Joseph
Bell, Bay (photocopy only; pictured with others at Kawartha Downs, 1980)
Bell, Eldred (CPTC porter)
Bell, John Kim
Benidickson, Jamie.
Ben-Oliel, Rosita
Bennett, Jalynn
Beresford, Peter (photo includes Pheona Arnott)
Berger, T.
Berkowitz, Morton
Berrill, Deborah (photos include Keith De'Bell)
Berrill, Michael
Beswick, Michael (photo includes Sarah Duff, Faye Olak)
Bews, Janet
Blackburn, Julian
Blake, Dorothy
Blakeney, Alan
Bleasdale, Fraser
[Bobiwash, Rodney] (photo includes Hon. Rene Fontaine)
Bocking, Stephen
Boote, Maurice (one photo includes Bill Hunter and Harry Kitchen)
Booth, Sherry.
Boothman, Wendy
Bordo, Jonathan
Boundas, Costas
Bourgeois, Paul
Bovey, E.C. (photo includes R. Watts)
Bowers, Bill
Bowles, Roy
Bowman, Richard
Brand, Ken
Brody, Hugh
Brown, Ken
Brown, Quentin
Brown, Stephen
Brown, Stewart
Brownstone, Mever
Brunger, Alan
Bryce, Jock
Buelow, Dale
Bulmer, Angela
Bunting, Chris
Burbidge, John (one photo includes Matt Shaughnessy)
Burke, Helen
Burton, Pierre
Butcher, John
Butler, Barbara (audio-visual department)
Buttle, James

Caldicott, C.E.J.
Cameron, David
Cameron, G.D.W.
Campanola, Iona
Campbell, Colin (operations engineer, physical plant)
Campbell, John
Campbell, Kathryn
Campbell, Robert (photo includes Ted Schrecker)
Cannon, Kerry
Cannon, Moya
Carr, Mike
Carey, Jim (security)
Carlisle, D.B.
Carpenter, Clarence
Carter, Cyril
Carter, Jenny
Carter, Robert (Bob)
Cartwright, Carol
Casgrain, Hon. Therese F.
Cashmore, Jim
Casserly, John
Castellano, Marlene
Chakravartty, Iswar
Chambers, Robert (photos include Stewart Bagnani, Finn Gallagher, Wendy Chambers, and Mrs. Glassco)
Chapman, Ian (see also PRC's Jolly Hangman opening)
Charleboix, Wendy
Cherney, Erica (one photo includes Jon Grant)
Choate, Dianne
Clark, Mil
Clarke, Robert
Cliff, Helen (photo includes Margaret Jordan)
Cogley, Graham
Cohen, Robert M.
Cole, Alf (one photo includes Christopher Greene at launching of Trent: The Making of a University 1957-1987)
Cole, Doug (photo includes Mary Delaney, Duncan Matheson, Charoles Onale, Charley Meanwell, Paul Delaney, Anne Willes)
Cole, Jean Murray
Coleman, Doris C.
Colley, Ralph (manager, Bookstore)
Colpitts, Kerry.
Conolly, Leonard (photos include Peter Adams, Jeanette Buckley, Julian Christians, Jalynn Bennett, David Moore, Jack Doris) - (see also Trent Cabinet - Drawer 3)
Cook, Alan
Coon Come, Matthew (photo includes Bruce Hodgins and Kerry Cannon)
Cooney, Fran
Corry, James Alexander
Cossar, Bruce
Cranston, John
Crook, Julie (photo includes Anne Hoover)
Crowe, Julia
Cullen, Mike
Currie, John
Currie, Walter
Curtis, Doug
Czerny, Peter

Dalrymple-Alford, E.C.
Dantzer, Steve (photos include Paul Healy, John Earnshaw, David Smith)
Darnell, Alan (photos include Ken Brown)
Davidson, Lois
Davies, Cheryl
Davies, Robertson
Davis, Arlene
Davis, Bill
Dawda, Darek
Dawson, Peter
Declerck, Luc
de Pencier, John
Del Mastro, Yvonne (photo includes Tony Storey)
Delaney, Maureen (photos include Tony Storey, Sarah Fraser, Kathleen Hurley Easson)
Delisle, Ester
Dellamora, Richard
Dempster, Dan
Desjandis, Denis
Deyman, Judge Harry R.
Dillon, Peter (includes Don Mackay)
Dodge, Bernadine (photos include Peter Adams, Jodi Aoki)
Domm, Jeff
Donnellan, Brian
Doran, Peter
Doris, Jack (photos include Jack Roe)
Douglas, Tommy
Downey, Catherine
Doxey, Margaret
Dray, William
Drew, Wayland
Drewes, Torben
Driscoll, James
Dudas, Jane
Dueck, Cathy
Duff, Sarah
Dunn, Gloria

Earnshaw, John (one negative sheet includes Bob Chambers and Alan Franklin)
Easson, Glen (photos includes Dan Fewings; Cheryl Davies)
Eathorne, Geoffrey
Ebbs, J. Harry
Edmison, Alex (photos include Thomas H.B. Symons, Charles K. Fraser, and Jack Martin)
Edmondson, Mariuke
Edwards, Roy (one photo includes Erica Cherney)
Elbl, Ivana
Eldon, W.D.R.
Elford, Robert J.
Emmerton, Bruce
English, Jim
Enriquez, Richard.
Epplett, Andrew
Ernest, Carole
Evans, Dave
Evans, Doug (photos include Susan Mackle and David Turner)

Fawcett, Nancy
Fekete, John
Fellman, Eli
Ferguson, Ann
Ferrari, Jennifer (grounds maintenance department)
Ferrier, Donald
Fewster, Colin
Fialkowski, Jan
Field, Kenneth
Findley, Timothy (author)
Finlayson-Pitts, Barb (some photos include Philip Playfair)
Finucan, Scott (photo includes Maureen Delaney)
Fisher, Gale
Florian, Janice
Flower, Noranne
Forsey, Eugene
Fox, Ron
Franklin, Alan
Franklin, Bob
Fraser, Charles K. (photos include Thomas H.B. Symons and Alex Edmison) - (see also Trent Cabinet - Drawer 3)
Freedman, Samuel
Frost, Leslie
Fry, Marian (one photo includes David Morrison and Robert Carter)

Gage, Pat
Gallagher, Finn (photos include Eileen Gallagher, Percy Smith, Robert Chambers)
Gallinger, Matt
Gallop, David (photos include Gillian Wilson, Paul Wilson, David Glassco)
Gamache, Paul
Garrido, Rosa
Geery, John (Rev.)
Genoe, Murray
Gibson, Bill
Gilchrist, John
Gill, Glenda
Glassco, David
Gonzalez-Martin, J.P.
Goodall, Jane
Goodman, Ned
Gordon, Garnet
Graham, Bryan
Grand, David
Grant, Jon
Grant, Marion
Grant, Shelagh
Grasmuck, Judy
Greene, Christopher
Green, Michael (one photo includes President Smith)
Greenspan, Eddie (lawyer)
Greig, Andrew
Guillet, Edwin C.
Guinard, Andrew
Guindon, Roger (Rev.)
Gunther, Magnus
Guzkowsky, Adam
Gzowski, Peter

Hadfield, Chris
Hagar, Fred
Hamer, Sue
Hamilton, George (one photo includes John de Pencier)
Hammer, Armand
Hare, Kenneth
Harrison, Julia
Harrison, Richard
Hatley, Rose
Havas, Magda
Hawkes, Hedy M. (one photo includes Helena Kazimierczuk)
Hayes, Lorraine
Healy, Paul
Heath-Menger, Joanne
Heeley, Jeannette
Heeney, Brian
Hegadoren, Carney
Heitlinger, Alena
Helleiner, Fred
Helmuth, Herman
Henniger, James
Hepburn, Sharon
Herzog, Gordon
Hilborn, Lorna
Hill, Shirley
Hillman, John (photo includes Peter Northrup)
Hobbs, Harry
Hodgins, Bruce (one photo includes Israeli ambassador, 1966)
Hodgson, Chris
Holmes, John W.
Holtz, Wayne
Hooke, Hal
Hoover, Anne
Hopkins, Liz
Howes, Moria
Hoyle, Gwenyth
Hubbell, Linda
Huberman, Michael
Hudson, John
Hughes, Maureen.
Hulcoop, Barb
Hunter, Bill
Hurley, Bruce (one photo includes Mary Frances Poapst)
Hurley Easson, Kathleen
Hutchinson, Tom
Huxley, Chris
Hyde, Cathie

Ingram, Alan

Jackson, Molly
Jefferies, Trudy
Jennings, John
Jewison, Norman
Johns, Barbara
Johnson, Judy
Johnson, Ken
Johnson, Ronald G.
Johnston, Donald (Hon.)
Johnston, Gordon
Johnston, Julia
Johnston, Ken (mailroom)
Johnston, Richard (MPP)
Johnston, Richard B. (Prof.)
Johnston, Robert (Bob), with Richard Johnston, Alice Newman, Gillian Johnston, Ann Rowlands
Jones, Elwood (photo taken at launching of Peterborough: The Electric City)
Jones, Roger
Jordan, Lorne
Jordan, Terry
Juneau, Pierre
Jury, Jim

Kain, Karen
Katz, Stephen
Kaushik, Ashok
Keefer, Sarah
Kelly, Terry
Kennett, Deborah
Kernohan, Linda
Kettler, David
Kiang, James
Kidd, Kenneth & Martha
Kirke, Leslie (photos include [Leslie’s parents])
Kirschner, Trudy (photos include Gloria Dunn, Donna Ronaldson, Chris Los, Jeff Martindale)
Kitchen, Harry
Knabe, Susan
Knapton, Dawn
Knowles, Joan
Kowalchuk, Shirlee
Krieg, Ron
Kroetsch, Robert
Krueger, Ralph (photo includes Ken Hare)
Kruger, Arndt
Kulchyski, Peter
Kuptana, Rosemarie

Lacombe, Michele
Lacroix, Gabrielle
Lacy, Brian
Laframboise, Larry
Lamore, Emile
Langford, Lari
Lapointe, Hélène
Lapointe, J.
Lapp, Peter
Lasenby, David
Laurence, Margaret (includes photos taken by Doug Boult, prior to1981, and Andrew Whittuck, 1964; see also Arthur Vol.9, 1974-75, April 28, 1975, p.7 for a photo of Laurence and her cat) - (see also Trent Cabinet - Drawer 3)
Leahy, Donnell
Leahy, Marian (photos include Marie Doyle)
Lee, Alissa
Lefranc, Thierry
Lefranc, Manuella
Leishman, John (some photos include Michael Beswick)
Leith, Brenda
LeRoy, Donald J. (Ashley Fellow, 1979)
Levesque, René
Lewis, Stephen
Lightbody, Margie
Lightbody, Robert (one photo includes Carolyn Bassett)
Lipinski, Jean
Lockhart, Sandy
Lodge, Jack
Londry, Frank
Loney, Rob
Longboat, Dan
Low, Rene
Lowe, Doug
Luka, Mary Elizabeth
Lund-Lucas, Eunice
Luyben, Jean
Lynch, Jeanne
Lyon, Scott
Lyon, Vaughan (photo includes Tommy Douglas)

MacAdam, Jim
MacDougall, George
MacDonald, Rod
MacGee, Chris
McGregor, Lucile
MacGregor, Sean
MacIsaac, Doug
Mackenzie, Georgette
McKeiver, Eugene
Mckeown, Betty
Mackinnon, Carol
Mackle, Susan (photos include Matt Gallinger, Michael McClintock, Bob Snider, Ron Krieg)
Macmillan, David
Mahoney, Denis
Mahoney, Grace
March, Ray
Marland, Rob
Marsh, John
Marshall, Dave
Marshall, Toph
Martin, Jack D.P. (some photos include Thomas H.B. Symons)
Matthews, Jack (one photo includes Margaret Doxey)
Matthews, Janice (photo includes Dan Lemon)
Matthews, Terry
Maxwell, E.A. (Skip)
McCalla, Anna
McCalla, Doug
McCarney, Liz
McCaskill, Don
McClelland, John
McCue, Harvey
McGregor, Barbara
McHardy, Lori
McKenna Newman, Cheryl
McKinnon, Peter (includes Madrigal Singers, 1995)
McLachlan, Ian (photo includes Jeffery Eathorne)
McLauchlan, Dave
McLaughlin, Audrey
McLean, Stuart (photos include Stephen Brown)
McLeod, Lyn
McMillan, Michael
McMillan, T.
McMullen, Sandy
McNab, Jeff
Mehta, Bina
Mellors, Terry
Mendes, Annabel
Menzies, Tui
Merchant, Tina
Metcalfe, Chris
Metcalfe, Tracy
Midgell, KevinRobert

Millard, Janice (retirement party photographs, 2015; includes several library staff members and others who attended the event including: Robert Clarke, Gord Ripley, Marisa Scigliano, Cecilia Castillo, Sharon Bosnell, Loretta Durst, Anna & Doug McCalla, Tom Eadie, Jean Luyben, Dwayne Collins, Barbara Znamirowski, Thelma  & Murray Genoe, Jodi Aoki, Marilyn Simpson, Manindra Shaw, Lisa Ropertz, Jean Kirk, Christine Withrow, Jacquie Slater, Inge Lowell, Elizabeth Wilson, Marie Doyle, Janet Barillari, Joe Barillari,Bruce Cossar, Barb Johns, Nancy Melanson, Kristy McKeown, Jeff Domm, Carol Cartright, Betty Ann & Hugh Anson-Cartright, Gary Boire, Lorraine Clark, Judy Pinto

Miller, Marilyn
Miller, Norma
Milloy, John
Mills, Pauline (photos include D'Arcy Legault, Verna Zanardo)
Milner, Norma (photos include Iswar Chakravartty, Stephen Ferguson, Marla Hayes, Kathy Playfair Quinsey, Bill & Leigh Arundell, Phil Palmer, Gary Proulx, Linda Seguin, Sarah Duff, Freda Wiseman)
Mitchell, Orm
Mitchell, W.O.
Mitcheson, Maurice
Mogford, Mary
Moher, Leona
Moore, David (photos include Susan Mackle, John de Pencier)
Moore, Jennifer
Moore, John
Moore, Paul
Morden, Reid
Morris, Richard
Morrison, David
Morrison, Holly
Morritt, John.
Morton, W.L.
Muldoon, Jackie
Muldoon, Joe
Muir, John
Mullins, Kevin
Murphy, Noel
Murthy, R.
Mutter, Dorothy

Nader, George
Naida, Oleksandr
Naraine, Mala
Neufeld, James (several photos include Lynn Neufeld; also Richard Dellamora, Gordon Johnston)
Neufeld, Lynn
Newhouse, David
Nighswander, J.E.
Nind, Jean
Nind, Thomas E.W. (one photo includes fundraising ceremony with members of Peterborough Fire Department, 1977) - (see also Trent Cabinet - Drawer 3)
Njoroge, Karanja
Nokes, Henry
Nol, Erica
Nolan, Michael (photos include Tony Storey, Doug Reed, Sarah Duff, Kathy & John Kanis)
Noriega, Teobaldo
Northrop, Peter
Northway, Mary (photo includes Alf Cole)
Nunn, Alan
Nunn-Thorn, Sybil

O’Brien, Ferg
O’Brien, Marian
O’Brien, Michael (engineer) (one photo includes Don Lamond, Ron Mawhood, Peter Hoes)
O’Connell, Elizabeth
Ogilvie, Lady Mary Helen
Oldham, Keith
Ondaatje, Michael
O’Reilly, Veronica (Sister)
Orsten, Elizabeth
Osborne, Dianne

Paehlke, Bob
Page, David
Page, Robert
Palmer, Bryan
Palmer, Richard
Parker, James
Parnis, Deborah
Parsons, Anne
Patterson, Bonnie (includes Tom Whillans, Holgar Hintelmann, Tom Hutchinson, David Lasenby, Jim Schaeffer, Doug Evans, Erica Nol; and Paul Healey and visit of Dr. David Strangway, 1999)
Pearce, Margaret
Peterman, Michael
Peterson, David
Pflug, Sandy
Phillips, Tom
Pilgrim, Mary-Jane
Pitman, Walter
Playfair, Philip
[Pocock], [ ] (Cardinal)
Pollard, Scott
Pollock, Zailig
Ponce-Hernandez, Raul
Poole, David
Porteus, Timothy
Powe, Bruce W. (artist-in-residence, 2007); (digital images only, on CD)
Powell, Dan
Powles, Perce
Pritchard, Ruggles
Pyper, Andrew

Quaid, Maeve

Rae, Bob (includes photos re Jobs Ontario: Leonard Conolly, Robert Campbell, Jenny Carter, Steve Dantzer, Bob Annett)
Rahmel, Fern
Ramp, Bill
Ramsay, Kate (one photo includes: Glen and Kathleen Easson and the other includes Fran Cooney)
Ramsden, Ken
Raynor, Marion
Reed, Doug
Rees, Allan
Reeves, Barbara
Regoczei, Stephen
Reker, Gary
Retallack, Jim
Rexe, Paul
Richmond, Joyce
Ripley, Gord.
Rishor, Joy
Ritchie, Willliam A.
Roach, Peter
Robertson, J.P.S.
Robinette, John J.
Robson, Stuart (photos includes Robert Pasternack, John Stanford, Marjory Seeley Rogers)
Rodgers, Neil (photos include Michael Beswick, Richard Johnson, David Green)
Roford, Liz
Roesch, Otto
Rogers, Damian
Rogers, Marjory Seeley
Rolufs, Shirley (photos include Marion Grant, Gloria Dunn)
Roper, Gordon
Rost, Malcolm
Rowe, Jack
Rowe, J. Stan
Rook, Gail
Royle, Peter
Rubinoff, Lionel

Sadleir, Richard H.
Sadler, Doug
Samifanni, Faramarz (TSU pres.)
Sandeman, Dan
Sandwell, B.D. (photo includes Mrs. Sandwell)
Sangster, Joan (photos include Heather Avery and members of "Moving Forward" conference, 1990)
Saunders, Marg
Saxby, Alan (one photo includes Joan Knowles)
Scarth, Shelagh
Schillemore-Martin, Pat
Schmitz, Kenneth
Schrag, Calvin
Scigliano, Marisa
Scoble, David
Scott, Elsie
Setterington, Ron
Shah, Manindra
Shaughnessy, Matt
Sheinin, David
Sherouse, Nancy (photos include Nina Milner, Bruce Hurley)
Sidnell, Michael (one photo includes Marian Fry)
Simon, Mary May (photos include Edna Mantowabi, Marlene Brant Castellano)
Slater, Jacquie
Slavin, Al
Smith, Carlyle
Smith, David (see also Trent Cabinet - Drawer 3)
Smith, Dawn
Smith, Nancy Simmons (includes photo with John Stubbs)
Smith, Percy (Ashley Fellow)
Snell, Kristen
So, Joseph
Solway, Jackie
Sorbara, Greg
Spencely, Bill
Sperber, Irwin
Splendore, Mauricio
Sproule, Catherine
Stairs, Bob
Stamp, Gillian
Standen, Dale
Stanford, John
Stephenson, Judy
Stephenson, Robert
Stewart, D.D.
Stewart, David
Stewart, Jane
Stewart, Ray (photos include Angela Roest, Richard Miller)
Storey, Ian
Storey, Lynn
Storey, Tony (one photo includes Sarah Duff)
Stott, Wendy
Strath, Lucille
Strode, Pat
Strong, Patricia
Strunk, Erica (Pipher)
Stuart, C.J.S.
Stubbs, John (photos include Evan Jennings, Sylvia Sutherland, Peter Adams, Thomas H.B. Symons, Ken Ramsden, Andrew Pamenter, David van Weese, Julie Henry) - (see also Trent Cabinet - Drawer 3)
Stubbs, Mayling
Style, Humphrey B.
Sullivan, Nancy
Sutcliffe, Jim (photo includes: Dave Lasenby, Wayne Wilson and Perc Powells)
Sutherland, Sylvia (one photo includes Peter Adams)
Sutton, Joyce
Suzuki, David
Swansten, James
Sweeting, Dennis
Symons, Christine
Symons, Thomas H.B. (photos include Christine Symons, Finn Gallagher, Leslie Frost, Fred Ash, Harold Shaw, 1967 Great Walk to Curve Lake, Jack McCarthy, Symons’ home "Marchbanks"; also student demonstration "Symonize" 1968) - (see also Trent Cabinet - Drawer 3)
Syrett, John (photos include David Glassco)

Tagak, Andrew (photo includes Angaangaq, Raphael Anrang)
Tallo, Dave
Tamplin, Morgan
Tapscott, Don
Taylor, Colin (photos include Pat Strode, Joe Muldoon, Paulette Nichols, Don Mackay, Jack Wearing, Peter Morand)
Taylor, Graham
Taylor, Kerry
Taylor, Louis
Taylor, Roz (Rosalind)
Taylor-Vaisey, Anne and Bob
Teevan, Derek
Theall, Donald (photos include Sylvia Sutherland, James Neufeld) - (see also Trent Cabinet - Drawer 3)
Thom, Ron
Thomas, Jake
Thomas, Yves
Thompson, Norma
Thomson, Paul
Tinson, Jackie
Todd, Evelyn
Todd, Jayne
Toong, Ken
Topic, John (photo includes Jaime Awe)
Topic, Theresa (photos include Emmanuelle Beaudoin)
Torgerson, Doug
Torok, C.H.
Tourbin, Dennis
Townes, Bob
Tracey, Ken
Treadwell, Michael (photos include George Nader, John Pettigrew, Bob Chambers)
Tremain, Edward
Tromley, Annette
Tromley, Fred
Tuckerman, Robert (wildlife illustrator) (one photo includes E. John Mackie and Sir John Egar)
Tully, Marg
Turner, John

Valverde, Jose M.
Vander Lindon, Sharon
Van Dompseller, Bob
Van Hoeckl, Tony
van Rooy, Alison
Van Ryckeghem, Alain
Vanier, George & Madame Vanier, 1964 (see Trent Cabinet - Drawer 3)
Vastokas, Joan (one negative sheet includes Ron Vastokas)
Vastokas, Ron
Verduyn, Christl
Verkamaki, Taru H.
Vernon, Len (one photo includes:  Maureen Hughes, paul Crookall, Rod Cumming and Gary Wolff.)
von Graeve, Bernard

Waddell, Hugh
Wadland, John (photos includes Bill Domm)
Wales, John
Ward, Jeremy (photos includes Tunde Istok)
Warnock, Frank
Warren, Scott
Watson, Peter
Wearing, Joseph
Weinzweig, Paul
Weir, Sharon
Wernick, Andrew (one photo includes Ian McLachlan)
Weston, Galen
Wharry, J.G.
Whatley, Martha
Whatman, Shirley & Terry
Wheatley, Fred
Wheeler, Susan
Whetung, Brenda
Whetung, Michael 
Whitaker, Michael
White, Lauren
Whillans, Tom (photos include Jim Struthers, Jackie Powell, Kevin Edwards)
Wilke, Marion
Williams, Chris (photos include Rob Loney)
Williams, Keesic
Williams, Linda
Williams, Shirley

Wilson, Alan (includes Alan Wilson's retirement, Traill College - photos include Margaret Laurence, John Syrett, Dawn Smith, Jim Driscoll, Denis Smith, Budge Wilson, Gordon Johnson, John Leishman, Sandy Lockhart, Michael Peterman, Eleanor Hamilton, George Hamilton, Lionel Rubinoff, Suzanne Rubinoff, Cara Peterman, Betsy Lockhart, Bob Paehlke, Betsy Struthers, David Morrison, Alena Heitlinger, Jim Struthers, Linda Wadland, Lynn Neufeld, John Wadland, James Neufeld, Dale Standen, Bernice Standen, Avril Rustage-Johnson, Gordon Roper, Stu Robson, Nicola Jennings, John Jennings, Wendy Robson, Nancy Sherouse, Freddy Hagar, Doug McCalla, Anna McCalla, Jean-Pierre Lapointe, Ilse Franklin, Alan Franklin, Helene Lapointe, Elwood Jones, Dan Dempster, Jean Cole, Roy Edwards, Alf Cole, Chris Greene)

Wilson, Bertha
Wilson, Elizabeth
Wilson, Fraser
Wilson, Ian (& daughter Cynthia)
Wilson, Kathy
Wilson, Michael
Wilson, Paul M.
Wilson, Paul S.B. (photos include "The Bubble", David Glassco, Charlene Bridger, Susan Mackle, Peter Shennett, Noranne Flower)
Wilson, Wayne (one photo includes: Perc Powles, Jim Sutcliffe, and Miles Ecclestone)
Winocur, Gordon
Wiseman, John (one photo includes Freda Wiseman)
Wolff, Gary
Woods, David
Woolcott, Leslie
Worthington, Al
Wright, Janet
Wright, Robert
Wright, Rodger
Wurtele, Susan 

Young, Arthur
Young, Michael
Young, Roger

Zanardo, Verna
Zeleza, Paul
Ziemba, Elaine
Znamirowski, Barbara
Zomer, John (includes Jeff Domm)

Library staff and other Trent personnel: 4 photograph albums, 1972-1994. (1972-1979) album includes such names as Sharon English, Bonnie Dunford, Jack Martin, Mr. & Mrs. McNeeley, Bruce & Audrey Cossar, John & Freda Wiseman, Helen Heatley, Janine & Bill Avis, Kay Strano, Judy Green, Mary Lou Clancy, Marnie Hargrove, Janice Millard, Bruce Cossar, Barbara Johns, Lyn Isberg, Bob Johnson, Gilbert Crook, Lari Langford, Ada Miller, Joyce Sloan, Carol Towns (Walker), Marcelle O'Connor, Gary Isberg, Barnie Harvey, Gilbert Crook, Bill Shaw, Claire Coltman, Stuart Hayter, Helen Christie, Ada Meecham, Shakuntla Elisha, Don Hunter, Barbara & Doug Robinson, Velma McWilliams, Helen McMahon, Shirley Yankovich, Pam Conley, Christine Cromey, John Stiver, Thelma McIsaac, Heather Brown, Marcelle O'Connor, Tiny Kinsman, Bud Harvey, Manindra Shah, Paulette Gray, Ann Marie Prendiville, Anne Taylor-Vaisey, Kathleen Gray, Karen Taylor, Anna McCalla, Gloria Dunn, John Morrit, Elma Lake, Brian Heeney, Christine Cromie, Shirley Graham. (1983-1984) album: Pauline Nesbitt, Carol Cartwright, Yvonn Delmastro, Marion O'Brien. (1980-1982) album: Heather Longurst, Sharon English, Helen McMahon, Kerry Taylor, Paddy Taylor, Steven Rolufs, Miranda T.V., Brian Heeley, Nina Milner. (1985-1991) album: Luc DeClerk, Elwood Jones, John Earnshaw, Colin Campbell, Jeff Domm, Ed Flaherty, Bob Thompson, Bob Franklin, Bob Van Dompseler, Judy Pinto, Warren Lloyd, Paul Wilson, George McDougall, Trudy Kirschner, Jeff  Martindale, John Casserly, Jim Arey, Lori McHardy, Murray Genoe, Ken Field, Eileen Hurley, Julie Crook, Pat Schillmore-Martin, Cathy Leahy, Jonathan Morgan, John Stubbs, Sharon Bosnell, Linda Matthews, Jim Forrester, Helen Cliff, Marilyn Simpson, Helen Sheehan, Jacquie Shirk.

Unidentified faculty, staff, visitors

Unidentified alumni & families (1 5-inch box, located in Manuscript Room)


Peter Robinson College Masters: John Milloy, Dick Sadleir, Theresa Topic, T.H.B. Symons, Ian Maclachlan, Andy Wernick, George Nader (photo taken 1997)

John Stubbs, Terence Armstrong, Kenneth Hare

Presidents Donald Theall, John Stubbs, Thomas E.W. Nind, Thomas H.B. Symons (no date); Presidents Donald Theall, John Stubbs, Thomas E.W. Nind, Thomas H.B. Symons, Leonard Conolly (1994); Vice-Presidents/Acting Presidents Richard Sadleir, Marian Fry, Roy Edwards, David Morrison (1994); Presidents, vice-presidents, spouses (1994)

Athletic Complex staff: Herb Sheppard, Scott Ogilvie, Paul Wilson, Charlene Bridger, Gillian Stamp

Board of Governors: First Board of Governors, 1963: photo includes Thomas H. B. Symons, C.K. Fraser, W.G. Ward, J.F. Coughlan, S.R. Adamson, etc. - (see also Trent Cabinet - Drawer 3)

[Board of Governors], (Nov. 1988): photo includes John Stubbs, John de Pencier, plus several other men and one woman, standing on steps by river side of Bata Library

Faculty photos taken in quad at Champlain College

Riverside Offices administrators and staff

Champlain College staff/faculty: Jeff McNab, Liz McCarney, Brenda Leith, Michael Fox, Barb Znamirowski, Marian O’Brien, Noranne Flower, Jeff Domm, Duella Andrews, Jim MacAdam, Iswar Chakravartty, Peter Dawson

Communications Department employees: Louis Taylor, Susan Wheeler, and others

IT staff: Trudy Kirschner, Ken Brown, Chris Los, George McDougal

Julian Blackburn College: all directors to 1990 -  Michael Treadwell, George Nader, Lionel Rubinoff, Julian Blackburn, Hal Hookes, Erika Pipher Strunk; plus photo of Judy Johnson, George Nader, Brian Donnellan, Tui Menzies

Library staff (1969): Richard Kitney, Doug Vaisey, Theresa Cheng, Helen Heatly, Linda Durham, Manindra Shah; Library staff (2000): Jodi Aoki, Elizabeth Wilson, Manindra Shah, Chris Walsh

Traill housekeeping staff [after 1983]: Mary St. Thomas, Mia [ ], and others

Thomas H.B. Symons, Chuck Fraser, and several others, in A.J.M. Smith Room

Richard Sadleir, E.J. Schonleber, Denis Smith, Jack Martin, J. Anderson, Michael Treadwell, Jack Lodge, R. Firman at Rubidge Hall Senior Common Room (1964)

Thomas H.B. Symons and several others at Lady Eaton College Pit

Ward Garden Committee (photo includes Susan Mackle and others)

David Moore, Bruce MacLeod, Susan Mackle, Todd Willcox, Mike McClintock, Jack Ruttle, Paul Wilson, John McCarney, John Burbidge

Susan Mackle, Bruce MacLeod, John Stubbs, and others unidentified

Arthur staff, 1982

Barbecue shots: (photos include several University employees, including Jeff Domm, John Wales, Ken Field, Donna Ronaldson, Dianne Choate, Ed Flaherty, Trudy Kirschner, Ken Brown, Marilyn Miller)

Chefs at Trent: Thierry Lefranc, David St. John-Grubb, Shawn Beatty, Tom Pratt, plus several unidentified

Blackburn Hall staff Hallowe'en costume awards, 1994 (Jeanne Lynch, Joanne Ward, Jan Carter, Anne Hoover, Joy Manson, Sybil Nunn, Julie Crook, Colleen Hickey, Carla Serwotka, Leona Fredericks, Gloria Guppy, Marie Bourbonnais, Glen Easson, Cheryl Davies)

Finance Office staff, 1996

Liaison staff, 1996 (includes Cindy Wright, Maggie Quirt, Allison Mudge, Jeff Macnab, Susan Deefholts)

Community Advisory Council, Nov. 1994

Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients, 2006

Assorted Trent faculty & others, including Michele Lacombe, Robert Campbell & Chrystl Verduyn (& children), Gloria Jones, Elwood Jones, Bruce Hodgins, Carol Hodgins, Stanley Hodgins, Jack Matthews, John Wadland, Lynn Neufeld, Shelagh Grant, Alan Wilson, Chris Greene, Julia Harrison, Fred Wheatly, Fred Helleiner, Gwenyth Hoyle, Michael Peterman, Kerry Cannon, Davina Bhandar, Melanie Sedge, Elsie Scott, Bina Mehta, Kevin Spooner, Jim Struthers, Jack Scott, Bryan Palmer, Jim Driscoll, Jean Cole, Dale Standen, Dee Jones, Anna McCalla, Betsy Struthers, Goodith Heeney, Christine Symons, Nicola Jennings, Jean Nind, Doug McCalla, Tom Symons, John Jennings, Hans Gehring, Lionel Rubinoff, Suzanne Rubinoff, John Earnshaw, John Milloy, Gary Potts, Albert Braz, Joy Manson, Ray Dart, Alf Cole, Sister Veronica O'Reilly, Doris Brick, Wayne Brown, Christine Maxwell, Roy Bowles, Michael Treadwell, Barb Mitchell, Orm Mitchell, James Neufeld, John Burbidge, Jon Grant, Vaughan Lyon, Nonie Lyon, Stewart Robson, Wendy Robson, Janet Bews, Nancy Sherouse, John Stubbs, Mayling Stubbs, Robert Page, Jocelyn Page, Ken Kidd, Martha Kidd, Alena Heitlinger, Joan Sangster, Heather Avery, David Morrison, Dan Dempster, Mary Dempster, Janet Greene, Bernice Standen

Faculty, students & others at Wanapitei/Temagami, 1989: John Wadland, Jon Grant, Shelagh Grant, Bruce Hodgins, Carol Hodgins, Fred Helleiner (Note: see also the Hodgins-Wanapitei fonds located in Trent University Archives)

Faculty, students & others at Wanapitei/Temagami, 1990: John Wadland, Bruce Hodgins, Carol Hodgins, Ingrid Harder, Shelagh Grant, Fred Helleiner, Kerry Cannon, Neil Hill (Note: see also the Hodgins-Wanapitei fonds located in Trent University Archives)

Julian Blackburn College principals (a set of framed portraits), located in Manuscript Room on top of filing cabinet)
Inscriptions read:
Julian M. Blackburn, Professor Emeritus, Born Sussex, England, Dec. 5, 1903 - Sept. 19, 1974;
H.G. "Hal" Hook 1968-1977;
Erika Pipher-Strunk 1977-1980;
M. Lionel Rubinoff 1980-1985;
J. Michael Treadwell 1985-1988;
George A. Nader 1988-1994;
John Syrett 1994-1996;
Elizabeth Popham 1999-2002;
Murray Genoe 2002-2009

Trent University 25-, 30-, and 40-Year Service Award Recipients, 1994 and onwards (some years missing)

Physical Site: Buildings, Aerial Photographs

Nassau Campus site prior to building, ca. 1962: negatives & prints (Note: these photographs are duplicated on CD #1; see CD box in Trent University Photograph Collection) - (see also Trent Cabinet - Drawer 5)

Campus Scenery: scenic views of many University buildings and locations; negatives & prints

"Parks' Peterborough" photographs of Trent (photocopies only; the originals are located at Peterborough Museum and Archives and the PMA source numbers are provided on each photocopy)

Catharine Parr Traill College:
Negatives: October 1967
Wallis Hall construction, 1967 - (see also Trent Cabinet - Drawer 4)
Kerr House and Bradburn House renovations
Exterior - (see also Trent Cabinet - Drawer 4)
Kerr House tree planting (includes photographs of several people including Alan Wilson, John Wadland)

Chemical Sciences Building

Champlain College: (2 boxes) - (see also CD #3 in CD box)
Construction (3 folders) - (see also Trent Cabinet - Drawer 5)
Twentieth anniversary celebration [1985] - celebrated together with the installation of the memorial "Heeney" banners
Fire in the bell tower during filming of "Urban Legend 2", 1999 - (see also movie poster in Trent Cabinet - Drawer 9)
Exterior (4 folders) - (includes photographs of female form sculpture by artist Laurence Fane, in fourth folder; also a1966 calendar with an artist's depiction of the College) - (see also Trent Cabinet - Drawer 5)

Lady Eaton College:
Laying the Cornerstone, February 24, 1968 (photos include Marjorie Seeley, Florence McEachern, Thomas H.B. Symons)
Construction - (see also Trent Cabinet - Drawer 1)
Exterior - (see also Trent Cabinet - Drawer 1)

Otonabee College:
Exterior (includes art work entitled "Parting of the Waters" by Cecil Richards) - (see also Trent Cabinet - Drawer 5)
Interior (includes art work entitled "The Capitalist Nightmare" by Jeronimo Gonzalez-Martin)
Renovations, 1996, 1997
Flood [not 2004]

Peter Gzowski College:
Exterior (see also CD #3 in CD box)
39 photographs of Peter Gzowski College  under construction from September 2002 to October 2003. 

Peter Robinson College: Please note that there are also Peter Robinson College photographs in some of the History 475 projects located in the Published and Unpublished Research Papers collection.
Sod-turning ceremony
Exterior - (see also Trent Cabinet - Drawer 4)
Interior - (see also Trent Cabinet - Drawer 4)
Sadleir House, ca. 1900 (historical photographic reproductions, framed) - (see Trent Cabinet - Drawer 4)
Reade House balconies renovations

Rubidge Hall:
Exterior - (see also Trent Cabinet - Drawer 4)
Interior (photos include Thomas H.B. Symons in his office; also photos of individual pieces of furniture and art) - (see also Trent Cabinet - Drawer 4)
Library (photos include Jack Martin) - (see also Trent Cabinet - Drawer 4)

Environmental Science Centre: (models, construction (1989-1990), etc.; photos include Susan Mackle, John Stubbs, Doug McCalla, Terry Matthews, Alan Saxby, Paul Crough, Erica Cherney, George Nader, George Hamilton, Peter Adams)

Chemical Science Building:
Construction 2002 & 2003
Exterior (see also CD #3 in CD box)

Science Complex & Physics Building extension:
Wenjack Theatre
Physics Building extension: construction

Thomas J. Bata Library:
Opening Ceremony: September 6-7, 1969
Exterior (2 folders) - (see also Trent Cabinet - Drawer 5)
Interior (2 folders) (included is a photo of the "Cycles" tapestry by artist William Hodge)
Interior photographs on CD (by Jacquie Slater), 2011
First floor reconstruction 1988
A.J.M. Smith Room
Archives: Old archivist’s office, manuscript room, reading room, 1988 (photos include Bernadine Dodge, Kate Dodge)
Archives: Moving day from old office to new, August 1988 (photos include Bernadine Dodge, Kate Dodge, Cheryl Cooper, Paul Sadler)
Archives: Archivist’s office, manuscript room, reading room, dated 1988 and later (2 folders) (photos include displays, Jim Driscoll, Bernadine Dodge, Alex Thomson, Jodi Aoki, Kristi Doughty, Lisa Brethour, Joe Kennedy, Quentin Brown, Caroline Archambault, Cecilia Castillo, Jane Boyko, Kim Chapelle, Margaret Wilson, Janice Millard, Melissa Henderson)
Special Collections and Rare Books Reading Room (photos by Bernadine Dodge, 2004)

Archaeology Centre (including renovations 1994)

Athletic "Bubble" (see also Trent Cabinet - Drawer 5)

Athletic Complex (see P.S.B. Wilson Athletic Building)

Biology Building (Staging Building) - (includes photos of the biology houseboat "Turtle II" interior, 1967-1968; see also Trent Cabinet - Drawer 5 for a photo of "Turtle II")

Blackburn Hall

Commoner (stained glass windows relocation [1989])

Biology-Geography Building addition, 1989: groundbreaking event

Faryon Bridge:
Opening and Dedication, 1968 (photographs include Thomas H.B. Symons, Mrs. Faryon, Ann Murray, Jim Rea, Glenn Brown)
Completed bridge - (see also Trent Cabinet - Drawer 5)

Founders Walk (dedication, 1978)

Grounds Crew property - septic

MacKenzie Gallery (one photograph includes Louis Taylor)

P.S.B. Wilson Athletic Building (known as Athletic Complex prior to September 2002; included are pre-construction photos of the property site; also negatives of interior and exterior building by photographer, F. McNamee)

Podium (Symons Campus, near Thomas J. Bata Library): (photos include original construction,1968; and repairs, 2002)

Stan Adamson Powerhouse (photos include 1975 celebration marking first $100 thousand savings; Stan Adamson dedication (1987); Thomas E.W. Nind, Donald Theall, Colin Campbell; "Stan Adamson Power House 25th Anniversary of 1st Power"; also includes photos of the powerhouse and surroundings; repairs); CD of photographs received via Gordon Young from Eric Hanson (some were taken by Rebecca Wheelan)

Trent Day Care Centre (283 King St., Peterborough); Trent Child Care Centre (Symons Campus), including ground-breaking ceremony, 1993 - (see also "Children at Trent Child Care Centre" folder)

Trent University Bookstore (Charlotte Street): (photos include William Jordan and D’Arcy Legros)

Trent University Bookstore (Symons Campus) - construction, 1999

Windy Pine, 1992

Gardens at Trent

Orange Hall

Buildings: Various "Sets" of Photographs

Larry Turner Photographs: Buildings, i.e., Champlain College, Faryon Bridge, Podium, etc.; aerial views of Symons Campus; also outdoor shots of students including one rugby game shot (Note: These photographs were removed from the Larry Turner fonds 98-014 in 1998)

Gil Crook Photographs: Buildings, i.e., Champlain College, Thomas J. Bata Library, Lady Eaton College, Science Complex, Faryon Bridge; also some convocation photographs (Note: These photographs were received via Julie Crook, 1999)

Elaine Goselin Photographs: Buildings, i.e. Environmental Science building, Lady Eaton College, Champlain College, Bata Library, Faryon Bridge, Gzowski College, autumn scenes, light standards

Professor R.A. Stairs Slides & Prints: Buildings, etc., i.e. The Bubble, Champlain College, Rubidge Hall, Science Complex, Bata Library (interior stairwell and exterior shots), Faryon Bridge, Archaeology Building, Otonabee College, windows at Otonabee College (architectural features), Kerr House, Leslie Frost party, President Tom Symons and Mrs. Marsh from Australia touring Bata Library (1969) (Note: This set includes ca. 70 slides; prints have been made of 21 of the slides). In 2016, 16 additional slides pertaining to Convocation were received: re Convocation (1967, 1968, 1971, 1972, 1974, 1975); included are Gilbert Bagnani, T.H.B. Symons, Leslie Frost, Charles Fraser, G. Aspinall, Don LeRoy, Alf Cole, Ron Thom, Alan Paton, Margaret Laurence, Mme. Casgrain, Julian Blackburn, Tom Nind, Giles Vigneault.

Zoltan Temesy Photographs: Nassau site prior to building, construction, Laying the Cornerstone of Champlain College 20 October 1965, Chemistry Building, Champlain College, Convocation 1967 (also included in this folder are the 34 corresponding original slides) - (see also CD #7 in the "Compact Discs, Microfilm, Reels" box for scans of these photographs)

David Twigg Photographs: night campus scenes; Biology-Geography building

University Buildings at the turn of the Century: Symons Campus: Thomas J. Bata Library, Environmental Science Centre, Faryon Bridge, Lady Eaton College, Blackburn Hall, Athletic Complex, Child Care Centre, Champlain College, Archaeology Centre, Mackenzie House, Otonabee College, Trent University Bookstore; Peter Robinson College: North House, The Hangman, East Lodge, Sadleir House, Townhouses, Stratton House, The Cottage, Reade House; Catharine Parr Traill College: Crawford House, Wallis Hall, Stewart House, Scott House, Principal’s Lodge, Bradburn House, Kerr House, Langton House (Note: These photographs were taken in January 2000 by Jodi Aoki)

Trent University Architectural Shots, ca. 1977: Thomas J. Bata Library, Athletic Complex, Champlain College, Staging Building, etc. (photographer F. McNamee; negatives & prints) (Note: these photographs are duplicated on CD #1; see CD box in Trent University Photograph Collection)  

Buildings: Models, drawings, & sketches (includes negatives acquired from Thompson Berwick courtesty of Ron Thom)

Aerial Photographs of Trent University Campus

(See also Trent Cabinet - Drawer 5)

Aerial photographs (8" x 10", b&w)

Aerial photographs (8" x 10", b&w, colour)

Aerial photographs (3 1/2" x 5", colour)

Aerial photographs & negatives (assorted sizes)

Harry Oakman aerial photographs (negatives)
Calendar for the year 1964 depicting aerial view of the Nassau site (4 copies)

Ceremonies, Presentations, Special Events, Fundraising Launches

Official Opening Ceremonies: held at Rubidge Hall, October 17-18 (3 folders) ; (see also Trent Cabinet - Drawer 3)

Breaking the Sod, Nassau Campus, 1965 (prints & negatives)

Laying the Cornerstone, October 20, 1965 (folder plus one black binder located beside box) - (see also Trent Cabinet - Drawer 3)

Racey cartoons presentation

Robert L. Hunter Canadian Collection presentation (photos include Donald Theall, Colin Taylor, Michael Peterman)

Northway papers & Carrying Place papers presentation (photos include Jack Martin, Dr. Mary Northway, Flora Morrison)

Vanity Fair presentation (Friends of the Bata Library presentation of 1st edition to Bata Library), 1994 (photos include Meredith Glassco, Jean Glassco, Leanard Conolly, Murray Genoe, Martha Kidd)

Portraits of Trent University presidents, by artist Richard Hayman (photos include the artist and Donald Theall)

Leslie Frost portrait presentation 1971 (photos include Leslie Frost, Thomas H. B. Symons)

Lady Eaton portrait presentation

Symons portrait presentation 1992 (photos include John D. de Pencier, John Stubbs, Thomas H.B. Symons, Christine Symons, Brenda Bury)

Redelmeier coin collection presentation 1971 (photos include Jack Martin, Mr. & Mrs. Redelmeier, R.H. Sadleir)

Prime Ministers of Canada sketches presentation 1967 (photos include artist Harold Shaw, Quaker Oats vice president Fred Ash, Thomas H. B. Symons, Alf Cole)

Thomas J. Bata Library Rededication ceremony, March 1994: Sweet Grass ceremony with Paul Bourgeois; Archives Reading Room plaque presentation in honour of Mary Northway, ribbon cutting by Dore Millichamp; Thomas J. Bata Library Endowment Fund wooden carving presentation, with Walter Downes, Leonard Conolly, Murray Genoe; photos include Walter Hanbidge, Shirley Williams, David Newhouse, Veda Stow; Steve Dantzer

Symons Medal (photos of medal)

Federal Volunteer Award presentation to alumnus Carol Wilton (photos include Bill Domm)

Robert Lightbody prize presented to [ ], [19 - ], and to Philipa McLoughlin, 1989

Electric Energy Efficiency Award [Ontario Hydro, 1977] (photo includes Michael O’Brien)

Currie Engineering Award presentation

Symons’ Dinner, May 6, 1972 (photos include Thomas H. B. Symons, Christine Symons, John Turner, Leslie Frost, Janet Bews

Retirement dinner, November 24, 1967 (photos include Thomas H. B. Symons, N.D. Crook, Dr. Donald White, C.K. Fraser, Mrs. Fraser)

200th Senate Meeting, etc.

Historical Plaque presentations: commemorating the "guiding role" played by University of Toronto, University of Western Ontario, and Queen’s University (plaque is displayed with three foundation stones from the three Universities), 1963; commemorating the Founding of Trent University, 1970; commemorating the generosity of Canadian General Electric which donated the University site, 1982 (photos include Thomas H. B. Symons, Leslie Frost, Donald Theall)

Installation ceremony of President Gary N. Polonsky, Durham College, February 14, 1989 (photos include John Stubbs)

Trent in Ecuador: Signing the agreement (photos include David Morrison and members of Catolica University in Ibarra, Ecuador, and Universidad Technica del Norte)

Jolly Hangman, Peter Robinson College, opening, [1975] (includes photos of PRC master Ian Chapman & Paul Wilson)

The Margaret Laurence Tribute, March 1988 (includes photos of Alice Munro, W.O. Mitchell, Adele Wiseman, Robert Kroetsch, Timothy Findley, Pierre Burton, Hugh MacLennan, Peter Gzowski, & other unidentified authors. Also included are photos of the Margaret Laurence sculpture by Almuth Lutkenhaus created in 1984 (Art Collection accession 2000.118.1)

Fundraising: "Initial fundraising"

Fundraising: Peterborough firefighters, 1977 (photos include Thomas E.W. Nind, Henry Nokes, Morley Bell, Paul Brown)

Fundraising: Fund for Excellence Campaign, 1987 (photos include John Leishman, Jon Grant, John de Pencier)

Fundraising: [Canadian General Electric] donation of $130,000 (photo includes John Stubbs)

Fundraising: For Tomorrow Campaign, [ ], 1990 (photos include Susan Wheeler, Tony Storey, Susan Mackle, Kathleen Hurley Easson, John Stubbs, John de Pencier, Jon Grant, Sylvia Sutherland, David Moore, Michael McClintock, Mark Bellefeuille, Irene Redegeld, Michael Beswick, Robert Stephenson, Michael Nolan, Lari Langford, Martha Whatley, Margie Lightbody, Philip Playfair, Neil Rodgers, John Currie)

Fundraising: United Way (includes photos of Bernadine Dodge, Steve Dantzer, President David Smith, Sybil Thorn, Ken Toong, John Wadland, Pat Strode, Heather Avery, Murray Genoe, President Leonard Conolly)

Infrastructure Program $1,200,000 cheque presentation, 1994 (photo includes Leonard Conolly, Peter Adams, Jenny Carter)

Summer Explorations (photos include Michael Peterman, Dr. Zafar Iqbal, Gordon Johnston, John Burbidge, Leonard Conolly, John Jennings, & others)

"Madmen on the Otonabee": photos include Thomas H.B. Symons, Richard Love, Kathryn Campbell (28 March 2013; photographs by Christine Withrow)

50th anniversary Community Parade and Rubidge Hall Plaque Rededication, 2015

50th anniversary Chancellor's Gala, 2015

Alumni Association

Phone-a-thons, [1985, 1988]

Bruce Hurley & Jane O’Donnell wedding, [1986] (Bruce was coordinator of Alumni Affairs)

Reunion weekend, 1986

Ottawa Chapter, [1986]

Craft Sale, Thomas J. Bata Library, 1986

Squash & Golf Tournament banquet, [1986]

Convocation riverside bar, 1987

Toronto Chapter fall reception, University Club, Toronto,1987

Peterborough Chapter, 1988: formation & gathering at home of John Stubbs

Trinity College, Toronto gathering

Miscellaneous photographs, received July 1992

Administrative Studies Alumni

Trent event with "Bill Pinkney and the Original Drifters", n.d.

Miscellaneous photographs, 2 folders (photos include Don Huff, Sue Dixon, Peter Gwyn, Thomas Klossen, Scott Menzies, Lynn Lockhart, Don Eastop, Jack Roe, Maureen Barrett, Hugh Walters, Vince O’Brien, Sarah Duff, Scott Warren, Chris Daffern, Molly Lawson, Dave MacMurray, Ann Hogaboam, Manindra Shah, Tony Storey, Sheila Malcolmson, Dave McRobert, Steve Hewitt, Liz Fleming, Peter Sage, Mark McLennan, Chris Miller, Dave Cummings, Jay Kilburn, Sandie Condflower, Len Vernon, Paul Delaney, Alisa Mackay, Marla Hayes, Lloyd Fenemore, Tom Philips, Philipa McLoughlin, Lari Langford, Margie Lightbody, Paul Moore, Judy Best, Phyllis Vernon, Kevin Midghall, etc.)

Labs, Field Study, Academic Resources

Archaeology digs & labs

Biology field trips & labs

Chemistry labs (includes photos of Robert Stairs, Errol Lewars)

Geography field trips & labs (photos include Graham Cogley)

Physics labs (photos include John Earnshaw, Terry Matthews, K.C. Chadha, T. Saroja, Stewart Brown, John Breukelaar)

Labs, lectures, class presentations – miscellaneous

Science Fair

Audio-Visual Resource Services

Education for the Retired


Convocation 1967 (Copies of Zoltan Temesy photographs: see also the original slides and prints in the Zoltan Temesey Photographs folder and scanned images on CD #7 in the "Compact Discs, Microfilm, Reels" box) - (see also Slide Collection)
Convocation 1968 - (see also Slide Collection)
Convocation 1969
Convocation 1970
Convocation 1971
Convocation 1972
Convocation Spring 1973
Convocation Fall 1973
Convocation Spring 1974 (includes photos of Robertson Davies)
Convocation Fall 1974
Convocation Spring 1975
Convocation Fall 1975
Convocation Spring 1976
Convocation Fall 1976
Convocation Spring 1977
Convocation Fall 1977
Convocation Spring 1978
Convocation Fall 1978
Convocation Spring 1979
Convocation Fall 1979
Convocation Spring 1980
Convocation Fall 1980
Convocation Spring 1981
Convocation Fall 1981
Convocation Spring 1982
Convocation Spring 1983
Convocation Fall 1983
Convocation Fall 1984
Convocation Spring 1985
Convocation Spring 1986
Convocation Fall 1986
Convocation: Special convocation for installation of John Stubbs, October 2, 1987
Convocation Spring 1987
Convocation Fall 1988
Convocation Spring 1989 (see also also two reels of proofs located in "Compact Discs, Microfilms, Reels" box)
Convocation Fall 1989
Convocation Spring 1990
Convocation Fall 1990
Convocation Spring 1991
Convocation Fall 1991
Convocation 1992
Convocation 1993
Convocation 1994
Convocation 1995
Convocation 1996
Convocation 1997
Convocation 1998
Convocation 2004 (see also CD #2 in Trent University Photograph Collection for additional photographs)
Convocation 2005
Convocation 2007
Convocation 2008

Convocation: students receiving degrees (various years; students are identified)
Convocation: unidentified honorary graduates
Convocation: miscellaneous photos with Thomas H.B. Symons as president (some photos include Thomas Bata)
Convocation: miscellaneous photos with Donald Theall as president
Convocation: miscellaneous photos with John Stubbs as president
Convocation: miscellaneous shots

Convocation: Durham Campus, 1999-2002

Class Photographs

Note: Class Photographs are located in Trent Cabinet - Drawer 6.

Peter Robinson College: 1st Year group photos, 1964-1965; Class photos, 1964-1965, 1965-1966, 1966-1967, 1967-1968, 1968-1969, 1969-1970

Catharine Parr Traill College: 1st Year group photos, 1964-1965; Class photos, 1965-1966, 1966-1967, 1967-1968, 1968-1969, 1969-1970

Champlain College: Class photos, 1966-1967, 1967-1968, 1968-1969, 1969-1970  

Lady Eaton College: Class photos, 1968-1969, 1969-1970

First Summer Session 1968


Graduating Classes (Composite photographs)

Note: Graduating Class photographs are located in Trent Cabinet - Drawer 6.

Note: 1967-current available, except for 1974, 1994, 1995, and 1999

Note: Graduating Class photographs for 1977 and 1980 are large sized and are standing against the wall in the Manuscripts Room; also additional large-sized photos of 1975, 1976, 1979, and 1982 in same location

Note: from 1991 to [1993] there are two versions of graduating classes: "Graduating Class" and "Graduating Class Honours"

Note: from [1996] to present there are two versions of graduating classes: "Honours & Masters Graduating Class" and "Graduating Class General Arts & Science"


Students: Sports (folders are filed alphabetically by sport and include baseball, basketball, broomball, cycling, fencing, field hockey, football, hockey, physical training/running (includes photos with Peter Adams & John Stubbs), pool/shuffleboard, rowing/Head of the Trent, rugby, skiing, soccer, squash (includes photos with Paul Wilson), swimming, and volleyball)


Fun activities

"The Great Race"

Informal parties

Formal occasions

Large group gatherings



Demonstrations & protests


Residence Rooms/Life

Students in the Cafeteria

Students at The Commoner

Students and the Trent Express

Student registration

Julian Blackburn College students / Durham Campus students (includes Professor Beth Popham)

Trent international students

Study abroad

Students at study

Student testimonials [for University promotional material] (includes Kai Alderson, Joseph Bettencourt, Crista Colyer, Becky Macoun, Lisa Mooney, Susan Rhee, Helen Wallace, Verona Benjamin, plus unidentified)

Various (Box 1 of 2)

Emergency Response Team

Art and artists at Trent (some unidentified) - (includes "Paddler's Torso" artist unknown; presentation by Paul Vigneux to Robert Fox & Peter Skanks of "The Ojibway Myth" by artist Allan (Ahmoo) Angeconeb, Shelley Young, Michele Karch Ackerman)

Artist Spencer Harrison, with paints

Artist George Warren art works (the works are carved sculptures of University buildings; photos include Bruce Hurley)

Artist Alice Williams, with quilts, 1995-1996

Artist Judith Mason, with outdoor artistic presentation at Peter Robinson College, 1995

Artist Richard Hayman, painting a mural, 1997

Furniture at Trent (see also Trent University Slide Collection – Binder 5 – Slides 1-57): includes Aalto, Wegner, Saarinen, Jacobsen, Mathsson, Thonet

Native Peoples, pow-wows & elders conferences at Trent, unidentified

Music at Trent, 2 folders (photos include Bruce Cockburn, Glenn Easson, Don Thompson)

Spring Music Festival (previously named "Bacchus")

Trent Radio (photos include Brendan Edwards, Keesic Williams, Denni Russel)

Theatre Trent, Arbor Theatre, Otonabee Theatre

Staff protest, 1996

Peacefire, 1991

Time capsule

Trent MasterCard

Trent t-shirts

Tibetan monks bless Trent, April 1996

Various (Box 2 of 2)

Recycling (Trent’s recycling truck) 

Frost Centre birch bark canoe photo, used in promotional materials

Children: "Happy 5th Birthday Trent Passport Children" 1994

Children at Trent Day Care Centre plus miscellaneous, includes Trent Child Care Centre employees Kim VandenBroek, Gorica Suvajak, Sue Scoffin, Sherri Pula, Charlotte Mustafa)

Children's sport camps at Trent, i.e. Trent Summer Sports Camp, Trent Basketball Camp

Children's Christmas party

Prospectus: photographs used in promotional materials (includes photos of Jane Stewart, Ranpal Dosanj, Terri Rowan, Stephanie Derries, John Fekete, Leonard Conolly, Terri Rowan, Dale Sturgess, Jan Buckley, Susan Rhee)

Prospectus: 1985-1987

Prospectus: 1995

Prospectus: 1997

Trent Unplugged '99; includes photographs of John Syrett, Gary Reker, Peter Lapp, Ivana Elbl and others

Trent University promotion desks, orientation for students, campus tours, welcome signs

Miscellaneous commercial sales/promotions on campus: book sales, crafts, yearbooks, etc.

Campus maintenance: snow removal, painting, etc. (includes photos of Dean Payne, Steve Richey, Barry Salvisburg)

Trent: miscellaneous (includes various depictions of Trent crest, etc.)

Faculty strike, 1991

Faculty strike, 1996 (includes photographs of professors Jim Driscoll, Susan Jamieson, Sarah McDowell, David Sheinin, Ian McLachlan, Peter Lafleur, Ray March, S. Bocking, Marg Hobbs, Roy Bowles, Charmain Eddy, Susan Wurtele, Jim Conley, Glen McKnight, David Morrison, Doug McCalla, Stefan Bilaniuk, Skip Maxwell, Joan Sangster, Cathy Sproule, Barb Marshall, Arnt Krueger, John Marsh, Graham Cogley, Julia Harrison, Susan Snelling, John Wadland, archivist Bernadine Dodge, President John Stubbs)

Contact prints, Negatives, Half-Tones

Box 1

Negatives: Convocation, Native costume, etc.

Unsorted half-tones and negatives

Box 2

Folder 1.

Negatives: faculty, ca. 1978:
Ian McLachlan, Alan Wilson
John Wadland
Michael Berrill
Stu Robson
Pradeep Bandyopodhyay
David Morrison, James Neufeld, John Stubbs, Stu Robson, Richard Johnston, Donald Theall, unknown
John Earnshaw?
Theresa Topic
Joe Couture
Negatives: assorted faculty portraits, ca. 1990
Black & white contact prints of faculty, such as Joe Couture, Theresa Topic, Ron Vastokas, & others

Folder 2.  3-ring binder: Black & white contact prints, 1970

Folder 3.  3-ring binder: Black & white contact prints, photography by Roy Nicholls, 1968

Folder 4. 3-ring binder: Black & white contact prints, Trent, ca. 1970

Folder 5.  3-ring binder: Black & white contact prints, photography by Roy Nicholls, 1975

Folder 6.  3-ring binder: Black & white contact prints, photography by Roy Nicholls, 1979

Folder 7. Negatives: Ron Thom - Traill College & Champlain College, 1966

Folder 8. Black & white contact prints: sports, n.d.

Folder 9.  Negatives & contact prints: power generator, n.d.

Folder 10.  Black & white contact prints: Buildings, Faryon Bridge, Kerr House at Traill (mostly exterior shots; some interior shots, i.e. staircases)


Negatives: Archives move to new location in library, August 1988; photos of the new quarters 1988 and May 1989

Unsorted half-tones and negatives: convocations 1970-1975; Ottawa Rough-Riders, etc.


Negatives: Trent University people and activities, unsorted, 1995-1998
Box 5
Negatives and slides pertaining to the "Trent Annual", unsorted (received via Dwayne Collins, 2016)
 Trent's early days: half-tones (these includes construction, buildings & people)

Compact Discs

CD #1: Images of Trent University: Architecture, Nassau Campus Site Prior to Building; McNamee; unidentified (prints & negatives available)

CD #2: Images of Convocation, 2004

CD #3: Images of exterior shots of Gzowski College, Chemical Sciences Building, Champlain College (photos taken 2004)

CD #4: Images of Trent "Screensaver images" (received November 2005)

CD #5: CD-ROM Presentation "Trent University: Shaping Tomorrow Leaders" [1999]

CD #6: Promotional CD entitled "Trent University" [1998]

CD #7: Zoltan Temesy Photographs: Nassau site prior to building, construction, Laying the Cornerstone of Champlain College 20 October 1965, Chemistry Building, Champlain College, Convocation 1967 (Note: the original slides and prints are located in the Zoltan Temesy Photographs folder in the Physical Site: Sets of Photographs box)