Archives: Trent University Major Reports

Major Reports, Studies, Statements, etc.

Listed in chronological order

Box 1

Report of Committee on Higher Education (appointed by the Mayor of Peterborough in 1958)

Master Questionnaire, Trent College, Peterborough, Ontario

1961: Survey, Analysis and Plan, G.A. Brakeley & Co. Ltd.: Trent College, Peterborough, Ontario, January 1961

Report of the Committee on the Membership and Organization of the Senate
Analysis of Trent University Pseudents 1964-65 to 1970-1971 (& Projections 1970-71 to 1975-76)
Trent University and the Peterborough Community: A Speech by Professor Denis Smith... to the Warden of Peterborough County's Annual Banquet
Brief to the City of Peterborough

Loose on shelf: Trent University (a large blue brochure highlighting major early achievements and goals, as well as outlining basic administrative structure)

A Request for Assistance from the Ford Foundation Special Program in Education
Report of the Committee on Tenure
Report of the Committee on Salaries and Promotions
Report of the Graduate Studies Committee in the Faculty of Arts and Science
Second Report on Teaching Methods
Report of the Bookstore Committee

Undergraduate Studies Committee: Third Report on Teaching Methods
Space Utilization Report

Committee on Reappointment and Tenure Second Report
Statement of Programme Requirements for the Athletic Fieldhouse
Graphics Manual (i.e. University's symbol, examples of letterhead, etc.)
Landscape Control Plan, Trent University / R.J. Thom Master Planning Architect, Richard Strong Associates Ltd. Landscape Architects, January 1968

Box 2

A Survey of the Economic Impact of Trent University on the City of Peterborough and the Surrounding Community

Report from Senate Committee on Rape and Pillage

Brief to the Commission on Post-Secondary Education. Walter Pitman, M.P.P.

"Collective Otonabee": Response of the Senate of Trent University to the Draft Report of the Commission on Post Secondary Education in Ontario. 26 May 1972
Trent University Engineer's Office

An Investigation of Selection Criteria for Admission to an Ontario University / Gordon Pollock, Richard J. Bowman, Paul Gendreau, and Lorna Gendreau

Report of the Task Force on Part-Time Studies
Report to Senate of the Subcommittee on Graduate Studies
Report of the Subcommittee on Academic Formula Financing for the Joint Committee of Arts and Science Trent University
Trent University: The City of Peterborough and the Community "The First Ten Years"

Presidential Advisory Committee on Status of Women at Trent - Final Report

Feasibility Study: Private Development of University Lands for Student Housing - Lett/Smith Architects (loose on shelf)

Report of Committee on Rank, Promotion and Tenure

Trent University Safety Committee: Report for 1978-79

Report of the Task Force on University Parish

The Hansen Group: Interim Report of A Study of Trent University Enrollment/Finance/Organization/Control
The Hansen Group: Striking the Balance: Academic Vitality and Financial Stability (A Program for Trent University)
Striking the Colleges: A Primer to Understanding the Hansen Report Entitled Striking the Balance / Elwood Jones (also other related materials)
A Brief to Dean David Gallop on The Future of the Academic Skills Centre

Report of the Ad Hoc Committee on Programmes (Umbrella) in the Social Sciences, Arts, and Humanities

The Disabled Student: A Faculty Guide
The Report of the Presidential Advisory Commission on Long Range Planning, June 1983
Report of the Commission on University Governance, 10 May 1983

Committee on Harassment Report: Trent Fortnightly, November 1, 1984
Anigawncigig Institute for Native Training, Research and Development: First Annual Report

Management Education and Cultural Diversity: The Report of a Colloquium held at Trent University (Prepared for The Canadian International Development Agency Management for Change Program)
Trent University Bookstore Services and Management: A Report of the Task Force on Bookstore Services and Management prepared for the Vice-President (Administration and Finance), September 1985

A Plan for Enhancing Academic Excellence: Report of the Long Range Planning Committee
Proposal for: A Space Study of Facilities, May 1986 (Environmental Consulting Services)
Preliminary Space Survey - Bata Library, October 1986 (Environmental Consulting Services)
Space Utilization Study: Synopsis of Survey Findings, October 1986 (Environmental Consulting Services)
Space Utilization Study: Report on Space Requirements, October 1986 (Environmental Consulting Services)

Box 3

Senate Sub-Committee on Mid-Year Review and Supervisory System
A Plan for the Future: A Building Program for Trent University
Employment Equity: A New Direction for Women at Trent (Report by the 1986-87 Employment Equity Project Coordinator) (plus Appendices)

Presidential Advisory Committee on Research
On the Development of the Nassau Campus
Nature Areas and Their Use on the Nassau Campus, Trent University
AIDS: Policy on Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
Long-Term Waste Management Planning and Recycling at Trent

Presidential Task Force on Child Care: 1989-1990 Report

Conference Report: Moving Forward: Creating a Feminist Agenda for the 1990's
Responses to Building a Framework for More Effective Administrative, Academic Support and Ancillary Services
Brief to the Commission of Inquiry on Canadian University Education
Nature Areas Committee: Nature Areas Policy (approved December 1990)
Towards Equity in Communication
Report of the External Review of Bata Library

Final Report of the Trent/Queen's Review and Evaluation Committee on the Trent/Queen's Concurrent Teacher Education Program
Trent University Bata Library Space Needs Study: Beckman Associates Library Consultants Inc.
Trent University Women's Safety Audit: Autumn 1991 Report
A Waste Audit of Trent University, Peterborough, Ontario / Murdo J. Murchison
Trent University Student Satisfaction Survey Report, 1991 (Theron Craig, Director Student Services)

The Budget Review Exercise: Final Report - Senate Budget Committee (April 1992)
Adjusting Our Focus
Green Paper on Academic Planning at Trent, Sept. 9, 1992
Green Paper on Academic Planning at Trent, Final Draft #2, Dec. 10, 1992

Julian Blackburn College Review Committee: Final Report to Senate Executive
A Waste Audit of the Residue Waste Stream of Trent University: Exploring the Opportunities of Sustainable Development for Trent University / William Forsyth

Sustaining Quality in Changing Times: Funding Ontario Universities (Ontario Council on University Affairs)
Harassment and Discrimination
PPPSC Curriculum Study Group: Draft Report and Recommendations
Report of the College Review Study Group of the Presidential Planning and Priorities Steering Committee (PPPSC)

Box 4

Policy on Discrimination and Harassment
For Tomorrow: A Final Report on Trent University's Capital Campaign
Report of the Curriculum Study Group of the Presidential Priorities and Planning Steering Committee (PPPSC)
Final Report of the Technology Sub-Group of PPPSC Study Group on Approaches to Teaching and Learning
Regulation 102/94 Waste Audit Report, Trent University, Peterborough, Ontario / Golder Associates Ltd., December 1995

Policy on Discrimination and Harassment
Report on Administrative Computing at Trent University: Information Only
Trent University Budget Strategy Paper, 1996-1997
Trent University Institutional Analysis: Research Report: Survey of 1994 and 1995 Graduates, June 1996. (Conducted by Lisa Syer with support from the Office of Alumni Affairs and the Department of Sociology)

Interim Report of the Capital Campaign Priorities Selection Committee
Towards a Culture of Support: Report from the Committee to Review the Academic Administration / John Hillman, chair, January 16, 1997 [Faculty Council Committee]
The External Review of the Administration of Trent University: Final Report / H.W. Arthurs and Joyce Lorimer, External Reviewers, March 15, 1997
Regulation 102/94 Waste Audit Update, Trent University, Peterborough, Ontario / Golder Associates Ltd., September 1997
Final Report of the 1997-1998 University Wide ISW Committee, 13 January 1998

Trent University Campaign: Feasibility Study Preliminary Report / prepared by Mike McClintock, March 16, 1998
Office of the Human Rights Adviser, Annual Report 1997-1998
Final Report of the 1997-98 University-wide Introductory Seminar Week Committee

Recommendations for the Implementation of the Report of the Task Force on Residence and Dining Hall Budgets / James R. Fleming and Andrew Highet, February 9, 1999
Restructuring of the Colleges, Student Services and Recruitment Strategy, April 14, 1999
Office of the Human Rights Adviser. Annual Report, January to September 1999 / Ann E. Farquharson, Human Rights Adviser, September 1999
First Report of the Academic Planning Committee, September 16, 1999
Trent University Task Force on the Superbuild Growth Fund: Report to the President and Vice-Chancellor, October 15, 1999
Tri-Council Policy Statement: Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans (New University Policy on Research with Humans) / Paul F. Healy and Peter Watson, November 1, 1999
Capital Development Strategy 2000-04 / [November 12, 1999]
Trent University Performance Indicators 1999-2000

Build 2000: steering committee reports, memos from President Bonnie Patterson to the University community, etc.

A Waste Audit of the Recycling and Residue Waste Streams at Trent University: An Examination of Current Trends and Practices: Where We Came From and Where We're Going to in the 21st Century / Darryl Myers and Jeremy Brennan, March 30, 2000
Trent University Strategic Research Plan [approved by Senate, May 16, 2000]
The Superbuild Plan and The Capital Development Strategy: An Open Letter to the Board of Governors / by George Nader, September 8, 2000
Building for the Future at Trent University, ca. 2000 (re Trent Superbuild Quick Facts)
Land Inventory Project / prepared by Robert Ballarin
Trent University Build 2000 Infrastructure Project Space Needs Analysis: Functional Space Program Report, September 19, 2000
A Business Analysis of Trent's Residence Operations

Trent University Master Plan Update Symons Campus (draft)
Court of Appeal for Ontario (Kulchyski, McLachlan, Wernick v. Trent University)
James McLean Oliver Ecological Centre, 2001 Annual Report


Building on Success: Strategic Plan, Trent University
The Stewardship Plan for Trent University Nature Areas: Executive Summary (draft copy). Extra copies with Trent Nature Areas collection.
The Stewardship Plan for Trent University Nature Areas / Roger Jones, Michael G. Fox, and John S. Marsh (draft copy)
Review of Computing and Networking Services at Trent University (May 24, 2002)
James McLean Oliver Ecological Centre, 2002 Annual Report
Build 2000: An Update on Trent University's Capital Development Strategy. Fall, 2002

Build 2000 Construction Update. March 2003
"Trent Admin draft 'Student Code of (Mis)Conduct:' Students fear 'Code' a ploy to keep activism in check" (Arthur article, 24 February 2003)

Trent University: Growing Local Expertise for Ontario's Future
Trent University's Submission to the Rae Review of Postsecondary Education
Post-secondary Review: Higher Expectations fro Higher Education, Fall 2004
Simply Water? Who Owns It? Can You Trust It? Is There Enough? / Sheperd Family Workshop Presented by the Environmental and Resource Studies Program and The Watershed Science Centre, Trent University, Feb. 18-21, 2002. Final Report, February 2004

Budget Series: Information for staff and faculty. #1 The Post-Double Cohort Picture, February 2005
Budget Series: Information for staff and faculty. #2 After the Rae Review - April 2005
Budget Series: Information for staff and faculty. #3 Post-Provincial Budget - August 2005
Library External Review Terms of Reference, January 2005; Trent University Thomas J. Bata Library: External Review / Sara Lochhead & Joyce Garnett, May 2005

"Catharine Parr Traill College": Its History and Its Future (plus attached letter) / Michael Peterman, 31 March 2006
Report on Illness Investigation, Indoor Air Quality, Electromagnetic Field and Preliminary Ionizing Radiation Surveys Conducted in the Registrar's Office and Blackburn Hall of Trent University, February, March and April 2006. Prepared by The Pinchin Group, 2006
Thyroid Nodules and Thyroid Cancer: Registrar's Office and Blackburn Hall, Trent University, Peterborough, Ontario. Dr. Garry Humphreys, May 3, 2006
DNA building: official opening, 27 October 2006 (publicity documents, press releases, official congratulatory certificate from Deal Del Mastro, MP, Peterborough)

Pilot Project: Non-Academic Misconduct Draft Policy and Procedures, October 2007

Trent University Library: Challenge and Opportunity: Trent University Library Strategic Plan 2009-2014, December 2008

Mission for Trent University, approved by Senate May 11, 2010; Strategic Directions Update: Preparing for Integrated Planning, endorsed by Senate May 11, 2010
Towards a Sustainable Future: The First Integrated Plan for Trent University (2010-2014), (DRAFT). 17 December 2010

Towards a Sustainable Future: The First Integrated Plan for Trent University (2010-2015). 23 June 2011
Radical Recovery: The First Academic Plan for Trent University (2012-2015). [Discussion draft]. / Provost and Vice-President Academic Gary Boire, 21 November 2011
Water Street Student Residence Project. A Community Report, January 2011

Charter of Student Rights and Responsibilities: approved by the Board of Governors, February 3, 2012

Strategic Mandate Agreement: Trent University and the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development 2017-20
Trent University Alumni Association, Founding of the Association, A Chronology / Bob Taylor-Vaisey, March 17, 2017