Archives: Trent Nature Areas Collection

Records and reports relating to the Trent University nature areas.

Pre- Box 1

Folder 1: Nassau Campus Nature Area No.1: Wildlife Sanctuary - contains papers as follows:
1. Neil Brown. "Wildlife Potential and Objectives of Management of Fauna in the Trent Wildlife Sanctuary" - Report to Wildlife Sanctuary Committee, Oct. 1978. 4pp.
2. Campus Nature Areas (pp.20-24) 1. Wildlife Sanctuary
3. Wildlife Sanctuary Forest Management. Patti Lutz, 1990. 21pp.
4. Management of Forest Ecosystems. B. Harschnitz, 1990. 21pp.
5. Ecological Forest Management Proposal for the Trent University Wildlife Sanctuary. Peter Andree, 1990. 11pp.
6. Trent University Wildlife Sanctuary Management Plan. Michael Hughes, 1990. (24 pages)

Folder 2: Nassau Campus Nature Area No.2 (pages 26-30): Snow and Biological Research Area. Also includes the following:
"Bibliography: Ice, Including Snow, Research at Trent University";
"The Bulk Density Method of Obtaining Snow Course Data: Some Needs and Limitations" by W.P. Adams

Folder 3: Nassau Campus Nature Area No.3: South Drumlin (pages 31-33)

Folder 4: Nassau Campus Nature Area No.4: Archaeological Centre Wetland Area (pages 34-36)

Folder 5: Nassau Campus Nature Area No.5: Otonabee College Wetland (pages 37-38)

Folder 6: Nassau Campus Nature Area No.6: Lady Eaton Drumlin (pages 39-41)

Folder 7: Nassau Campus Nature Area No.7: Highway 28 Wetland (page 42)

Folder 8: Nassau Campus Nature Area No.8: Highway 28 Woods (pages 43-44)

Folder 9: Nassau Campus Nature Area No.9: Lowland Forest (pages 44-45)

Folder 10: Nassau Campus Nature Area No.10: Total Loss Farm Stream (pages 45-46)

Folder 11: Nassau Campus Nature Area No.11: Horsetail-Fern Meadow Wetland (pages 46-47)

Folder 12: Nassau Campus Nature Area No.12: Lock 22 Maple-Beech Woods (pages 47-48)

Folder 13: Nassau Campus Nature Area No.13: Ninth Line Pond (pages 48-50)

Folder 14: Nassau Campus Nature Area No.14: Promise Rock Coniferous Woods (pages 51-53)

Folder 15: Nassau Campus Nature Area No.15: Wetland Complex (pages 54-55)

Folder 16: Nassau Campus Nature Area No.16: Ninth Line Maple-Beech Grove (pages 55-56)

Item received October 2011 from the office of Christine Salo

A binder titled "Nature Areas Identified in 1989 on the Nassau Campus (a review)." Note: this binder is an update of information contained in the above files 2-16 (compiled by Professor Roger Jones)  

Box 1


1: Correspondence, notes, etc. 1964-1969

2: Correspondence, notes, etc. 1970-1977

3: Correspondence, notes, etc. 1978-1979

4: Correspondence, notes, etc. 1980-1981

5: Correspondence, notes, etc. 1982-1984

6: Correspondence, notes, etc. 1985-1986

7: Correspondence, notes, etc. 1987-1988

8: Correspondence, notes, etc. 1989

9: Correspondence, notes, etc. 1990

10: Minutes and Agendas (Wildlife Sanctuary Committee) 1974-1979

11: Minutes and Agendas (Wildlife Sanctuary Committee) 1981-1985

12: Minutes and Agendas (Wildlife Sanctuary Committee) 1989

13: Minutes and Agendas (Wildlife Sanctuary Committee) 1990

13a: Minutes (Nature Areas Committee) 1990-1992

14: Budget Statements (Fund Raising Trust), 1982-1983, 1987

 15: Miscellaneous notes, maps, etc.

Box 2

Reports, Papers, Proposals, Articles, etc. (listed chronologically)



The Prevention of the Pollution of Canadian Surface Waters/ by T.A. Murray. Ottawa, 1912

The Brook - 1931/ by Tom Pease (poem)

The Jagship of the Trent/ by J.A. Edmison. Ottawa, 1964 (poem)

An ecological investigation of the Trent Watershed with Special Emphasis on the Invertebrate Fauna: A proposed research project for Trent University, Peterborough/ by Roy L. Edwards. 1964 (2 copies)

Field Stations of Ontario - prepared at request of Committee of Heads of Departments of Biological Sciences of Ontario Universities/ Queen's University. 1969

The Contribution of Trent University in the Field of Freshwater Biology/ by Roy L. Edwards. 1966

The Need for the Highway 28 Peterborough By-Pass/ Ministry of Transportation and Communications. 1974

The Peterborough By-Pass - Some Points to Consider. [1974]

Ecology Bulletin/ Biology Department, Trent University. Vol.1,No.3, Fall 1975

The Official Plan - City of Peterborough - Update and Review - 1976

The Trent Wildlife Sanctuary and its Potential for Environmental Education/ John Marsh. 1978


Wildlife Sanctuary - Terms of Reference. 1986

(no title) - Nature areas #'s 1-16 listed and described, 26 pages. [1989]

Trent University Nature Sanctuary and Research Area. [1989]

Faculty Research Using Trent University Land and Adjacent Waterways. [1989]

Nassau Campus: A Preliminary Documentary Survey of Historical Archaeological Potential/ by Ross Jamieson. 1989

On the Development of the Nassau Campus/ G.F. Hamilton. April 17, 1989 (2 copies)

Nature Areas on the Nassau Campus, Trent University, Peterborough, Ontario: An Initial Report by Rosita Ben-Oliel. Directed by Roger Jones and John Marsh. August 1989

"Ecohab", and A Tentative Proposal for an `Ecohab Dwelling'/ by Nick Beeson. [1989]

Trent Nature Areas Threatened?/ Arthur (Trent University student magazine). October 1989 (2 copies)

Nature Areas and Their Use on the Nassau Campus Trent University Peterborough, Ontario/ by Rosita Ben-Oliel, Roger Jones, and John Marsh: The Wildlife Sanctuary Committee, Trent University. December 1989 (2 copies)

Nature Areas and Their Use on the Nassau Campus... Executive Summary. December 1989

A Proposal for Developing the Environmental Education Potential of the Campus Nature Areas. The Wildlife Sanctuary Committee, December 1989

Nature Areas on the Nassau Campus/ by John Marsh. [December 1989]


Trent Campus Nature Areas Study: Some Suggested Guidelines for Educational-Use Program. January 1990

Trent University Nature Interpretive Centre (TUNIC): Remodeling Proposal for the Holmes Property, Trent University/ by Peter Andree et al. April 1990

Trent University Nature Interpretive Centre (TUNIC): A Proposal by The Wildlife Sanctuary Committee, Trent University. May 1990 (2 copies)

Trent University Nature Areas Policy. December 1990

Forest Succession and Diversity of the Promise Rock Coniferous Woods/ by Rob Canvin et al. December 1991

(material added May 12, 1994)

4: Forest Succession and Diversity in the Wildlife Sanctuary, Nassau Campus, Trent University/ by Paula Anderson. Dec. 10, 1993

(material added September 2, 1994)

5: 1 5" computer floppy disk: An Ecological History of Trent University Nature Area #1 / by Patricia Van Asten

(loose in Box 2)

An Ecological History of Trent University nature Area #1 from Circa 1800-1994/ by Patricia Van Asten. April 13, 1994

2 cassette tapes:

1. Interview: Cyphus Bolton, Feb. 15, 1994/ by Patricia Van Asten re History of Nature Area #1 (Cyphus Bolton worked the land, as it was)

2. Interview with Dr. Roy Edwards/ by Patricia Van Asten re Nature Area #1

Box 3


1. Miscellaneous materials regarding nature areas submitted to Trent University Archives June 8, 1995 by Prof. Roger Jones - includes articles, correspondence, reports, etc.

2. Nature Areas Committee minutes, Oct. 1, 1993 - March 24, 1995, submitted to Trent University Archives June 19, 1995 by Prof. Roger Jones

3. Nature Areas Committee Report to Senate and Board of Governors, 1994/95; recommendations 1,2,3, and “Lack of Action by Senate and the Board of Governors to the Recommendations”; “Development of a Conservation Work Vacation: Trent University Nature Areas, Peterborough, Ontario / by Cailin Clarke, [1998] (materials submitted to Trent University Archives, November 1998)

(materials added October 2011)

Box 4


1. Nature Areas Committee - History of Committee and Trails

2. Nature Areas Committee - City of Peterborough Policies and Zoning

3. Nature Areas Committee Minutes and Records, 1989-1999

4. Nature Areas Committee Minutes and Records, 2000-2011

5. Nature Areas Committee Correspondence, 1973-2004

6. Nature Areas Committee Fundraising Records, 1985-2001

7. Nature Areas Committee Summer Student Employment, 1995-2002

8. Nature Areas Volunteers - BCTV Working Holiday, 1999-2002

9. Nature Areas Volunteers - Environmental Youth Corps 1993

10. Nature Areas Committee - History of the Stewardship Plan

11. Nature Areas Committee - Preliminary Research for the Stewardship Plan

12. Trent Nature Areas Newspaper Articles, 1987-2007

13. Nature Areas - Mapping of the Nature Areas

14. Nature Areas - GIS Maps

15. Nature Areas - Vegetation Communities

16. Nature Areas Photographs. Aerial shot, and photocopies. Photographs of Ainsley Walton & Patrick McLean at Nassau Mills, 1999-2000 (ca. 15). Promise Rock Photographs (ca. 50) W.L.S.N.A., 2001; Nassau ski jump.

17. Nature Areas Student Research: A Land-Use Designation for Peterborough's Nature Areas (C. MacMahon, 1992)

18. Nature Areas Student Research: Potential Projects on Symons Campus Land and their Implications for the Trent University Nature Areas (Linette Keller, 1997)

19. Nature Areas Student Research: A Study of Plant Succession on Trent University's Nature Area #9 Lowland Forest (Paul Robert Pennington, April, 2011)

20. Nature Areas Student Research: The Effect of Vegetation Cover on Soil Carbon Content in the Lady Eaton Drumlin Nature Area in Peterborough, Ontario (Allen Campeau, April, 2011)

21. Preliminary Research for the Trent Nature Areas Stewardship Plan (Heidi Campbell, 1997)

22. Trent Nature Areas Bibliography, [2000]

Miscellaneous materials added July 2013:

23. Trent University Wildlife Sanctuary Guide, Volume 1, August 1977; Trent University Nature Areas Summer Events - 2000 newsletter; student job proposal, 2007

Loose in box: Twelve floppy discs of files pertaining to the Trent Nature Areas. Some originated with Professor Roger Jones; some are dated 1997 to 2001. Donated by Professor John Marsh, 2016.

Loose on Shelf

Nature Areas Stewardship Plan Proposal by Roger Jones, Michael G. Fox & John S. (4 various drafts, 2000). Includes letter from the authors to President B. Patterson regarding their plan.

Endowment Lands Master Plan, January 2006 (2 copies)
(see also "Endowment Lands" box in Reading Room; includes a copy of 2006 Master Plan and related documents)