Archives: Transferring

Transferring Non-Current Departmental Historical Records to Trent University Archives

Trent University Archives welcomes the deposit of University records in its collection. It is part of the Archives’ mandate. 

Each unit decides which non-current historical records to transfer to the Archives and when to do it. Therefore, if the Archives lacks information, it is because it was not forwarded. Records which would be in the Human Resources Department should not be included in the unit files sent to the Archives. Nor should student records which would be in the Registrar’s Office.

The records are kept in the file order in which they were received in the Archives. Remove duplicate copies of material and publications in the files. Please send a file list with the material.

If photographs are included, please label, and if possible date them. This improves their usefulness.

The goal is to be able to use the records to re-create the history of the unit. Include not only the important academic and administrative records but also more informal information about people, events, conferences and social events. Newsletters, posters, and photos are welcome. A wide variety of information should be included in order to show the full life of the unit. Think what someone writing in the future might want to see.

When the University implements a Records Management policy and routine, that policy will outline what university records should be sent to the Archives and when. 

Note:  before sending records to the Trent University Archives, please consult with the University Archivist.