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The Secretarial and Office Staff Advisory Committee (SOSAC), the Trent Staff Council (TSC), and the Trent Staff Association (TSA) were the forerunners of the Trent Local of the Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU). SOSAC  was formed as an standing committee to advise the Vice-President on general policy concerning the terms and conditions of employment, classifications and salary scales for members of the University’s secretarial and office staff. (taken from SOSAC News, Vol. 1, No.2, October 1978). In 1978, an organization representing university staff was established under the name of Trent Staff Council. The TSC was organized to represent the needs of staff in matters of common concern. The council was made up of scientific support staff, library support staff, services and buildings, housekeeping, secretarial and office staff, and administrative staff. In the spring of 1980, in response to a mandate from staff to Trent Staff Council to form an association to seek formal recognition by the University of the Association as the bargaining agent for all positions which are occupied by any member of the Association, in all matters related to terms and conditions of employment, the Trent Staff Association was created. (taken from Trent Staff Association Newsletter, Vol.1, No.1, August 19, 1980). In 1993, staff members voted to become unionized under the Trent Local of the Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU).

The SOSAC and the TSC records cover the years 1972-1980. The TSA records cover the years 1978-1987 and include correspondence, minutes, the constitution and by-laws, appointments, etc.

NOTE: Box 1 is comprised of records forwarded to the Archives by SOSAC and TSC.

Box 1


1. SOSAC - members, minutes, agendas, notices, correspondence, 1972-1979

2. SOS newsletters, 1978-1980

3. SOSAC - membership/mailing list, 1980

4. SOSAC - miscellaneous materials: minutes, notices, reports, memos, 1977/78

5. SOSAC - general correspondence and notes, 1978/79

6. Status of Women report, 1976

7. Grammar workshop, April 1979

8. SOSAC - positions advertised

9. SOSAC - ten-year pins

10. Salaries, terms of employment, 1972-1980

11. Job evaluation program, 1979/80

12. TSC - job evaluation program, 1979/80

13. SOSAC - salary scales and negotiations, 1972-1980

14. TSC - correspondence, memos, minutes, newsletters, 1980

15. SOSAC - salary scales and negotiations, 1972-1978

16. TSC/SOSAC - salary brief submissions, 1979/80

17. TSC - salary brief submissions, 1979/80

18. Personnel policies, benefits, retirement plans, etc.

19. TSC - minutes, newsletters, memos, reports, correspondence, 1978/79

20. TSC - minutes, newsletters, memos, reports, correspondence, 1979/80 

NOTE: Box 2 is comprised of records forwarded to the Archives by the TSA.

Box 2


1. Council of Representatives correspondence, minutes, memos, miscellaneous correspondence, etc., 1983-1987

2. Social and Athletic Association correspondence, etc., 1981-1985

3. Constitution and by-laws, no date, 1986

4. Staff benefits, pension plan, etc., 1978-1986

5. Miscellaneous, i.e. job evaluations, staff appointments, staff seniority list 1985, 1985-1987

green duotang entitled “Trent Staff Association” contains constitution/by-laws, newsletter (Common Voice, 1980-1981), committees, positions available, administrative, secretarial/office staff, etc., 1980-1981