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RG 19

Extent: 60 cm

Access: Restricted.


The Department of Sociology has been in operation since the University opened in 1964. Building on a common core of required courses in theory and method, the sociology program at Trent offers two main concentrations: 1) social structures and social policies, in areas such as social inequality, families, health, and criminal justice, and 2) social interaction and culture, in areas such as religion, media studies, and ethnic and sexual identities. (taken from the Department of Sociology internet set, September 14, 1998)

Records were forwarded from the Department of Sociology to the Archives in 1981. The arrangement is haphazard. Content includes internal committee minutes and inter-university files. The dates cover the years 1966-1981.

Box 1


1: File

2: File

3: File

4: Tariq Ali: correspondence re visiting lecture prospects, 1974-1975

5-33: Files

34: File

Box 2


1: Minute book, 1966-1977

2-13: Files

14: Materials from 6th Provincial Convention, Ontario, N.D.P., 1972, and other conferences and meetings in 1972

15: Reading courses, 1974, Soc 390 (Bernard Blishen) outline and correspondence to students involving other instructors

16: Library file: John Lees' proposal for a "Trent University Centre for Action-Research Education in Sociology" (Trent C.A.R.E.S.)

17: Miscellaneous, sociology department handbook, 1980-1981

18: File

19: Social theory, memos on program development, 1972-1977; minutes

20: University regulations and liaison, 1975

21: Sociology Discipline Assessment and Planning Group, 1971

22: File

23: File

24: Chair's correspondence, 1971-1973

25: Sociology / Part-Time Studies, 1971-1972

26: University committees: A.D.C. and Status of Women

27: File

28: Sociology / Graduate Studies correspondence, 1970-1971

29: Curriculum committee, 1970-1975

30: Enrollment, 1973-1976

31: Workload and contact hours, 1974

32: Teaching methods, grading, exams, 1969-1974

33: Legal studies proposal, 1974

34: Teachers Education, Human Growth and Development, Creativity Series, 1973-1974

35: J.M. Blackburn Report: Psychology Survey on Use of Senior Students as Tutors, 1969

36: Research (Lockhard and Bowles)

37: Department policy re collection of original data by sociology students

Material received from Hugh Lautard, May 2011
38: Dr. Bernard Blishen research material (census data: photocopies of original work sheets for the "Standard Scores (Income and Schooling) Occupations Census 1951)

Material received from Professor Heitlinger, 2014
39: Department of Sociology Graduate Proposal, [1977]