Note to researchers: Links to a few selected slides which have been digitized are provided. Photographic reproductions have been made of other slides and those slides with prints are noted. A few of the slides have been scanned and these are also indicated and available as links to this page. For researchers in the Reading Room: prints are located inside front cover of Binder 1

Binder 1

Series A: Slide Presentation Headings; Maps; Models etc
1. Heading: Distribution of Enrollment
2. Listing of Disciplines offered at Trent University
3. Heading: Administrative Studies
4. Heading: Canadian Studies
5. Heading: Environmental & Resource Studies
6: Heading: Cultural Studies, Visual Performing Arts, Social Theory, Literature Criticism
7. Heading: Trent-Queens Teacher Education
8. Heading: Small Group Teaching Trent University; with Trent logo
9. Trent University logo
10. Map of Southern Ontario marking Peterborough and routes from Ottawa, Kingston, Toronto and Windsor.
11. Model of Nassau Campus
12. Model of Champlain College
13. Composite Student Photographs (b&w)
14. Composite Student Photographs (b&w)
15. Slide of Trent Annual 1984-1985
16. Slide of Advertising for Trent University
17. Duplicate of 16.
18. Slide of Copies of The Arthur 1966
19. Slide of Copies of The Arthur
20. Slide of Copies of The Arthur
21. Slide of Trent Trends September 1964
22. Slide of Trent Trends October 1964
23. Slide of The Sword January 1968
24. Slide of The Sword February 1968
25. Slide of The Sword April 1968

Series B: Tutorials, Lectures and Professors
26-34. Tutorials
35. Lecture
36. Tutorial with ?
37. Anthropology Class
41-84. Tutorial with M.L. Rubinoff (Philosophy) (50-63 are b&w)
85-88. Computer Lab
89. Gordon Winocur (Psychology)
90. James MacAdam (Philosophy)
91. Alan Wilson (b&w)
92. ?, ?, Peter Adams
93. Iswar Chakravarty (Mathematics)
94. Stuart Robson (History) (b&w)
95. Michael Peterman (English Literature)
96-97. Fred Tromly (English Literature)
98. Tutorial with T.H.B. Symons

Series C: Off Campus
99. Trent University Bookstore (Charlotte Street)
100. Trent University Alumni Float

Series D: Thomas J. Bata Library
101-115. Card Catalogue (101 is b&w)
116-120. Library Administration
121-124. Campus Tours in the Library
125-134. Stacks
126-153. Study Carrels, Tables and Comfy Chairs (student studying, with river in background #140)
154. Library Typing Rooms
155-162. Library Staircase (interior library staircase #155)
163-170. Library - Exterior (169 and 170 are b&w) (students sitting in grass with Library in background #165) Print (1): Bata Library from River
171-173. Language Lab - Bata Library
174-175. Construction of Library
176-177. President's Office, Bottom floor of Bata Library

Series E: Nassau Campus
181-190. Aerial views of the Main Campus

Series F: Founder's Walk, the Library Walkway, University Court and Bridge over the Street between Champlain College and Lady Eaton College
178. Founder's Walk by the Library
179. The Library Walkway
180. The Library Walkway
181-190 Aeril Views of the Campus, 1970s Prints (4)
191. The Library Walkway
192-196. Stairs to Bus Stop under the Walkway
197. View of University Court from Library Entrance
198-203. Different Views of People and University Court Print (1): Student ascending Stairs From Podium
204. Bridge between Champlain and Lady Eaton Colleges (Lady Eaton College in background)
205-217. Bridge between Champlain and Lady Eaton Colleges (Champlain Lecture Hall in background Print (1): Evening Scene

Series G: Faryon Bridge
218-220. Construction over the Otonabee River (b&w) Print (1)
221. Construction of Faryon Bridge
222. View of Bridge from Champlain College
223-224. View of Stairs to Bridge from Otonabee College side of the Otonabee River
225. View of Bridge from inside Bata Library
226. Faryon Bridge at Sunset (Science Complex in the background)
227-228. Faryon Bridge at night
229. Faryon Bridge during daytime
230. Faryon Bridge during daytime with Science Complex in the background Print

Series H: Science Complex
231. View of Science Complex at Sunset from opposite side of the Otonabee River
232. Sunset over the Science Complex with special effects
233-236. From the end of the Bridge with the Science Complex in the background
237. Outside the outer entrance to the Science Complex Lecture Hall (b&w)
238-239. Science Complex Snack Bar
240-237. Classes and Labs in the Science Complex
258-260. Science Complex Lecture Hall
261-270. Chemistry Building Opening (Opening, with large crowd #262)

Binder 2

Series I: Rubidge Hall / Sadleir House, Peter Robinson College)
1-3. Trent University Sign outside Rubidge Hall
4. Entrance to Rubidge Hall
5-9. Opening Ceremonies of Rubidge Hall
10. First Senior Common Room, Rubidge Hall; l. to r. John Anderson, Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds; J.D.P. Martin, first librarian; John Pettigrew, first Registrar; J.F. Brook, first Bursar and Secretary of the Board of Governors; Richard K. Sadleir, Dean of Residence and Dean of Men; T.H.B. Symons, Founding President; and S.G.D. Smith, Assistant to the President.
11-13. Library, Rubidge Hall
14-15; 17; 19-21. Interior of Rubidge Hall Print (1) Marion Frye and Jack Martin and 2 Unidentified
16; 18: Sadleir House, Peter Robinson College
22. Sadleir House, Peter Robinson College
23. Theatre Production, Rubidge Hall
24-29. The Crypt - Rubidge Hall
30-33. Residence Rooms, Rubidge Hall
34. Unknown
35-38. Classes and Tutorials, Rubidge Hall(Note: #37 features designer lamps)
39. Sadleir House, Peter Robinson College
40. Dining Hall, Rubidge Hall

Series J: Catharine Parr Traill College
41. Path near London Street - facing Wallis Hall, September 1968.
42. House on Southeast corner of London and Rubidge Streets
43. Back of Scott House
44-46. Front of Scott House (44 is b&w)
47. View of lawn in front of Scott House with Wallis Hall in background
48. Benches near Wallis Hall side entrances
49-50. Inside Scott House (49 is b&w)
51. Fireplace and common area in Wallis Hall? (b&w)
52. Common Area in Kerr House (b&w)
53. Common Area
54-58. [Residence rooms (58 is b&w)
59. Composite from 1965-1966 (b&w)
60. Construction of Wallis Hall? (b&w)

Series K: Champlain College
61-69. Opening ceremonies of Champlain College (67 and 69 are b&w) (see also Binder 4)
70-80. Construction of the College (70 to 74 are b&w)
Exterior Shots:
81-87. Bell Tower
88. College from the Faryon Bridge
89. Rooftop at sunset with special effect
90-95. View of College from Otonabee side of the River and from under and on top of the Faryon Bridge (#91)
96-99. Champlain College from the River in 1968 Prints (2)
100-102 View from the Otonabee River
103. View of College from the Drumlin (b&w)
104. View from River (b&w)
105. West Quad (b&w)
106. View from the Faryon Bridge
107-109. View from top of the stairs (107 is b&w) Print(1): Buttress Detail
110. Bottom of stairs between AB Staircase and Great Hall
111-115. Tree and river side of Great Hall
116. Entrance to river side of Great Hall)
117. Outside tutorial
118-122. Wooden steps into Otonabee River
123. Between stairs by Great Hall
124. Steps from Lecture Hall at the top of Champlain College
125-126. Facing IJ and GH Staircases
127. Path from GH and IJ Staircases - Facing AB Staircase and the Great Hall
128. Beside the Porter's Lodge and EF Staircase (b&w)
129-133. The Walkway (mostly b&w) Print(1): Students Walking Under Trellis
134-136. The Master's Lodge
137. Ceilie Print
138-139. The Ceilie
140-154. The Great Hall Dining in the Great Halll (#141)
152. Champlain College Library Print
153-156. Classes and Tutorials
157-160. Residence Rooms
161. Intro Week (b&w)
162. Composite Photograph from 1966-1967 (b&w)
163-170. Group photographs (163-165 are b&w)
171. Bon Temps (b&w)
172. Liz McCarney (Assistant to the Master 1992)
173. Jeff Domm (as College Porter 1992)
174. Marion O'Brien (Administrative Assistant 1992)
175-177. Students (176 and 177 are b&w)
178. Advertising
179. View from the Faryon Bridge

Series L: Lady Eaton College
180. Before Construction
181. Opening of College r. Marjorie Seely, Florence McEachren and President Symons, 1968.
182-187. Residence Rooms (185 and 187 are b&w)
188-194. Dining Hall
195-196. Staff serving food
197-198. The Pit (The Pit, in b&w #198)
199. View of exterior from Porter's Lodge Print
200. Service Parking Lot
201-207. Exterior Prints (2)
208-212. Students arriving

Series M: Otonabee College
213-214. Exterior (at back of College #213) Print (1)
215. Hallway outside professors' offices
216-218. Students outside the building
219. Exterior
220. Dining Hall
221-226. Residence Rooms

Series N: Peter Robinson College
227. T.H.B. Symons at the PR Cottage (b&w)
228-229. Sadleir House Print (1)
230. PR Bus Stop
231-234. Outside town homes
235. Dining Hall
236. Staircase inside Sadleir House (b&w)
237-238. Composite Photographs (b&w

Series O: Archeology Building
239-240. Exterior Prints (2)

Series P: Athletics
241. The Pool
242-243. The Athletics 'Bubble' (#242 has been scanned)
244-248. General Athletics on the field (246 to 248 are b&w)
249. Rugby - Mark McLaughlin
250. Rugby
251. Basketball
252. Fencing
253-254. Squash
255. Hockey
256. Canoeing
257-258. Cross-Country Skiing
259-260. Drumlin Ski Jump Print (1)
261-283. Rowing and Head of the Trent Print (1)

Series Q: Activities
284-291. Outdoor Class
292-299. Turtle II, Floating Laboratory of the Biology Department - sampling the waters of the Trent System
300. Swimming in the Otonabee River

Series R: Music at Trent University
301-317. Gordon Lightfoot Prints (2)
318-320. Casino Night
321-325 Live Performers
326-334. Trent Radio
335. Theatre Trent
336-337. Students

Series S: Students
338-340. Registration
341-376. Students (student sitting by the Otonabee River - #365) (343, 346, 347, 359, 361, 362 are b&w)
377-378. First Student Demonstration, March 1968 (b&w) (see also Trent: The Making of a University by AOC Cole (Chapter 5)
379. Campus Cafe
380. Students on bridge with Science Complex in background

Binder 3

Series T: 1967, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971, 1974
1. 1974
2-3. 196? (Convocation procession with President Symons in lead #2)
4. 1967
5. 1969
6-8 1967
9-11. 1969
12-13. 1968
14-26. 1967
27-31. 1971
32. ?
33-40. 1969 (convocation crowd, seated #36)
41-60. 1970
61-80. 1971

Series U: Presidents, Chancellors and Professors
81. Professors and Students - View from the Podium
82-88. Processional and Recessional
80-107. Sitting down and moving about before ceremony
108-115. Podium Speeches
116-127. Conferring of Degrees
128-129. Peter Royle and Rosa Garrido
130-134. Faces
135. Robert Campbell and Christl Verduyn
136. T.H.B. Symons, Thomas Nind, John O. Stubbs, Donald Theall
137. Erica Cherney, ?
138. Donald Theall, ?, Margaret Laurence, ?, Erica Cherney
139-140. Photo Session or getting ready for Processional?
141-156. Board of Governors; Erica Cherney, ?, ?, ?
157. Tom Symons, William (Bill) Davis and Madame Vanier (b&w) Print

Series V: Students and Parents
158-180. Processional and Recessional
181-188. Awaiting and after receiving Degrees
189-207. Reception and Photo Opportunities
208-229. Parents

Series W: Miscellaneous
230. Board of Governors
231. Sod Turning with ?, T.H.B. Symons, C. Fraser
232. Fountain in Confederation Park
233-249. Unknown faces and places Print: 3 Students in Coffee Room

Binder 4

Series X: Opening of Trent, October, 1964
1. Guests assembling for the opening of Trent
2. Faculty and guests assembling for the opening
3. Reception following opening
4. Platform Party: Madame Pauline Vanier, T.H.B. Symons and William Davis (see also BINDER 3, SLIDE 157)
5. Band of the Royal Canadian Corps of Signals Print
6. Governor-General Georges Vanier
7. Open House, Peter Robinson College
8. Dr. Woodside
9. C. Fraser, First Chairman of the Board of Governors
10. Minister of Education, Bill Davis
11. Platform party listening to the address of T.H.B. Symons
12-13. T.H.B. Symons
14. Platform Party assembling
15. Invited Guests
16. Processing to the opening
17. T.H.B. Symons and Bill Davis leading the procession
18-19. Processing to the opening
20. Governor-General Georges Vanier
21-29. Processing to the Opening Print
30-33. Reception following Opening
34. Rubidge Hall preceding Opening
35. Band of the Royal Canadian Corps of Signals
36. Crowd attending the opening
37. Visitors arriving for opening
38. T.H.B. Symons delivering Opening Address Print
39. Band of the Royal Canadian Corps of Signals
40. Processing to the Opening

Series Y: Site, Constructions and Architecture
41. Tennis Court 'Bubble'
42. Original Bridge over Canal at Nassau
43. Bata Library
44. Construction for Champlain College
45. Faryon Bridge
46. Champlain College Print
47. Laying the Cornerstone of Champlain College, October 20, 1965
48. Champlain Construction Site, 1966
49. Drumlin and Ski Jump
50. Plaque indicating Founder's Walk
51. Access road - construction
52. Trent Site, 1965 Print
53. Faryon Bridge and Science Complex, 1971
54. Champlain College cornerstone ceremony, October 1965.
55. Faryon Bridge construction Print
56. University Court looking towards Champlain College
57-62. Construction on Nassau Campus, 1966
63-64. Construction on Nassau Campus, 1965
65. Start of bridge construction
66. Construction of Nassau Campus, 1966
67. Champlain College from River Road, 1968
68. Construction on Nassau Campus, 1965
69. Nassau Campus, 1965 Print
70. Lady Eaton College Dining Hall
71. Nassau Campus, 1965
72. Peter Robinson College
73. Traill College
74. Nassau Campus, 1965

Series Z: Faculty, Staff and Students
75. Rowing on the Otonabee River
76. Traill College Common Room
77. By the Otonabee River
78. Champlain College Dining Hall
79. Rowing
80. Science Lab
81. Bata Library
82. Science Lab
83. Tutorial Group
84. Bata Library
85. Science Lab
86. Bata Library
87. Traill College
88. Champlain College West Quad
89. University Court and Bata Library Print
90. Processing to the laying of the cornerstone for Champlain College
91. Champlain College
92. Convocation Process
93. Traill College (Wallis Hall) Junior Common Room
94. Bata Library
95. T.H.B. Symons addressing Convocating Class
96. Faculty assembled for convocation (see also BINDER 3, SLIDES 139-140
97. Lady Eaton College construction

Binder 5

1-57: Furniture at Trent (see also Trent University Photograph Collection – Furniture at Trent file)
58-72: Mrs. Geo. E. Estes slides of Trent University, 1964 Print: Native Men at Opening of Trent
58-63: Trent University Opening Ceremonies
64: Convocation procession
65-68: Campus scenery amid construction (winter construction scene - #67)
69: Traill College
70: Faryon Bridge
71: Champlain College
72: Unknown building
73: "Trent University" sign
74: Bata Library construction (exterior)
75: Campus scenery
76: Campus scenery
77: Campus scenery
78: Champlain College (exterior)
79: Faryon Bridge
80: Champlain College tower
81: Champlain College tower
82: Langton House, Catharine Parr Traill College (exterior)
83: Scott House, Catharine Parr Traill College (exterior)
84: Wallis Hall, Catharine Parr Traill College (exterior)
85: Sadleir House, Peter Robinson College (exterior)
86: Science class in progress
87: Science class in progress
88: Dinner [in the Great Hall]
89: Rubidge Hall (exterior, with students in gowns)
90: Library interior [Rubidge Hall?]
91: Meeting (early days; perhaps at Rubidge Hall or Traill]
92: Class in progress (early days)
93: Class in progress (early days)
94-167: Aerial views of Trent University campus
168-171: Podium area
172-173: Faryon Bridge
174-183: Champlain College
184-191: Bata Library
192-193: Science Complex
194-195: The Pit, Lady Eaton College
196-201: Lady Eaton College
202-206: Stratton Christmas & New Year Greeting, P.R. Stratton photo, Exterior Drawings of Sadleir House
207-209: [Early twentieth century] exterior street side view of Sadleir House
210-213: [Early twentieth century] backyard view of Sadleir House
214-219: Exterior, Trent University owned Sadleir House
220-222: Sadleir House exterior architecture
223-231: Sadleir House stain glass windows
232-235: Sadleir House interior woodwork
236-240: Sadleir House staircases
241-247: Sadleir House interior architecture and fireplace
248-249: Sadleir House Library
250: Sadleir House Cafeteria
251: Sadleir House scenery
252: North House, PRC
253: Stratton House, PRC
254: The Cottage, PRC
255: Reid House, PRC
256-257: Abbott House, PRC
258-263: Large wooden [Native-built?] canoe with numerous people, Otonabee River near Trent University [1994]
264-270: Trent's official opening, 1964 (slides donated by Don Barrie, 2006)
271-274: Trent University construction work, April 1968 (slides donated by Bruce & Betty McTaggart, 2007)
275-276: Bata Library
277-279: Champlain College
280-281: Faryon Bridge & Bata Library
282: The Great Hall with Heeney Banners, Champlain College
283: Classroom with students

Binder 6

Blue binder of approximately 480 slides received in 2015 via Elaine Goselin and Bill Kimball. Slides pertain to Trent University and are dated ca. 1967-1970s. Some slides are stamped "M.J. O'Brien." Michael O'Brien was operations engineer at Trent from 1967 to 1979. Many of the slides are mechanical/electrical in nature and some portray workers, presumably of Trent, on the job. Also included are aerial images of the Nassau Campus, images of construction sites on the Nassau Campus and at Traill College, fall scenery, convocation ceremony during the Symons/Frost era, and workers either inflating or deflating the athletics "Bubble".