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TITLE: Peter Adams fonds

Accession Number: 97-1031
Description: This fonds consists of three papers written by Peter Adams (one with B.F. Findlay and B.E. Goodison) concerning snow. It also includes his speech notes for a Peterborough Social Planning Council meeting, and two annual reports written in his capacity as M.P.P.
Inclusive Dates: 1976-1990
Extent: 6 items
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Professor Robert Annett fonds

Accession Number: 99-002
Description: This fonds consists of papers regarding Professor Annett's Ph.D. dissertation, and includes data and post-dissertation data. Also included are closed records relating to Science 101a and 101b at Trent University.
Inclusive Dates: 1964-1973
Extent: 19 cm
Restrictions: None, except for Box 2 which is closed.

TITLE: Gilbert and Stewart Bagnani fonds. Additions

Accession Number: 08-009
Description: Fonds consists of scrapbooks, archaeological photographs, and research papers generated primarily by Gilbert Bagnani. The fonds also includes earlier World War I military photographs generated by Ugo Bagnani. Some of the photographs show Mrs. Bagnani in court dress. Also included are Stewart Bagnani bridal photographs.
Inclusive Dates: 1877-1965
Extent: 1 m of textual records, ca 500 photographs & glass negatives, 2 floor plans, 3 maps
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Hazel Bird family fonds

Accession Number: 14-003

Description: Fonds pertains to the work of Hazel Bird and her involvement with the Eastern Bluebird restoration project in Northumberland County. Included are 30 bird box observation journals, publications and newsletters of the Willow Beach Young Naturalists and the Willow Beach Field Naturalists, newspaper articles and information regarding the development of the bluebird project, statistical records, reports, and educational materials. Also included are hundreds of letters which were sent to the Willow Beach Field Naturalists Club of Port Hope and to Bird requesting copies of the pattern and specifications of the bluebird nest box mentioned in two newspaper articles, Toronto Telegram, 14 May 1971 and Toronto Star, 19 September 1972; in these letters, many authors provide details of their experiences with bluebirds in various Ontario locations. Also included is a removable USB memory stick containing maps and lists which pertain to the locations of bluebird sightings/boxes referred to in the various statistical records and reports.
Inclusive Dates: 1966-2008
Extent: 68 cm of textual records, 1 USB memory stick
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Winnett Boyd fonds

Accession Number: 99-008
Description: This fonds consists of correspondence, drawings, reports, press clippings, biographical material, photographs, maps, slides, manuscripts, publicity materials and certificates relating to the aeronautical engineering, nuclear engineeering, consulting engineering and political career of Winnett Boyd.
Inclusive Dates: 1907-1983
Extent: 5.25 m, plus 4 large materials folders and 85 rolled drawings, plus 1 maps folder
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Catharine Traill Naturalists' Club fonds

Accession Number: 95-003
Description: This fonds consists of the Catharine Traill Naturalists' Club's administrative papers, club newsletters, field trip notes, various papers regarding field trips and workshops, membership/address lists and personal correspondence of founding members, George McKiel, Elizabeth Parnis and Wendy Dathan.
Inclusive Dates: 1973-1995
Extent: 51 cm
Restrictions: Box 1 and 2, none. Box 3, personal correspondence, restricted.

TITLE: Gerald Cantello collection

Accession Number: 05-007
Description: Collection consists of reports and documents relating to Canadian General Electric Nuclear Division, Peterborough, Ontario, collected by Gerald Cantello in the course of research for his M.A. thesis at Trent University entitled "The Roles Played by Canadian General Electric Company's Atomic Power Department in Canada's Nuclear Power Program...", 2003.
Inclusive Dates: 1960-2002
Extent: 30 cm of textual records
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Deloro Mine Collection

Accession Number: 98-018
Description: This collection consists of technical plans and details of the Deloro mining processes, labour relations and union papers, medical information concerning arsenic poisoning, historical material regarding Deloro and the village of Marmora, maps, and plant photographs, layouts, and site plans.
Inclusive Dates: 1918-1963
Extent: 18 cm & 5 large folders
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Deloro Mine collection. Additions

Accession Number: 07-007
Description: Collection consists of employee records, plant and engineering operations, and photographs of Deloro village and the Deloro mining and smelting site.
Inclusive Dates: 1917-1959
Extent: 24 cm of textual records; 8 photographs
Restrictions: N

TITLE: John R. Fisher collection

Accession Number: 00-002
Description: This collection consists of the minutes for the meetings of the Technical Working Committee, from August 13, 1991 to October 13, 1994, various correspondence from environmental organizations, companies, firms, and various levels of government, and various other materials (i.e., published and unpublished studies), pertaining to the Oak Ridges Moraine.
Inclusive Dates: 1989-1995
Extent: 30 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Geale-Rogers family fonds

Accession Number: 82-022
Description: This fonds consists of the personal and business records of the Geale, Hamilton, Peck, Barker and Rogers families. There are letters relating to World War I written by Beresford and Robert Hamilton and Heber and Harry Rogers; letters, diaries, journals of Richard Birdsall Rogers (superintending engineer of the Peterborough Lift Lock); the records of Hon. Robert Hamilton, a factor at the Hudson's Bay Company stationed at Fort Edmonton. The fonds also contains stereographs, approximately 1000 photographs, and a C.E. Goad fire insurance plan for the city of Peterborough, 1882. Items of interst include a group of photographs of the Trent Valley area and the building of the canal; Rogers family pictures of the Stoney Lake area and the Juniper Island Regatta; photos of early aircraft and the Curtiss Aviation School; photos of hydraulic lift lock at Peterborough; and one letter from Catharine Parr Traill to Robert Miles Hamilton.
Inclusive Dates: 1834-1966
Extent: 3.7 m
Restrictions: Y No copying of the Fire Insurance Plan without permission of the University Archivist. No reprinting of the Fire Insurance Plan without the permission of the Underwriter's Association.

TITLE: Peter Gzowski fonds. Additions

Accession Number: 99-015
Description: This addition to the fonds consists of manuscripts for the "Morningside Years" and "Friends, Moments, Countryside", correspondence between Peter Gzowski, McClelland and Stewart and other editorial staff. There are 'mail bag' and 'ROA' (read on air) letters addressed to the Morningside show, some of which are included in the "Morningside Years." Also included is one complete radio program schedule and a program for "Peter Gzowski's Invitationals play the Winter Garden." There are also nineteen computer disks consisting of letters, transcripts of "Morningside" interviews, and chapters of the "Morningside Years". Twenty-four audio cassette tapes of Gzowski's interviews with various Canadian authors and scientists are also included. As well, there are a total of six photographs of Peter Gzowski and his staff.
Inclusive Dates: 1988-1998
Extent: 50 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Walter Kenyon fonds

Accession Number: 97-1001
Description: This fonds consists of two binders enclosing the typescript of a narrative called "Rivers of Ice, the Voyage of Captain George Tyson." When the safety of the ship is threatened by being crushed in the ice, a contingent take refuge on a large ice floe. The narrative follows their vicissitudes and ultimate rescue.
Inclusive Dates: [19-]
Extent: 5 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Bruce LeCouffe CD

Accession Number: 02-1009
Description: CD consists of the scanned 400-page letterbook of Walter J. Francis. The letters are dated 1898-1906 and relate to the engineering practice of the writer. Of particular relevance to the Peterborough area are letters concerning the building of the Peterborough Lift Lock.
Inclusive Dates: 2002
Extent: 1 item
Restrictions: N

TITLE: R.D. Lloyd fonds

Accession Number: 97-1023
Description: This fonds consists of three items: a 12-page pamphlet entitled "Astronomy" by Professor C.A. Chant of the University of Toronto for use by Tuxis boys; a newspaper clipping from "The Globe" dated June 1, 1922, entitled "Spring Stars: Hydra, the Water Snake"; two photocopied pages from R.D. Lloyd's father's Tuxis Manual with the name L. Lloyd, date 1921, and the roster of the "Cree Tribe" at camp along with the "Cree yell".
Inclusive Dates: 1921-1922
Extent: 3 items
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Rosemary McConkey Collection

Accession Number: 80-020
Description: This collection consists of 278 slides taken by Rosemary McConkey during her work as a nutritionist in Malaya (1962) and in Nigeria (1965). McConkey was part of a team of medical personnel and scientists from the University of Ohio who undertook surveys of nutritional needs in these two areas. McConkey has supplied a detailed listing of the slides (below) and has also included a 45 r.p.m. recording of the national anthem of Malaya "Negara Ku,", six books relating to the two areas and a map of Malaya. A complete listing of all slides prepared by Rosemary McConkey is available in the Reading Room.
Inclusive Dates: 1963, 1965
Extent: 278 slides, 6 books, 1 map, 1 record
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Mary Jane Moncrief's mathematics school book

Accession Number: 91-1019
Description: This item is a mathematics work book which belonged to Mary Jane Moncrief in 1861. In it there are samples of decimal currency, reductions of weights and measures, compound addition and subtraction, percentages and many other mathematical exercises.
Inclusive Dates: 5 Jan. 1861
Extent: 1 book
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Mount St. Joseph teaching slides fonds

Accession Number: 92-002
Description: This fonds consists of glass slides which were used as teaching materials at Mount St. Joseph. The subjects include Tennyson: Idylls of the King, 55 slides; physiography, 15 slides; zoology, 5 slides; physics, 4 slides; English and history, 7 slides; and, European history, 6 slides. Ten of the slides in physiography, 2 slides in botany and 1 slide in chemistry were made by high school students in Lindsay.
Inclusive Dates: [between 1894 and 1914]
Extent: 103 slides
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Stephen Ogden Tiny Township Stop Dump Site 41 fonds

Accession Number: 20-007
Description: Fonds is comprised of records created by or collected by Stephen Ogden documenting the Tiny Township Stop Dump Site 41 campaign. Dating 1979 through 2016, it represents a significant episode in Canadian environment activism and is comprehensive in scope. Among the materials included are: notes for speeches; transcriptions of government environmental assessments and WYE Citizens Group meetings; WYE Citizens Group press releases; maps and records of water well locations near Site 41; hydrological and geotechnical records pertaining to the watershed characteristics of the Site 41 area; MOE correspondence and statements relating to proposed dump site management, waste management and related technological considerations; Simcoe County “Corporate Services” records including meeting minutes and agendas, notifications, memorandum, notes, correspondence and emails, and media clippings; court proceedings and legal documents obtained through Freedom of Information requests made by Stephen Ogden; photographs, dossiers for exhibits; audio-visual materials including cassette tapes, VHS tapes, CDs and DVDs.
Inclusive Dates: 1979-2016
Extent: 9 m of textual records; ca. 220 photographs; ca. 90 CDs and DVDs; 5 VHS tapes; 3 cassette tapes; 4 maps
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Professor Robert Paehlke fonds

Accession Number: 93-020
Description: This fonds consists of correspondence and lists of bibliographic citations on asbestos, uranium mining, hazardous and toxic chemicals, insecticide spraying, recycling and waste management as well as other environmental issues.
Inclusive Dates: 1924-1991
Extent: 5 inches
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Professor Robert Page. Mackenzie Valley Pipeline fonds

Accession Number: 92-006
Description: This fonds consists of correspondence and reports relating to the Mackenzie Valley Pipeline, the Berger Report and inquiry as well as the Committee for an Independent Canada.
Inclusive Dates: 1972-1983
Extent: 61 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: W.S. Tucker collection

Accession Number: 91-008
Description: This collection consists of texts of papers and speeches written by William Sansome Tucker, D.Sc., A.M.I.E.E. in his particular area of expertise-sound phenomena-as well as other topics. Also included are letters patent, photographic and diagram illustrations as well as a few tear-sheets from periodicals about his work. There are also two or three papers by Dr. Tucker's colleagues.
Inclusive Dates: 1910-1940
Extent: 18 cm
Restrictions: N